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I Regressed to My Ruined Family Chapter 304

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#When I returned, the family was ruined (305)

The bowstring was pulled taut.

Soon, under the command of the knights, thousands of arrows bombarded the dragon tribe. Several dragons who were running fell to the ground. However, when looking at the overall scale, the number of sacrifices was like the blood of a bird’s feet.

A monarch dwells within the body.

Time passed more and more slowly. The top dragons, including the cult leader, were seen running. Only they were showing meaningful movement even in the changed times.

[Are you planning on killing them all?]

Lorotia’s words rang in my head. Ethan nodded. This was a matter directly agreed upon with the Demon Dragon. Besides, there was nothing to lose if I organized it now.

‘Let’s begin.’


The mana of the monarch and Ethan were mixed. Soon Ethan ran towards the front. It was only after approaching the closest range that a change occurred in the bodies of the top dragons. He was seen hastily spreading mana all over his body.

For Ethan, it was an extremely slow reaction.

However, the reaction speed itself was extraordinary for the demon dragon.

In the slow time, only the Demon Dragon’s pupils were catching his new form at the same speed as usual.

Nevertheless, the speed at which the Demon Dragon spreads mana was slightly faster than that of other high-ranking dragons.

[What a cunning guy.]

Lorotia said with a sneer.

The monarch already knew about what the demon dragon and Ethan had planned.

Of course, I knew why that Demon Dragon was acting like that.

Meanwhile, the divine sword was swung towards the demon dragon in the front row.

A red film was created on the front of the demon dragon. The moment the sword and membrane collided, I felt a heavy hand. Soon, spiderweb-like incontinence spread throughout the black membrane.


With a noise like a glass window exploding, the blade of the divine sword began to approach the demon dragon’s body.

In an instant, the demon dragon’s body flashed.

Looking at the mana spread throughout his body, it was clear that he had used magic.


A noise so intense that it was hard to believe that the body and the blade collided erupted. My hands trembled.

It felt like hitting a diamond.

In a split second, the Demon Dragon’s entire body was surrounded by pure white flame. His new form, covered in burning white flame, bounced into the distance. It wasn’t until the end of the battle between the Demon Dragon and Ethan that the high-ranking dragons began to show their reactions. Embarrassed and nervous. It was not difficult to recognize their emotions just by looking at their yellow pupils.

In fact, the ministers were feeling such emotions to the extreme. The reason was simple. At some point, a white light flashed, and the demon dragon that was running at the front was suddenly engulfed in fire and bounced off into the distance.

That’s what I mean.

This meant that they were next.

‘What what!’

‘This is crazy…!’

The dragons, including Prime Minister Cruatz, let out silent astonishment. I knew that in the battle of Plowenem, the two highest-ranking dragons died without even being able to respond properly.

Even so, there was bound to be a distinct difference between hearing it verbally and seeing it with the naked eye.

It is a movement with a different trajectory.

If the demon dragon in the front line had not stopped the duke once, the heads of more than three high-ranking dragon clans would have been blown off by now.


The ministers struck down their weapons with all their might toward the Duke, who had already come within close range.

The attack included claws, magic, and all kinds of heavy weapons such as halberds and maces.

If there was one thing they had in common, it was that they all had a level of power that was not only brutal, but also brutal.

It was natural.

Because it was an attack that the high-ranking dragons, whose strength was second to none even that of the Transcendants, poured out with all their might.

However, no matter how fierce an attack is, it is meaningless if it does not hit. The passing list for high-ranking dragons was not very elaborate.

Basically, each attack was very rusty. The peace maintained for a long time had dulled the high-ranking dragons. Moreover, the high-ranking dragons were basically people who were unfamiliar with the concept of union.

The dragon race was basically like that. This is because they had a tendency to value individual action rather than cooperation.

Even more so if they are entities with power close to transcendence.

When have you ever done joint work? It was urgent, so everyone was attacking together, but there were more than one or two gaps that were revealed in all directions.

‘It’s almost boring.’

I lightly swung my sword.

The ones who went on the offensive first were the high-ranking dragons, but the speed at which Ethan swung his sword was nothing compared to their attacks.

Tap tap.

The direction of the attacks of the weapons that collided with the lightly swung divine sword was slightly twisted.

Before we knew it, the small gap had widened to the point where a person could easily pass by. He easily escaped the joint attack and swung his sword towards the neck of the dragon in front of him. Only then did the ministers begin to turn their heads, and there was silent astonishment in their eyes.

‘When on earth..’

The highest level dragons that rule Dragonia. Their necks rose to the sky. It was a vain ending compared to its power and reputation.

All three died in an instant.

It was a terrible level of helplessness.

-Damn it! Don’t panic!

-Maintain the siege!

-If you hold on just a little longer, the Demon Dragon will come back!

The ministers who saw the duke’s cold eyes had an intuition. The author’s target was themselves. I had to find time somehow. If time goes on like that, the only humans left on the plains will be peacocks.

There was a subtle tension for a moment. The Duke’s new form has disappeared once again. It was a speed that they could neither sense nor stop.

The high-ranking dragons, who had not enough mana and had raised all their powers to the extreme, were on guard in all directions.

At that moment…

a scream erupted from next to me.


Before I knew it, the heart of one of the ministers had burst open.

I could see the flames clinging to me like an anglerfish and burning my whole body.

It was a bad place to live.

Everyone had a hunch.

There was no way to do anything. All they could do was hope that the soldiers would quickly clear out the humans and that the demon dragon would return as soon as possible.

The fight with a being of a different class continued like that.

Victims were coming in one after another.

The cunning human was massacring those who were relatively weak among the ministers.

Everyone knew it.


Why doesn’t the demon dragon come?

And why are high-ranking ministers like the Prime Minister holding back? They weren’t the only ones who valued life.

This was because all of the ministers gathered here had enviable wealth and power. No one wanted to die before others just because they were a little weaker.

Selfishness slowly began to take root. Everyone took care of themselves, knowingly or unknowingly. The siege began to collapse. The ministers urgently looked for the demon dragon. However, the demon dragon was nowhere to be seen on the battlefield.

‘No way…’

‘You mean you abandoned us?’

Doubts welled up in the minds of the ministers. However, it was not an understandable suspicion. The Demon Dragon must win this war.

If he loses, not even the reputation of six stars will protect him.

The peacock is strong.

Then, of course, they should cooperate with themselves to catch the duke.

If all the highest-ranking dragons were annihilated here, it would be difficult to kill the duke. Even though he was a demon dragon, there was no way he wouldn’t know that fact.

That’s why I didn’t give up hope. No, to be precise, I couldn’t let go. Because the thinking was buried in that premise.

They didn’t know that the Demon Dragon was hiding his strength and that he was stronger than Ethan.

It was prejudice.

It is also a prejudice that has hardened like a solid wall for a very long time.

Only after more than half of the ministers died did suspicion begin to grow.


Unless you were an idiot, you couldn’t help but feel strange. I had clearly seen him being thrown away while being engulfed in white flame. Even so, the demon dragon was not dead.

It wasn’t like he suffered a fatal injury, such as his neck being thrown up into the sky or his heart being burst open. Although the flames that the duke wielded were amazing, there was no way that a powerful ruler-level person would die just because his body was on fire.

It was clear that he was alive.

Considering Yongin’s recovery ability, it would have been time for his body to have recovered enough to be able to move around. But why aren’t they coming to help?


What if the demon dragon abandoned us?

What if we assumed defeat in small battles but decided to secure victory in big battles?

I could see the front line in the distance. The human army’s line had not collapsed yet, but it was shaking enough that anyone could say it was dangerous.

Soon the lines will be broken. What would happen next was obvious.

Collapse of power lines.

The war will be a great victory.

‘This bastard… you really abandoned us?’

Doubt became certainty.

If I hadn’t abandoned it, I should have rushed in and stopped the duke right now.

However, the demon dragon was not even showing his nose. It was clear that they had abandoned themselves.

The future was clearly visible.

No matter how strong the duke is, he cannot kill 100,000 dragons. The war will be won. Their names will be on the list of victims.

You may receive praise, but what significance does fame gained through death have?

The high-ranking dragons, including the prime minister, who had survived so far began to withdraw one by one.

Little by little.

It was to attempt to escape. But that was a fatal response. The reason they were able to survive until now was because they united together and fought against the duke.

Even if they were herbivores, if they banded together, they could protect themselves from carnivores.

But if they disperse.

From then on, the massacre began.

The devastation of the crack was quickly revealed.

The head of one of the high-ranking ministers who had been holding on to his life was thrown into the sky.

Fear broke out.

Everyone turned their backs.

Ethan, with his eyes shining, went out and killed the ministers one by one.

The number of high-ranking dragons who died in 30 seconds while their backs were turned was more than the number of ministers who died in 3 minutes.


The heart of the Prime Minister, who survived until the end and was running away, was pierced. This happened about 40 seconds after he turned his back. Soon his world spun.

The severed head soared into the sky, clearly exposing the battlefield.

I saw a demon dragon standing in the distance.

The demon dragon made eye contact with Cruatz and smiled. Immediately, the corners of his mouth twitched. Cruatz applied the last mana remaining on his face to his pupils.

Only then did the corners of his mouth become clearly visible.

-very well.

-You fought.

-Then, farewell.


The face with wide eyes sank down to the ground. In this way, the last minister of the royal capital lost his life.

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I Regressed to My Ruined Family

I Regressed to My Ruined Family

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Status: Completed Released: 2022
I was born as the oldest of a renowned swordsman family, and became stronger faster than anyone. Yet, I could not stop the dragons, a great disaster that had appeared on the continent. I closed my eyes in my final moments, thinking everything was over. I really thought it was over… But when I opened my eyes, I was back in the past. A past that was very different from the world I knew. “What? Is this really my body? Why don’t I have any mana?” “Where did the castle go? Why’s there only a wooden house left?” “…What? The dragons and humans made a non-aggression pact?” A family that had fallen and was on the brink of ruin. A family whose writing of divination had vanished. And a body in which no mana could be found! “…I’ll have to keep myself busy from now on.” The great hero of a renowned swordsman family. He is back in the past, in a ‘parallel world’.


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