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I Regressed to My Ruined Family Chapter 37

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#When I returned, my family was ruined (38)

Ethan’s face hardened.

Flame essence flowing from dozens of fire essences.

These were clearly moving around inside the body.

It’s not like the time when Jeongsoo was crushed was quick.

I entered the process of circulation at a moment that could truly be said to be the pinnacle of the pinnacle.

However, what I felt inside my body was not a burning pain, but rather a slight tingling sensation.

‘…Is it possible that the temperature of the essence is low?’

It was so absurd that I couldn’t help but think about it.

Immediately, I slightly cut my finger.

A drop of juice flowed out between the dripping blood.


That was the moment when the slime fell to the floor.


Not only did the surface of the wooden floor melt in an instant, but it also appeared that the stone underneath was also melting.

‘Is the temperature enough?’

Liquid with this crazy temperature is moving through your veins and you barely feel any pain?

An assumption crossed Ethan’s mind.

‘No way…’

Broadly speaking, the stages of the cycle are divided into four.

Understanding the Embodied Iron Man.

The stage of acceptance of suffering.

The stage of an iron man who goes beyond accepting pain and overcomes it altogether.

The stage of embodiment where the body is completely adapted to the fire itself.

This is the stage of understanding where you realize what the source of fire is.

Even though the flame essence is moving around diligently, I can barely feel this much pain.

‘We’ve almost reached the end of stage 2.’

I was certain that I had almost overcome the second stage, the ironman stage.

Otherwise, this phenomenon could not be explained.


Ethan looked at his body.

In the history of the Duke’s family, there were very few people who went beyond acceptance and iron man as soon as they entered the cycle stage.

‘If you were the first head of the family, would you have surpassed it?’

The first head of the family, Jeron Ardan.

He was the one who created the foundation of the Ardan duchy and was the only known person among all the family heads who went beyond the stage of transcendence.

Starting from the breath of black flames to the family’s arcane skills.

These were all technologies created by Jeron, the first head of the family.

‘He is also the only head of the family who created the flame called White Flame.’

White salt.

It was literally a pure white flame.

A flame that is not even known how to light.

Starting with the 2nd Duke and subsequent head of the family, efforts were made to restore Baekyeom, but it was impossible.

As time passed, White Flame reached the stage where it was treated as a legend. In the end, what the descendants chose was to further strengthen the black salt instead of the white salt.

‘If you were the first head of the family known to have made a special fire…’

I don’t know if you could have jumped two steps at once in the process of the cycle.

Unfortunately, there are few records left about Geron, so we cannot be sure whether he actually got through the cycle without any pain.

Anyway, except for the first head of the family who had such monstrous talent.

The long history of the dukedom.

In that history, there was not a single head of the family who was known to be fine when the flame essence circulated through their veins.

Even if you can’t do it, you will turn into a critically ill patient who needs absolute stability for the first week after entering the circulation stage.

The first two stages of the cycle were a process that could only be completed through tremendous pain.

‘I can’t believe I don’t have to go through this.’

The final goal I had for today was to overcome the first step.

I tried to overcome the first stage by inflicting enormous pain with the power of the elixir and overcoming the momentary pain with mental strength.

‘I almost got past the second step and ended up throwing it away.’

It was such happy news that the corners of one’s mouth went up to the sky.

No matter how much he experienced the state of transcendence, it was not possible for him to laugh off the burning pain he felt in his veins all day long.

‘I’ll have to take a test.’

If the previous two stages had been surpassed in the cycle process, the fiery mana generated within the body would have been completely different from before.

He got up immediately.

* * *

Ethan arrived at the training hall in the inner castle and took out his sword.

Nephrion Greatsword.

It is a weapon that is light, hard, and absorbs fire mana very well.

Mana was added over the weapon.

That moment.


A huge amount of fire came over the sword body. Previously, the mana only burned around the sword body, but now the length of the mana increased by about 1m.

Much more mana than before.

Deeper control.

In addition, the mana emits heat so hot that it almost boils.

The burning mana took on various forms. Ethan nodded in satisfaction.

It was certainly true that almost all of the first two stages of the cycle had been surpassed.

‘In my previous life, it took me five years to reach this level.’

This time, I reached this point in three months.

It was a great achievement.


There was one thing that bothered me.

‘The black flame is the problem.’

In order to create black flame, powerful burning pain was required along with the completion of breathing techniques.

If he had overcome the two stages of the cycle by experiencing pain like previous head of the family, his mana would have turned dark red by now.

However, Ethan’s mana was burning infinitely red, as if it were pure flame.

‘Obviously firearms have increased much more.’

What happens if you skip the first two steps without experiencing the burning pain?

Except for the first head of the family, who left almost no literature, all records remained at a certain level.

According to records, everyone from the 2nd duke to his father, the 17th duke, is known to have suffered through the cycle.

Starting with the second generation of the family, it took hundreds of years for the first person to take their first steps on a new path.

That was when Ethan was testing his mana.

The burning mana began to grow in size in an instant.

A huge passage was created in the large fire.

‘A passage of fire?’

That’s when Ethan looked down the aisle.

[Did you call me?]

A powerful voice that I have heard somewhere before.

Immediately I remembered something from the past.


A girl whose entire body was made of flame jumped out from between the huge passages of fire.

[You… are a blood relative of the Ardanga I saw back then. Did you call me?]

“I didn’t.”

[Then why…]

The fire girl, who was looking at Ethan’s flame, had a strange look in her eyes.

[Right. It was because of the mana of this fire. It’s a very pure firearm. Even I would naturally get sucked in… Yes… This kind of phenomenon happened to Ardanga’s blood relatives…] The

spirit lord was right.

There was a verse that said that occasionally, whenever our ancestors practiced sword dance, a spirit of fire suddenly appeared.

That was the same for Ethan in his previous life.

Just once.

There was a time when a spirit appeared while dancing a sword dance. What he met then was Ignis, one of the highest spirits of fire.

There has never been a time when a spirit lord appears in person like now.

‘It’s already our second meeting.’

That was when Ethan looked at Lorotia.

[Well done.]

The fire girl reached out and stroked his head.

I felt warm heat.

“What do you mean you did well?”

[Creating a pure flame without corruption.]


[Haven’t your blood relatives always done that? By mixing pure flame with negative emotions, we created the fire of corruption. Starting from when the previous monarch ruled the Land of Fire and continuing until my master came.]

“Is that bad?”

[It harms the essence of fire. Eventually, there will inevitably be a limit. You will continue to have imperfections in your body.]


A black flame that is stronger and greedier than any other mana and can consume anything.

Thanks to the technology called black flame, the Duke family was able to stand tall as the best swordsmanship in the Western Continent.

How can you describe it as a corrupted fire?

But what really surprised Ethan was what he said next.


After becoming a transcendent in my previous life.

Ethan faced a huge wall.

It was a wall that couldn’t be easily broken down even with one’s own talents. Looking at that wall, I felt extremely helpless.

I realized something was wrong. But I didn’t know what it was.

‘That couldn’t be…’

Was it because of Black Flame’s breath?

Another thing that came to mind was white flame.

The first family head known to have surpassed the level of a transcendental being called a 10-star knight by blooming white flames.

‘Maybe the white flame is the key to overcoming the wall of transcendence…’

Once I started to doubt, many things came to mind.

[Did you feel something?]


Born into the greatest swordsmanship family on the continent, he lived a life of being respected by everyone.

I thought everything I learned from my family was the best.

That was why I had no doubts about the law of mind.

Because that was his foundation, his pride, and his training method that even established him as his ego.

But today.

A doubt arose in Ethan’s mind that he could not erase.

‘The breath of black flame.’

It wasn’t a perfect breathing technique.

Ethan’s heart was beating violently.

Being incomplete also means that there is still more to be filled.

His flame has not yet been corrupted. It means that we can continue to maintain our purity.

“Spirit Lord.”

[Why are you doing that?]

“Thank you. “Thanks to you, I realized something important.”

[Hmm. I guess I should say thank you. Thanks to you, I was able to be summoned to the human world. I heard that even the former monarch descended to the human world only a few times.]

Soon after, the size of the fire girl flying around gradually decreased.

[Descendant of Ardan. I hope you continue to nurture the pure fire within you. Then, I hope to see you again later.]

The girl burrowed into the narrow passage. The meeting with the spirit lord was over.

* * *

Inner training ground.

There, two knights were currently engaged in a sword dance.

It was Ethan and Paulton.

Every time the swords clashed, Paulton felt astonished. I guessed that because I took the elixir, my mana would increase compared to before.

However, the Archduke did not only increase his mana by a lot.

[Red Flame Style Chapter 1]

[Fire Dance]

The flaming sword began to pierce all directions.

Starting with the speed of the attack and the way to attack the gap, it was too neat to take a counterattack.

Paulton urgently raised his mana. He blocked the archduke’s attack using a sword technique handed down from the Marquis of Bessus.

However, as the sword dance continued, Paulton’s hands and feet became increasingly dizzy.

‘I can’t stop it…!’

Soon his defenses were breached.

He pumped a lot of mana into his feet and raised the mana with all his might.

As the sword was lashed out, the sword energy flew towards the Archduke’s sword dance.

But no explosion occurred. The sword dance, which had flowed dizzyingly, suddenly changed into an elaborate defensive posture and the sword energy was easily shed.

Meanwhile, Paulton, who had taken a step back, laughed bitterly.

Just before.

The reason I used my sword skills was because I couldn’t deal with the Archduke with pure sword skills alone.

The only thing he had an advantage over was now the amount of mana.

“…Grand Duke. From now on, we will deal with the Archduke as if it were a real battle.”

It is a being that can never be defeated by swordsmanship. Paulton fully acknowledged it.

Now, it seemed like I could barely level the match if I faced the archduke with the mindset of dealing with an enemy rather than a knight vs. knight battle.

Ethan nodded willingly at those words.

“as you please.”

My mana increased after taking the elixir.

By jumping through two stages of the cycle at once, his control of mana along with his body became much stronger.

The basic preparations to properly utilize the experience of the transcendent were completed.

So it was no wonder that Paulton was struggling.

‘also. ‘By using the Red Flame Style, I am able to deal with even elite knights.’

Vision swordsmanship was divided into four stages.

The first step is ‘Hwageom (火劍).’

This is a sword technique that can be used as long as you have the essence of fire in your body.

Second stage Hongyeomsik.

It was a sword technique that could be used in earnest only after passing the first stage of acceptance, even in the cycle stage.

Ethan has now entered the stage where he can use the second sword technique.

He was able to acquire skills that could challenge even elite knights.



Like right now.

The sparring between the two started in the morning and continued until evening.

* * *

After the sparring was over.

Ethan called Sylvia.

Elite knight Paulton.

I grew until I ended up with a draw against him.

Before striking the second collateral family.

He has the skills to deal with elite knights.

The internal preparation was complete.

“I plan to hit Baron Romenton.”

“okay. “Then how about using this method?”

Sylvia immediately handed over a document.

The document contained information on how to attack Baron Romenton.

‘While dealing with the Baron.’

It was a way to protect the cause. It would be much better to proceed this way than to simply resolve the issue through force.

It was a pretty good plan.

“Let’s get going.”


Soon after, two uninvited guests began to leave for Baron Romenten.

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I Regressed to My Ruined Family

I Regressed to My Ruined Family

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I was born as the oldest of a renowned swordsman family, and became stronger faster than anyone. Yet, I could not stop the dragons, a great disaster that had appeared on the continent. I closed my eyes in my final moments, thinking everything was over. I really thought it was over… But when I opened my eyes, I was back in the past. A past that was very different from the world I knew. “What? Is this really my body? Why don’t I have any mana?” “Where did the castle go? Why’s there only a wooden house left?” “…What? The dragons and humans made a non-aggression pact?” A family that had fallen and was on the brink of ruin. A family whose writing of divination had vanished. And a body in which no mana could be found! “…I’ll have to keep myself busy from now on.” The great hero of a renowned swordsman family. He is back in the past, in a ‘parallel world’.


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