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I Regressed to My Ruined Family Chapter 138

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#When I returned, my family was ruined (139)

I will send the Shadow Knights. Where to join….

The Earl of Wallington’s reply arrived in less than a day.

‘It must be quite busy today.’

Branch 1.

Starting with the magicians with the 7th rank gold dragon badge, there are four wizards with the blue dragon badge of a higher level…

‘Finally, the bishop.’

As it is the headquarters of the Capital Magic Association, the power it possesses is certainly high. If it is dealt with to that extent, the denomination will not be able to just smile and move on.

That would also be the case for Duke Agiles, who is collaborating with them.

It was time to cut off their limbs.

Ethan headed to the pre-arranged location. It was the 7th district of the capital.

It was the moment when it moved to a pre-determined position. People wearing dark-colored robes appeared.

‘It’s pretty good.’

Knights wearing swords at their waists.

Even at the minimum, the prayers they possessed easily exceeded the 7-star level. They could be said to be qualified to describe themselves as the King’s Sword.

The knights tilted their heads as they looked at the person wearing the same robe as them.

‘He’s a duke?’

‘…It looks overly ordinary?’

Shadow Knights.

It was an organization that only the most recognized talents in the kingdom could enter.

Even if it was the famous late index of the 7th family, it was impossible to hide the momentum from the eyes of the knights. Children of the 7 families, including Mileton.

In fact, some of the Shadow Knights had the experience of witnessing them and even grasping their full force.

It would have been more persuasive to believe that he was just a passerby passing by the meeting place by chance.

It was then.


A knight stepped forward.

Ethan’s eyes widened.

It is on a different level from other articles.

This was because I was able to recognize this fact as soon as I looked at the prayer.

“It’s the Duke of rumors. Nice to meet you. “I am Lionel, leader of the Shadow Knights.”

Marquis Lionel.

It is a knight who has reached transcendence and the sharpest sword the king has.

It seems that the King really liked the evidence sent last time. Otherwise, there would be no way to move Marquis Lionel.

“It’s Ethan.”

A brief greeting was followed by a handshake. The mana that flowed into each other’s bodies like a snake began to move quickly throughout the limbs.

A fleeting moment.

It had already been a long time since the two had examined each other’s bodies.

Marquis Lionel’s eyes lit up.

‘…A very interesting talent.’

Ethan Ardan.

The mana he had in his body was only at the level of an 8-star knight at best. However, the power and sophistication of that mana…

‘may surpass that of a superhuman.’

It is not at the level of a transcendental person.

But the superhuman has surpassed it.

Usually, this was a phenomenon that was only seen when one’s own awareness was very high.

It took a minimal amount of time to gather mana, but it could take much less time to gain deep enlightenment.

‘A terrible imbalance.’

People who are severely imbalanced in this direction are usually called geniuses.

Rumors about Duke Ethan were widespread throughout the kingdom. In particular, as they began to educate later exponents of famous families, their reputation grew to a level that could not be compared to before.

Among the students taking his class right now, wasn’t there Mileton, who was called the best sword in the kingdom?

Lionel had encountered Mileton in person. He was not a talent who showed talent beyond what was rumored.

But to put it another way.

‘It was a late index that had substance as rumored.’

If the rumors had been exaggerated, the reputation would have quickly subsided. Therefore, one of the later indices that was recognized in its own way was the milestone.

‘I heard that the milestone was blown away with one blow.’

How on earth was he able to deal with the kingdom’s best sword?

It was only after examining the duke’s body through Mana that I could understand.

A body so clean that not even a single impurity can be seen.

Not only that, the quality of the mana itself was on a different level from the later indices.

Mana control was also beyond his imagination. I was able to understand him up to a certain level, but beyond that, I couldn’t understand his true nature, as if I was in a dark fog.

Even he, a transcendent man, could not fully see through the duke’s true abilities.

Duke of Ethan.

There was no doubt that he had deliberately hidden his true nature. In fact, none of his subordinates noticed his strength.

Only the Deputy Commander, who is not present, would be able to notice the Duke’s true colors.

“Duke Ethan. He will definitely make Ardan strong again.”

“Is it that much?”

“…When His Excellency the Marquis meets the Duke, he will know his true colors.”

Earl of Wallington.

He was a knight who was in communication with Duke Ethan and had reached the level of superhumanity. As the head of the ‘Red Moon’, which is called the ear of His Majesty the King, his words were bound to carry a heavy value.

‘He is the one who will raise Ardan.’

Leader of the Red Moon.

What he said was correct.

‘A hero has been born.’

Nineteen at most.

The duke in front of me was a monster who had reached a level that could never have been achieved at that age, and a knight who could already be called complete.

A smile appeared on Marquis Lionel’s lips.

“I thought the rumors were exaggerated… but the duke was a man with abilities beyond what was rumored.”

“The Marquis’ basic skills are also quite solid.”


The knights around them who were listening to the two people flinched. Who in the world can look at a transcendent person and praise him for having a solid foundation?

‘The Duke’s age… wasn’t he nineteen at most?’

Nineteen dukes.

Even if all the rumors were true, his level would have been between master and superhuman. The previous question and answer was no different from a child praising an adult for growing up well.

‘No, even if I give in a hundred times and say that he is a teenager rather than a child…’

It was still a strange question and answer.

But what’s even stranger is.

“is it? “It’s an honor.”

The fact was that the leader, who heard the Duke’s words, nodded without notice. It also contains the word ‘glory’.

―Don’t discuss the basics if you haven’t even learned the basics.

It was one of the most basic ways of thinking that constituted a general manager.

An article that goes beyond simply focusing on the basics and shows a kind of obsession. What would have happened if the previous conversation had been uttered by one of the late Jisoos of the 7th family?

‘…his temper must have exploded all at once.’

Even if it was Mileton, which earned the title of the Kingdom’s Best Sword, the result would not have been different.

‘…Captain, you do not have the nature to flatter others.’

His Majesty’s sword.

As if that wasn’t enough, there weren’t many people for whom he had to bow his head as he held the title of marquis. Even if he was a descendant of Ardan, it was the same.

So, the current question and answer can only be answered because the duke is ‘special’.

‘Even with the later indices of the 7th family….’

He is a talented person who cannot be compared.

Marquis Lionel’s approval had that kind of meaning.

The reason it looked so ordinary…

‘I guess it’s because he had captured his momentum so meticulously. This was truly a monster.’

Among the later exponents of the duke’s age, there were no articles recognized by the Marquis Lionel. Of course, the same was true for other occupations such as wizards and spiritists.

He was the first knight among teenagers to be recognized by the marquis. Naturally, the attitude of the shadow knights had no choice but to become more polite.

“How will you move?”

“After entering, let’s move on our own. “Just give it to me, Bishop.”

“You mean the bishop? Are you okay? Ah… if your skills are at the level of a craftsman, these questions and answers won’t have much meaning. “I will.”

The Marquis nodded willingly.

Capital Magic Society.

It was one of the religious organizations whose existence the kingdom was aware of.

Rumor has it that the person who manages the capital’s magic society is a highly skilled person even among bishops.

‘I’m looking forward to seeing how they fight.’

Bishop and Duke.

It would be quite fun to watch the two fight.

The Marquis smiled quietly.

In the darkness, over thirty knights began to move.

Knights moving over buildings.

There was no eye contact.

This was because the knights’ method of footing itself was specialized for hiding. The place where the Capital Magic Association was located was the black market formed in the capital.

The knights who arrived at the nearby location where the black magic brewing took place took out their swords.

“Process it until dawn. Did you understand?”


“Let’s begin.”

With Marquis Lionel’s words, a magic circle rose throughout the building of the Capital Magic Association. It was a mana barrier that blocked the transmission of magical power to the outside.


The representative knights of a kingdom tend to have all kinds of items.

Of course, it was not a perfect barrier.

It seemed like if the executives showed off their power, it would break through in less than 5 minutes. However, for the knights here, 5 minutes was enough time to completely annihilate all the enemies inside.

The moment the knights entered.


“That… enemy! Keek!”

The wizards inside began dying in an instant.

In a match between a knight and a wizard, the knight usually had the upper hand at about 6:4. In such a situation, unexpected experts made a surprise attack.

It was no wonder that wizards were left helpless.

Ethan also started cutting off their heads.

Each time the divine sword was swung, the wizards died one by one without any filtering. As I tried to explore by moving the mana inside my body, I felt the underground space inside the building.

A basement that opens to a lower height than the number of floors existing above ground. Deep underground, a greater amount of mana than expected was felt.

‘He must be a bishop.’

A bishop and four wizards with the Blue Dragon insignia. It seemed like all the wizards with the golden dragon badge were gathered there. The magic circle stretched across the building was shaking violently.

‘I won’t be able to last even a minute.’

Since they realized that a hunter had appeared, there was a high possibility that they would run away if the magic circle was destroyed. Marquis Lionel, who was chasing after him, seemed to have sensed it as well and was frowning.

“It’s going to be late. They were much stronger than I thought. “I don’t think the magic circle will hold up.”

Ethan, who was staring at the basement, raised his divine sword. The underground complex is structured like a maze.

There was no need to move honestly along that path.

“I’d like to borrow some of the knights’ mana.”

With those words, the divine sword began to attract the mana of creatures on the ground. The wizard with a low level could not even resist as his mana was pulled.


“Why is Mana…?”

“Everyone, stop resisting!”

With the Marquis’ words, the knights released their control of mana. It was the same for Marquis Lionel. It was because I was curious about what the Duke would show me.

‘Is that the new sword?’

A new sword known to have been broken during the Dragon War. The rumor that the duke had restored the new sword turned out to be true.

‘Anyway, it sucks mana.’

Nowhere in history was there a phrase that said the Shingeom worked like that.

‘Did a new function appear during restoration?’

Right then.

“Get ready.”

With Ethan’s words, a blazing white flame rose above the sword. The moment the sword hit the floor, the marble floor began to melt in an instant.

Marquis Lionel and Ethan’s new model was sucked towards the sunken ground.

Basement first floor.

This floor.

Third floor.

Up to the last four floors.

This was when the flame that had mercilessly melted the floor had died down.


I was able to make eye contact with the mages with their eyes wide open. A person wearing a pure white robe stood at the very back.

Ethan saw him and smiled.

‘I found it.’

It had to be the bishop.

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I Regressed to My Ruined Family

I Regressed to My Ruined Family

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Status: Completed Released: 2022
I was born as the oldest of a renowned swordsman family, and became stronger faster than anyone. Yet, I could not stop the dragons, a great disaster that had appeared on the continent. I closed my eyes in my final moments, thinking everything was over. I really thought it was over… But when I opened my eyes, I was back in the past. A past that was very different from the world I knew. “What? Is this really my body? Why don’t I have any mana?” “Where did the castle go? Why’s there only a wooden house left?” “…What? The dragons and humans made a non-aggression pact?” A family that had fallen and was on the brink of ruin. A family whose writing of divination had vanished. And a body in which no mana could be found! “…I’ll have to keep myself busy from now on.” The great hero of a renowned swordsman family. He is back in the past, in a ‘parallel world’.


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