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I Regressed to My Ruined Family Chapter 55

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#When I returned, the family was ruined (56)

The knights’ expressions hardened when they saw the red-hot greatsword.

This is because the Archduke’s achievements never seemed low.

The fiery mana burning brightly on the dark sword body clearly proved this.

A story they had heard so long in the past came to mind in the minds of the knights.

The story is that in order to be recognized as a proper ‘skilled knight’ by the Duke of Ardan, you must clearly display your fiery mana.

There weren’t many articles like that even in the Duke’s family.

This is because only skilled and talented knights were taught how to control the energy of fire.

A person who was recognized as a skilled knight by the dukedom was treated well no matter where he went on the Western Continent.

Because it meant being able to properly use ‘firearms’, which is the most important skill of a craftsman.

‘It’s not black salt.’

The good news is that the Archduke did not emit black flames. If black flames had been created, all the knights present here would have lost their will to fight.

It was known that very few people survived even when faced with the technology contained in the Ardan family’s vision.

Moreover, it produces black flame.

It was like having achieved the basic conditions to be recognized as the head of a dukedom.

It means upgrading one’s status from a simple successor with nothing to a powerful ‘successor’.

Would you point a sword at a person like that because he is crazy? But fortunately, the Archduke’s firearms consisted only of pure firearms.

‘but. There is no way I can obtain the vision method.’

The reason he was able to handle firearms like that was probably because he used the mental techniques learned by the Duke’s high-ranking knights.

I don’t know if it was a vision technology that was actually used, but I would have known enough about it.

The Archduke glanced somewhere. The knights’ gazes naturally turned in that direction.

There was a pulley that could open the gate.


It was strange not knowing what he was thinking.

“Defend the pulley!”

The knight commander shouted powerfully and drew his sword. A sharp anticipation burst out from his body.

If the garrison commander of the outer castle was a 5-star knight, the knight commander of the inner castle was a knight who had reached the level of 6 stars.

Even if you belong to a family of count or higher, you will be treated as a person of great power.

Ethan’s eyes lit up as he looked at the knight commander.

It wasn’t because his level was high. Although he was a six-star knight, he did not have more sophisticated swordsmanship than Elena’s guard knight, Paulton.


‘What kind of attitude is this?’

The posture displayed by the knight commander was similar to the battle posture displayed by the Yongin tribe.

That’s why I showed interest.

‘Destruction Dragon.’

Yongin’s unique strength, mana, and powerful body.

There was a dragon tribe that used these to cause the death of many knights.

The nickname given to the dragon was Destruction Dragon.

They were famous for their unusual fighting stances, and for some reason, I could smell them in the knight commander’s movements.


It doesn’t seem like it was mixed together.

If you had just seen beings called knight masters of 8 stars or higher, you would have just tilted your head.

But Ethan was different.

Before I came here, I had killed more than a thousand Destruction Dragons.

If you had to choose the person in this world who knew the best about the characteristics of the dragon race, the person who would definitely be on your first finger was Ethan.

That’s why I noticed something strange.

‘…It’s not just the knight commander.’

More than half of the knights in the inner city were similar to the Yongin tribe.

Ethan grinned and looked around at the Viscount and the Knight Commander.

“Not only was distributing books not enough, but you also stole and learned the skills of dragon-headed bastards?”


Everyone was shocked.

However, the meaning of surprise was different for everyone. Knights of 5 stars or higher located in the upper echelons of self-authorship.

They were aware that they were learning the skills of the ‘Yongin people’.

This is because the knight commander had mentioned it in advance when he was handed the new sword and breathing techniques.

But the four-star knights were different. They accepted the new technology, but did not know that it was a mixture of the dragon technology.

“Hey…the dragon clan! “What is that!”

“is not it? “The posture is exactly the same.”

“Do not frame me!”

Viscount Lorcan ran for a long time.

Dragon skill.

This was truly fascinating.

From the speed of accumulating mana to the expression of power, it was much faster than what humans could utilize.

Nevertheless, only about 10% of the technology was accepted because this was a territory belonging to a duchy.

I didn’t think anyone would recognize me. In fact, for the past five years, no one has discovered that they have imported dragon technology.

The archduke found that out?

I didn’t want to believe it.

In other words, the archduke’s sharpness of mind was better than that of a knight of 8 stars or higher.

“Now that I see it, I see that it was the worst of evils? “Isn’t this a fact that should at least be made known to those learning?”

Knight Commander.

And three knights and a viscount who appeared to be five stars.

From what I could tell, they knew about this fact.

For a moment, I kept my mouth shut like a mute who had been completely fed up with honey.

“Do not be deceived! It’s just nonsense without any basis! Everyone attack!”

The knight commander was the first to rush in, shouting while diverting his mana.

They say a frightened dog barks loudly, and that was exactly true.

In addition to the knight commander, three five-star knights were rushing towards him.

A joint attack in which all 5-star or higher knights attack. This was an attack that even Ethan could not ignore.

Two rings were opened.

A huge amount of fire flowed from my heart and circulated throughout my body.

A great sword that begins to glow with pure flame.

I took a stance with my sword pointed at me.

[Red Flame Style (紅焰式) Chapter 3]

[Explosive Sword]

Explosive sword.

It was a technique that put intention into the mana flowing into the weapon.

When powerful intention and fiery mana are combined.



As soon as the swords collide like this, a spectacular explosion occurs.

A knight was turned into a roasting horse and sent flying far away by the unexpectedly large explosion.

If I had known, I would have been able to prepare in my own way.

However, this was an explosion that could not even be imagined.

The knights swallowed their saliva at the sight of a 5-star knight being knocked out in one blow.

The same was true for the people of the territory who were looking endlessly upward from beneath the castle walls.

I asked the knight commander who had stopped walking.

“Aren’t you going to attack me?”


What kind of technology is that? A technique that causes a massive explosion as soon as it hits.

This was an unprecedented sword technique.

There was nothing more foolish than rushing in without knowing the enemy.

‘Now that I think about it…’

The Archduke’s sword was still trembling. There was no doubt that energy had been injected into the sword body to produce a special effect.

“…Maintain the siege!”

The two remaining 5-star knights nodded with stern faces.

‘This is outrageous.’

Do you think you can win if you just maintain a siege?

Ethan grinned and immediately ran out. The place where he started running was right where the pulley was located.


A five-star knight rushed forward.

As if he was trying to avoid clashing swords somehow, he delivered a strike that pierced the gap.

However, to Ethan, it was just a meaningless swordsmanship.

If he puts his mind to it, like this.



Because there are plenty of ways to clash swords. Swordsmanship skills that cannot even be compared. As if that wasn’t enough, a ‘territory’ was created using mana.

At most, there was no way a 5-star knight could avoid the sword.

After lightly blowing one away, he approached the pulley.

The knight commander rushed from behind, but he was already one step too late.

With one sword strike, the chains supporting the castle gate completely melted.


In an instant, the castle gate fell to the ground and let out a heavy sound.

“The Grand Duke has cleared the way!”


A knight over 40 years old entered the temple. The Viscount, who witnessed the scene, was frightened.

It wasn’t just the knights who started coming through the castle gates.

“Even if it is with our weak strength, let us help the Archduke!”

The residents of the territory, ignited by the words of the hairy giant, were beginning to flock.

The private soldiers had already completely lost the will to fight for a long time.

The situation was already completely tilted in one direction.

The shock of learning the skills of the dragon race.

Not only did the sight of the territory’s residents completely turn around, but the Archduke’s swordsmanship skills were not easily surpassed by the knight commander who was known to be a 6-star knight.

The morale inside the castle was already in shambles.

“Help the Grand Duke!”

The four-star knights, including Manhattan, rushed towards the knight commander.

Normally, I would have been able to shake it off easily.

But it was different now.

‘Damn it!’


This person’s skills were astounding.

Even if he gave his all, he was doubtful whether he could win.

With someone like this clinging to him, there was no way he could respond to a pincer attack.

‘…You were completely hiding your skills!’

You have this kind of skill, but you used the knights when you took over Baron Romenton?

Absolutely not.

The Archduke was already a completed knight.

Now I think I know how Baron Kargath and Baron Romenton fell.

He probably destroyed everything all by himself.

The knight commander was shocked at the sight of the knights surrounding him.

If you look at it externally.

The Archduke would appear to be able to subdue himself and the knights with the support of the knights.

He was very cleverly leading the situation as he wanted.

A chill ran down the knight commander’s spine.

It was obvious that if today’s incident was talked about, the Archduke’s true skills would be hidden again.

Before and after.

Other families would still underestimate the Archduke like they did. No one knows his true skills.

“…Get out of the way!”

The knight commander swung his sword like crazy. However, his swordsmanship was extremely weak.

This is because every time the flow tried to continue, the archduke’s sword collided and completely cut off the sword path.

The appearance resembled that of Viscount Dekun, who was collapsing.

* * *

Marquis of Porforens and Bloten.

With Jayron’s guidance, the meeting between the two quickly took place. Porforens looked at the marquis and lowered his head.

“Meet your precious person!”

“haha. Nope. I am just glad to see you. Are you ready?”

“yes! “It’s my first time using a teleportation gate, so there won’t be any side effects, right?”

“Other than being a little dizzy, there won’t be any problems.”

Porforens tightly held the identity card in his arms. It was an item given to him by the Archduke before he left to become the Marquis of Bessus. An identity card with a golden flame symbol.

This was proof that he was representing the archduke’s opinion.

Ethan Ardan is Ardan’s eldest son and a knight who has recently been slowly gaining fame in the kingdom.

As long as I had his proof, it wouldn’t be difficult to meet the king.

In the Kingdom of Heidern, Ardan’s name was comparable to the king’s last name.

“Are you ready?”


“The Marquis will protect you as best as he can, but we cannot guarantee your safety. So always take care of yourself.”

“…I also have my own tools to protect myself. Don’t worry! “Your Excellency the Marquis!”

Kingdom Blacksmith.

Wouldn’t it be worth risking your life for that position?

The Marquis smiled hollowly, his eyes burning with ambition.

“Then let us leave.”

A teleportation gate is said to be available only to a large count or higher. The gate also existed in the Marquis of Bessus.


The Marquis and Porforens entered through the passage created by hammering out mana stones.

After a short time has passed.

The place where the two appeared was one of the marquis’ villas in the capital.

“Welcome to the capital of the Kingdom of Heidern, Porforens.”

Porforens looked out the window of the annex. A three-story mansion built on high ground.

The scenery of the capital city of Pelantium unfolded between the windows.

Porforens gaped at the magnificent scenery.

I saw buildings so tall that they could not even be compared to the human city of Greston where I lived.

The most impressive building among them was the huge royal palace seen in the distance.

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I Regressed to My Ruined Family

I Regressed to My Ruined Family

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Status: Completed Released: 2022
I was born as the oldest of a renowned swordsman family, and became stronger faster than anyone. Yet, I could not stop the dragons, a great disaster that had appeared on the continent. I closed my eyes in my final moments, thinking everything was over. I really thought it was over… But when I opened my eyes, I was back in the past. A past that was very different from the world I knew. “What? Is this really my body? Why don’t I have any mana?” “Where did the castle go? Why’s there only a wooden house left?” “…What? The dragons and humans made a non-aggression pact?” A family that had fallen and was on the brink of ruin. A family whose writing of divination had vanished. And a body in which no mana could be found! “…I’ll have to keep myself busy from now on.” The great hero of a renowned swordsman family. He is back in the past, in a ‘parallel world’.


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