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I Regressed to My Ruined Family Chapter 45

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#When I returned, my family was ruined (46)

‘Mana of fire?’

The word landlord and the fire mana he uses.

And even the title of knight.

Putting these three things together, it was possible to guess the identity of the person who invaded the printing shop.

‘The Archduke!’

Archduke of the Ardan duchy.

It was definitely him.

The duke’s immediate descendants were known to use the mana of fire to create black flames.

‘It’s becoming a nuisance.’

Intelligence as a child.

And from the time I opened my eyes again to the actions I showed.

Putting everything together, I was able to roughly guess what kind of person the Archduke was.

As long as his tail is caught, he will never miss the Order.

Chief Priest Berstan frowned.

It was unplanned for him to come into the print shop now.

‘Achievement doesn’t seem low at all.’

It was like I was tired.

But if you think about it another way.

‘This is an opportunity to kill the Archduke.’

This was also a golden opportunity.

The Naraxus Church was a church that served the dragon race. Naturally, they had no choice but to be enemies with the Ardan dukedom.

Because they were the ones who blocked the plans of the master they served.

In fact, quite a few religious figures were doing various things throughout the duchy. If only I could kill the Archduke right here, without any rat or bird noticing!

‘I might be able to obtain a high-level Dragon God Book…’

Berstan swallowed his saliva.

Just by obtaining a mid-level Dragon Clan God Book, he was able to accumulate power close to the 6th rank.

What if you get a high-grade Dragon Clan Book?

You may be able to join the ‘Bishops’, which is called the cadre of the church and is made up entirely of people of at least the 7th rank or higher.

There was greed in his eyes.

in between.

The Archduke, who easily neutralized the crossbow blast, rushed towards the mercenaries.

Their eyes widened.

They fired a bolt with plenty of their mana. You can neutralize it all with a pure sword strike!

‘A real knight!’

The opponent was a knight of at least 5 stars. The mercenaries hastily drew their swords. Mana began to burn brightly above their swords.

That was the moment when Ethan and the group of mercenaries collided.


The bodies of mercenaries flew in all directions. Arms, legs and even upper body.

Every time the dark-colored greatsword was swung, at least three mercenaries were losing their lives.

Berstan, who was quietly observing the scene, rotated the mana in his body.

[Whip of fire!]

A whip of flame, like a devil’s, was created in both of his hands.


Ethan’s eyes lit up.

That guy was a wizard.

In order for a wizard to manifest magic, he had to move mana and shout the ‘promised’ phrase.

In the world, it was called casting or spell. However, there were those who could create magic with simple sentences instead of spells.

‘Language worshiper’, one of the six dragon races.

These guys used to perform magical miracles with just a word.

Humans called it ‘Yongeon Magic’.

A system of abilities that can be called a type of superpower rather than magic.

In addition to the shapeshifter Naraxus, even the language worshipers seemed to be related to these guys.

[The shackles of fire bind the enemy!]

The moment his words were uttered, the sentence became a magic spell.

Before he knew it, huge shackles of fire had formed beneath Ethan’s feet.

From the speed at which it is wrapped around the ankle to the power contained within it and the temperature of the embodied flame.

It felt like it was a properly activated spell.

‘That’s fun.’

Just because it magically brings about miracles as it is uttered, this does not mean that Yongeon Magic is a flawless technique.

This is because, if the same mana is used, Dragon Word magic is weaker than magic that is activated while a spell is normally memorized.

In addition, in order to use verb magic, a deep understanding of the ‘system’ of language worshipers was also needed.

In order to utilize it properly, you need to invest a lot of time.

‘It’s a technology that has its pros and cons.’

One thing is certain.

It was true that the person I met now was a much higher level of skill than the warlock I met before.

Because he was showing a level of use of technology that was completely different from that of a guy who only showed off his strength without knowing anything about the tricks.

But unfortunately.

‘The compatibility is the worst.’

For Ethan, he was literally a toy.

The moment when the essence of fire vibrated.

The trembling shackles were instantly absorbed into the body.


Berstan let out a scream of astonishment at the sight he had never seen before.

What kind of magic is the dragon magic that just appeared?

It was a magic filled with firepower and power that could hold even a 6-star knight for a certain period of time. How can you destroy such magic so casually?

At the very least, it’s normal for you to get burns that are enough to cut off your ankles!

This was ridiculous.

Berstan vibrated the ‘Eonryeonghwan’ created in his head.

[The power of the hell hound like an anglerfish!]

Hell hound.

It was a vicious monster known to never let go of an entity it recognized as an enemy.

The mana that flowed from the Eonryeonghwan made my heart vibrate.

The whip of fire was imbued with properties.

The ‘tracking’ function that never loses sight of the enemy.

[With the same heaviness as a cloud giant!]

Cloud giant.

It was one of the beings in folklore whose size was said to reach the clouds. The moment when the whip contained ‘heaviness’.


Berstan vomited blood.

Naturally, difficulties arose as he tried to force a characteristic that he could not incorporate with his own ability to implement.

But this was something that could not be helped. Because it seemed impossible to catch the archduke simply with a whip of flame.

Only part of the heaviness was contained.

But even this part was enough.


The moment he cracked the whip.

Ethan dodged the whip.

The whip, brimming with flames, immediately began following Ethan as if it had eyes.

The whip was increasing endlessly.

‘If I get hit, I’ll be in trouble.’

Although it is said that its affinity for fire has reached its highest level, that whip possesses both flame attributes and tremendous physical power.

The power contained within it was close to 7 stars. We cannot simply face it like the shackles that just appeared in the air.

It was true that he was definitely a cool guy. Ethan opened the two pills without hesitation.

Not only was his body light enough to fly, but an enormous amount of fiery mana was flowing out of his entire body.

‘If only now.’

It will be possible to implement the second stage of Hongyeomsik. He raised flames above his sword.

[Red Flame Style (Chapter 2)]

[Heat Wave (暴炎斬)]

A huge amount of mana flowed out from nearly thirty essences of fire.

Heat rose above the ink-colored greatsword. A haze began to rise, as if the surroundings had turned into a hot desert.

The flames that saw the flying whip swelled in size.

Ethan drew the sword without hesitation. The mana that naturally escaped the sword body began to fly towards the whip.


Berstan was astonished when he saw that. The enormous heat and power contained in the techniques used by the Archduke!

It was far beyond his own power contained in the whip of fire.


How many years of effort have been spent handling the hot flames!

Berstan has been exploring flames for over forty years.

Even he himself couldn’t create such a pure flame.


But how!

‘…at such a young age!’

Berstan had a hunch.

The moment the whip and that heated mana collide, everything will end.

It was terribly unfair.

For a moment, time passed very slowly.

The whip filled with the heaviness of the cloud giant and the mana of flame collided.

The heat inside the whip began to be absorbed into the hotter, purer flame mana.

The giant’s heavy whip was becoming infinitely lighter.

Soon, a huge fire demon attacked Berstan. The heat was so hot that even he, who had studied fire his entire life, could not bear it.


Berstan, whose whole body was on fire, rolled around like crazy on the floor.

Even at this moment, the tough vitality was squirming to restore his body.

Step by step.

Step by step.

I heard soft footsteps.

Soon, the fire burning all over Berstan’s body disappeared.

It was absorbed into Ethan’s body.

“I said he was the chief priest.”

“Kill me… kill me…”

Ethan chuckled.

I would have done that even if that guy hadn’t said anything.


There was something to check before that. His mana began to sweep through Berstan’s entire body.

A tremendous amount of heat swirled within my body. It was such a painful feeling.


Berstan rolled his eyes.

But the investigation did not stop.

‘One on the head.’

And one in the heart.

It was a place where his power was concentrated.

The method of concentrating power in the head was a method used by language worshipers.

‘That’s unusual.’

How can you modify this to suit humans?

However, there was another field of greater interest than this.

‘Mixed breathing techniques.’

I took a close look at the way to build energy in the heart.

It was definitely a much more sophisticated breathing method than the breathing methods used by mercenaries and warlocks. There were at least three tricks included.

‘I think I can create a basic foundation at this level.’

By concentrating the pill in the heart, a method is implemented to collect mana quickly but without causing much trouble to one’s life.

It was as if he had gotten the hint from the chief priest.

“What organization do you belong to?”


Berstan tilted his head.

You probably already know that you belong to a religious order.

Immediately afterwards, he laughed heartily.

It was because I had a guess.

“Ah… you mean that place… I see… hehe… Baron Helmut… he… blew…? Hahaha!”

Talking slowly.

Berstan secretly vibrated the Unyeonghwan. My entire body had already burned away a long time ago.

It was unfair to die alone.

So, shouldn’t there be at least a friend like Gil?

“You know… such an organization… a collection of wizards… who come and go… in the duchy like their own home… and even unheard wizards like me… are common…”

This guy is interesting. We collected the power of our words by distributing information in a narrow manner to the level where it was possible to ‘disclose’ the information while it was still worth doing.

The moment when so much strength came together.


Berstan shouted loudly, thinking of a huge explosion. But nothing happened.

“Did you think I wasn’t even prepared?”



“Hehe… unfortunately… we won’t be able to hear that answer from anyone… because… we made a ‘promise’ to… the Archbishop. …”

It was the moment when Berstan recalled relevant information in his head and was about to speak. His head exploded in an instant.


This guy also had limitations.

That was why I first explored the guy’s body instead of asking questions. The restrictions on the bodies of those who knew something were so strong that not even Ethan could stop them.

‘It is a limitation that requires existence of at least the 9th rank or higher.’

The power contained in the pharmaceutical was very sophisticated and powerful. Even Ethan had no way to neutralize that restriction right now.

‘The archbishop.’

A person who is the archbishop of the Naraxus Church. That guy is definitely a being of great power.

Ethan put down the chief priest and looked at the empty cavity. The mercenaries had already been swept away by the sword, and even the administrator had turned a blind eye.

I didn’t know if I could find something more here. That was the moment he approached the mechanism in the cavity.


As I looked at the printing press full of elaborate mechanical springs, a species came to mind.


It was difficult to create such machines with human smelting skills. Could it be that the dwarves are related to the church?

It wasn’t clear yet.

As I was looking around the printing press, I saw a pattern embedded in the inside of the machine.

‘…It is the food of dwarves.’

After creating the product.

Dwarves usually left patterns like that.

I couldn’t even figure out which dwarf carved that symbol.


When you think of dwarves, there is one person that comes to mind first.


I didn’t even know who the creator of this pattern was.

I felt like I should try contacting him.

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I Regressed to My Ruined Family

I Regressed to My Ruined Family

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Status: Completed Released: 2022
I was born as the oldest of a renowned swordsman family, and became stronger faster than anyone. Yet, I could not stop the dragons, a great disaster that had appeared on the continent. I closed my eyes in my final moments, thinking everything was over. I really thought it was over… But when I opened my eyes, I was back in the past. A past that was very different from the world I knew. “What? Is this really my body? Why don’t I have any mana?” “Where did the castle go? Why’s there only a wooden house left?” “…What? The dragons and humans made a non-aggression pact?” A family that had fallen and was on the brink of ruin. A family whose writing of divination had vanished. And a body in which no mana could be found! “…I’ll have to keep myself busy from now on.” The great hero of a renowned swordsman family. He is back in the past, in a ‘parallel world’.


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