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I Regressed to My Ruined Family Chapter 114

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#When it returned, the family was ruined (115)

Among the seven families, the ones excluded were the Duke of Agiles and the Marquis of Eltanis. One side was a family that used black magic and the other side used bows.



I still vividly remembered how they used black magic to mess with Theron.

The son of a family like that comes to take classes under him?

I was lucky if they didn’t rip off my head as soon as I saw them. I could say that I was actually grateful that he let me out on his own.

Meanwhile, Elena, looking at Ethan, asked.

“Ethan. “Do you plan to accept that offer?”


Kingdom 7th Street.

They were a family that actively adopted the techniques of the Yongin tribe along with the tricks of the duke family.

Naturally, the later exponents would have absorbed the secrets of each family. Even for Ethan, it was not easy to extract the tricks of a superhuman or transcendental person.

But what if the late-term indices are not yet ripe?

The core secrets of each family.

‘I guess I can absorb it without much effort.’

Of course, it was not driven by this simple gain alone.

The most decisive reason to accept this offer.

That was because Theron was obsessed with the Agiles duchy.

To save Theron, he had to collide head-on with Agiles.

Duke Himos, the head of the Agiles family, was a strong man known to be one step ahead of the Duke. What would it be like if you had a life-or-death battle with him?

Ethan, who remembered his sparring with Duke, made a quick decision.

‘At best, about an arm.’

Even if enlightenment comes first, if you don’t have enough mana to support it, you won’t be able to do your best.

The mana he possessed was far from sufficient to handle the mana that the transcendentals possessed.

If you do your best, you will be able to cut off about one arm.

In other words, it meant exchanging one arm for one’s life.

This wasn’t the only problem.

‘The 7th Street side won’t just sit back and watch the conflict.’

Agiles was probably not the only family that was actively involved in brainwashing Theron.

If these families were to intervene in a situation where it was difficult to deal with Aguiles, it was bound to cause problems.

That was the reason why I couldn’t go rescue Theron right now.

Saving Theron by force would take over a year at best.

Now was the time to find another way.

For example…

‘Something like shaking the seven families from the inside and creating a rift.’

In that sense, this proposal was bound to be appealing.

This is because all of the latter-day leaders who will be trained this time were holding important positions in their families.

There were also later Jisoos who were not small family heads, such as Dorothy and Lee Sera, but they were equally favored by the family heads.

If you use them well…

‘You will be able to quickly delve into the inside of the seven families.’

Agiles has already crossed the irreversible river.

Punishment is natural.

However, preparation was needed before that.

To thoroughly create a situation so that no one can intervene when punishing Aguiles.

Accepting the proposal presented this time could be said to be the starting point of this plan.

The judgment was over quickly.

Ethan said while looking at Elena.

“If you want to save Theron as quickly as possible, it would be right to accept it.”


Elena fell silent at those words.

Until now, she had intentionally not brought up the story of the third child. The reason was simple.

This was because the power of the family holding Theron was too great.

Ardan has finally begun to recover.

On the other hand, Agiles was the second most powerful family among the seven families of the kingdom.

Ethan is already carrying a heavy burden on his back. I couldn’t put any more pressure here. Because that could have been too cruel.

She was silent and looked at Ethan. The unwavering gaze told me that my younger brother had already made a decision.

She asked, nodding quietly.

“How long is the class?”

“Three months. “It was based on one semester.”

“…Come back, Ethan. “I will take good care of the territory.”

As numerous officials began to flock to the duchy, internal affairs were completely regaining stability.

Is that it?

The clothes he designed were selling like hot cakes, and the amount of money he received was beyond imagination.

That amount was enough to cover a significant portion of the development fund for the entire duchy.

‘Even if Ethan leaves for a while… I’ll be able to manage it well.’

Frexian, who was appointed as the duchy’s administrative chief, and Sylvia, a talented strategist. The foundation of the duchy had already been laid.

The management of the knights can be left to Myers, who was recently appointed as a high-ranking member of the Dragon Slayer Corps.

The best she could do was to reduce the burden as much as possible on her younger brother who had made the decision.

Ethan nodded.

Elena could trust and entrust the duchy to him.


“huh. Don’t worry and go. “This also shows that our ducal family is much higher than the 7th family.”

“That’s right.”

Ethan answered with a grin.

* * *

Sera Lee.

Today, while she was clearing land in the County of Amelton using the Earth Spirit, she received a letter.

I’m planning to go to the capital, so come back now.

Her eyes lit up.

‘It was successful.’

I heard that there was talk about the Kingdom Academy at this meeting of the Seven Families. There was only one problem left.

The question is whether the duke will accept this offer.

Going to the capital meant that he had accepted this offer.


Ysera clenched her fists.

The special class formation period is as long as three months. It was also said that he would be able to hang out closely with the duke for the next three months.

‘Dorothy. Before that fierce thing comes.’

I will capture the duke’s heart.

It will start from inside the carriage leaving for the capital.

Ysera said, using the wind spirit to quickly enter the Count’s office.

“Erkan. I’ll just go! “The duke called me.”

“Oh yeah. miss. “Thank you for your hard work.”

“No. “Okay then!”

Lee Sera’s new form disappeared in an instant. Erkan saw that and smiled bitterly.

‘It’s a shame.’

A grand plan to create a granary city. Isera, who recently visited this place, became a key player in the plan.

In just one week, about 1/3 of the county territory was reclaimed.

‘When I come back, I’ll definitely have to call you here again.’

Gailan, who rules the same county as himself.

Recently, it was well known that the card game he created was gaining sensational popularity beyond the Duchy and throughout the West.

It was time for him to show his own conversion.

‘The elves have also finished migrating to this area…’

If the story ended well, it seemed like he would be able to grow the various plants he had planned.

All of them were products that created high added value.

Three months.

Be sure to create a draft of the granary city before the duke returns.

Erkan’s eyes lit up.

* * *

Sera Lee.

Less than half a day after she sent the letter, Ethan came to visit.

As she entered the office, she frowned slightly.

It was because of the faint body odor in the room.

Lawrence and Ilya.

The scent of those two was unmistakable.

These two were also the women she had identified so far.

‘One is a cross-dressing woman.’

One was a wizard.

If there is one thing that is fortunate.

The duke said he did not view these two as opposite sexes at all.

In fact, it might have been natural.

A cold and level-headed man who does not easily pay attention to himself, who is called the best in the kingdom.

There is no way such a man would be attracted to a child aged about ten at most and a woman dressed as a man.

Ysera was certain of this fact.


I couldn’t help but feel jealous along with anxiety.

Because while he was far away from the duke, the two shared their own time.

It was at that time that the Duke’s words were heard.

“Do you have anything to prepare?”

“yes? ah! “There is nothing in particular.”

“Then let’s leave right away.”

“yes! great! Oh my duke. “We’re traveling in a carriage, right?”

“I plan to. I’ll assign you a carriage, so you can take a ride…”


“Wouldn’t it be better to use it broadly?”

That was absolutely unacceptable.

After working under him, wasn’t he farming in the County of Amelton?

If you travel by carriage, it will take two weeks to reach the capital. I couldn’t miss this golden opportunity.

“I want to be taught.”


“I too am now the duke’s ‘student.’ I felt it while sparring with the Duke last time. “My foundation is lacking.”

“It’s not enough.”

Ysera’s eyes sparkled.

If another man had said something like that, he would have broken one of his arms, but the Duke in front of him was a man who could tell he was not good enough.

On the contrary, it was really nice to see him answer calmly.

‘As the duke said, I’m still far behind.’

Therefore, I had to receive instruction from the ‘professor’.

“If we go by carriage, it will take two weeks. Wouldn’t that be enough to complete the basic level of teaching?”


“I hope you can watch my training process. To do that, we would have to share a ride…”

“Wouldn’t that be inconvenient?”

“I’m fine… but is it that the Duke is uncomfortable with me?”

“…That’s not true.”

“Then we can just ride together. Please take care of me.”

Ysera bowed her head.

Ethan nodded.

She had entered the realm of superhumanity. Instead of feeling prideful in the process, he realized his own shortcomings and said that he would train from the basics.

Since he plans to treat her well in the future, laying her foundation was a good option for Ethan.

“Oh, indeed, Duke. “On this trip, we are planning to go to the capital just the two of us, right?”


Ilya had to continue his research, and Sylvia had to take care of the estate’s affairs.

The only person who would go on this trip to the capital was Sera Lee, who would be living as a student from now on.

Ysera’s eyes lit up at those words.


During the three months while the special team was being formed, only he could monopolize the operation.

It was very happy news.

“Then… shall we go?”

With eyes that look like they might drip with honey at any moment.

She said.

“egg plant.”

Two people got on the carriage.

* * *

“okay. “That’s it.”


Ysera responded to Ethan’s words in a dazed voice.

‘what? It shouldn’t be like this….’

Basic class.

The process that Ysera had in mind during this process was very simple.

Showing ‘intentional mistakes’ one after another. The more parts I don’t understand in class, the more I do.


―That’s not right, wasn’t it?

From the sound of sighing as if not knowing what to do, to the process of correcting the flow of mana in a cold tone. I would be able to experience many things.

Just imagining it is a process so fascinating that it thrills you deep inside your heart.

I certainly thought things would turn out that way when I boarded the carriage.


There was one problem.

What I meant was that the duke was very good at teaching even basic courses. Every time I intentionally try to show a mistake, I end up making mistakes.

“There would be no harm in moving like that. Instead, rotate the mana this way.”

“In fact, this method might not be bad. “If it was intentional, well done.”

I continued the class by correcting the problems with only very simple advice.

“It looks like you’ve learned some basic steps.”

Isera’s skills were literally growing as each hour passed.

‘This isn’t it…’

After hearing the Duke’s words, Isera’s face turned into a tearful expression.

This was clearly not the plan.

Rise to unexpected heights.

My plan to become a failing student and attract the Duke’s attention was being shattered one by one.

“Uh… Duke. I guess… the class doesn’t end here, right?”

Apparently the duke used the word ‘walker’.

What is a baby walk?

He literally just started walking.

There was no way the class would end here.

No, it was never supposed to end.

The Duke laughed and answered those words.

“no way.”

Sera Lee.

The guy had just laid the foundation.

There was still a mountain of things to teach.


“Since we have almost arrived in the capital, we will conduct the remaining classes at the academy.”


I wish the capital was farther away. Unfortunately, the dream-like journey was now almost over.

Far away.

Because a huge city was coming into view.

The capital was Pelantium.

* * *

“young master. “Now is the time for you to leave.”


Mileton, who was in the mansion, looked at the capital.

‘Duke Ethan…’

He chewed his lips.

Sera Lee.

It was he who was known to have stolen her heart.

‘It’s false.’

There was no doubt that he had used dirty tricks to deceive Isera.

“Isera. Please wait a moment.”

Because we’ll be able to meet soon.

The only person who could save her was himself.

Mileton, the kingdom’s best sword.

He spurred his horse and rode away.

The destination was a special class organized at the academy.

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I Regressed to My Ruined Family

I Regressed to My Ruined Family

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I was born as the oldest of a renowned swordsman family, and became stronger faster than anyone. Yet, I could not stop the dragons, a great disaster that had appeared on the continent. I closed my eyes in my final moments, thinking everything was over. I really thought it was over… But when I opened my eyes, I was back in the past. A past that was very different from the world I knew. “What? Is this really my body? Why don’t I have any mana?” “Where did the castle go? Why’s there only a wooden house left?” “…What? The dragons and humans made a non-aggression pact?” A family that had fallen and was on the brink of ruin. A family whose writing of divination had vanished. And a body in which no mana could be found! “…I’ll have to keep myself busy from now on.” The great hero of a renowned swordsman family. He is back in the past, in a ‘parallel world’.


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