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Drug-Eating Genius Mage Chapter 999

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Genius Magician Who Takes Medicine Episode 999

First Gate (9)

“I was planning to refrain from activities for a while after taking charge of the first gate…”

The night streets of a blazing black market.

Flames fall and shimmer like bombs, the commercial district is in shambles and the Monumental Tower is torn apart and collapsed.

A young man walks onto the tilted outer wall of Huachengru and looks around with an indifferent expression.

“For some reason, flies keep attracting me. “It’s so noisy that I can’t work.”


“Top owner. “How did this happen?”

Hearing the young man’s flat voice, Lennok stood up, refining his magic power.

Green scrubs and inorganic eyes. An eerie feeling of discomfort that does not even feel like an ordinary human being.

Even though it has a human appearance, there is a strong sense of foreignness that does not feel like a fellow human being.

This man is one of the four masters of the Spell Federation and a level 8 specialty magician.

Is it a joint liquor that is said to have the most unrivaled status since the reign of the king?

‘Did Angel and Bernard retreat?’

Lennok looked around, realized that the two people had disappeared, and nodded.

If Lennok had left the battlefield as he had indicated right before the battle, that would have been enough.

When plans go awry, it’s best to quickly find something to do.



Topju, who spread one hand and reverse-summoned the staff he was holding, stood up with a tired expression.

Even after the development of the magnetic field was forcibly canceled by the owner, it seemed as if he was trying to fix the situation somehow.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you. “This wasn’t my intention.”

“It wasn’t intentional.”

The joint master asked with an expressionless face as he put on gloves on his hands.

“Are you telling me to believe this after seeing this black market scene?”


“I’m not interested in the commotion going on inside the gateway city. Death and killing are your own affairs.”

The joint master turned his gaze towards the magic tower master and said with a cold expression.

“Just one thing. “I would have clearly said that use of the area is prohibited.”


“My operating room is a very sensitive area, so it can be affected by even the slightest mental trigger.”

The drinker slowly tilted his head, and an inorganic light flashed in his eyes.

“Tap owner. “You, no one else, should have known.”


An encounter between a current manager and a former manager at the first gateway.

But there was no need to ask which of the two had the upper hand.

The appearance of the magic tower master who cannot make eye contact with the master of the joint liquor, and the liquor master who openly glares at the tower master.

‘That’s strange…’

There must be a power gap between the two magicians, but even taking that into account, the tower owner’s attitude is strangely low-key.

No matter how monstrous the skills of a master of articulation are, it is hard to believe that a master with as much pride as a magic tower master would show such submission.

Did the top owner deeply acknowledge and sympathize with the fact that the alcoholic beverage had unrealistic capabilities?

No, if you were that scared of the owner’s presence, there was no reason to take the risk and expand the territory in the first place-

While Lennok was lost in thought, the tower owner, who had quickly adjusted his magical power, opened his mouth.

“…I can explain everything. “I’ll take care of it.”

“Ah, that’s enough. “I’ll hear your excuses later.”

The moment when the alcoholic drinker waved his hand as if he was annoyed.

A sharp piece of flesh protruding from under Tapju’s feet instantly pierced Tapju’s back.



With a noise as if something was being eaten, the tower owner’s expression contorted in pain.

Soolju approached Tapju, who was skewered like a chimera, and said as he adjusted his mask.

“Anesthetic has been administered to your spinal cord, so you won’t be able to move for a while. “Keep your mouth shut.”


“Going back to the operating room. “Follow me.”

After incapacitating Topju in an instant with the chimera he summoned, Soolju is about to drag him into the operating room.

Lennok slowly snapped his fingers while looking at the scene.

‘We have to move. But…’

It was inevitable that the game would be ruined when the joiner entered the battlefield.

But there is still time for Lennok to make a choice.

It seems that Soolju is only interested in Topju at the moment, but it is not strange if he does not pay attention to Lennok at any time.

Now that the top owner has fallen and the alcohol owner has appeared, what is the best way to achieve the goal?

The moment when Lennok thought so and took a step back from the alcoholic beverage.

“Oh, I see.”

The alcoholic beverage turned his gaze as if he had belatedly remembered Lennok.

“Evan Martinez. “You were here too.”


The young man, who was looking at Lennok through the mask, stroked his chin as if he was thinking.

“What should I do? I don’t have much time…”

“I understand there is still one day left until the appointment time.”

Lennok answered calmly.

“When the time comes, I’ll come find you from here. “I still have work to do at the gate.”


“Or are you planning to leave the black market as is?”

Even after hearing Lennok’s question as if he was not interested, the master of the joint did not react at all.

I just calmly looked into his face as if I was observing Lennok.

How much time has passed?

The moment when even the silence in the black market became so intense that it hurt my ears.

“Right. “I have decided.”

The drinker, who had been staring at him like that for a while, slowly nodded.

“As expected, it would be better to just take you to the operating room.”


A huge lump of flesh erupted from behind Sulju’s back, instantly devouring the entire black market street.


The appearance of a very large chimera that opens its huge mouth and cries, sucking in everything on the ground.

Lennok and the tower’s new form, which has lost the ground to tread on, fall as if being sucked into the chimera’s throat.


The moment when Lennok took a deep breath and tried to raise his magic power upon the appearance of a chimera in the middle of the black market.

[That’s it, Junsuju.]

The purple gravitational field exploded and swept across the black market.


An art that forces the remains of the building devoured by the Chimera and Lennok’s new form to rise.

A strong sense of discomfort, as if gravity had been turned upside down and made stronger.

“This power…!!”

An innate ability based on strong mental power. It is a type of gravity manipulation that is familiar to Lennok.

A monster’s special ability that I experienced once in the Hanghasa Labyrinth. At that moment, when Lennok realized its identity, he lifted his gaze.

[My colleagues on the front line gave me a hint, but I was very late.]


A thick purple chain hung across the night sky, and a powerful thunderous sound rang out.

Dozens of corpses hanging between the links of the chain swayed aimlessly due to the vibrations.

As soon as it appeared, there was a massive gravitational field that covered the black market, and a mature man standing on top of it was looking down.

[Evan Martinez. It’s been a while. You haven’t changed at all since I saw you in the labyrinth.]

“Balak Oedon…!!!”

Level 8 gravity psychic. The six seats of the Yi Neung Flower Exhibition Hall.

Has the monster that was running rampant in the Hanghasa Labyrinth unable to control its own talents started to move in the Gateway City?

Bernard and Angel, who retreated from the black market, must have taken action.

The moment Lennok realized that fact and looked up at the sky with a surprised expression.

[Conjugated liquor. [It is difficult to stand by and watch the violence you committed in the Gateway City any longer.]

Balak’s roaring roar echoed harshly through the night sky.

[The entire continent knows what they are doing by establishing that vicious life zone. Are you really not afraid of being cursed by humans?]

“A person with supernatural powers. “My time is very expensive.”

The master of the joint turned his gaze with a sour expression towards Balak, who was standing in the night sky.

“If you want to have a medical consultation with me, you will have to bring an hourly consultation fee of about 100 million won.”

[You can pay any amount of money. What does mere goods mean to us?]

Balak chuckled and stroked his chin.

[But it seems that your curiosity and desire for research that goes beyond your ethics cannot be stopped no matter what the price is.] “This

is not what I want to hear from someone with the ability to collect the corpses he kills as trophies.”

Jyeoksulju, who let go of the collar of the tapju, whose body was slightly twitching, turned his gaze.

A purple chain hanging over a gravitational field, and corpses hanging between the links of the chain.

The alcoholic beverage owner said while massaging his hands.

“As I have told the church before, all the research I do is essentially for the betterment of human life. “It is a process for a permanent and utilitarian end rather than for my own curiosity.”

[I know, is there any other reason why a heretic like you is loyal to the leader?]

Balak said, slowly bending his body while riding the rotating gravitational field that covered the black market.

[The existence of a special type magician is like that. Because it is a flower that blooms in twisted and rotten soil, it exudes a scent more terrible and intense than anything else… Even though you take human form, you are a being who can never mix with others.] “….” [


, that is so. That’s why even superhumans are treated as patients, and they may be able to treat and perform surgery on them.]


[Put down Evan Martinez and leave. That man is a flame too good to be extinguished in the hands of the alcoholic drinker.]


Every time Balak spoke, gravitational waves exploded and the night sky was constantly distorted.

Even Lennok can’t guess how much stronger Balak’s supernatural powers have become after adjusting his abilities.

[In the name of Balak Oedon, the vanguard of the Ability Enlightenment Corps, I forbid you from acquiring any more ‘talents’ than this.]

“That’s interesting. Did you know that saying that makes me want it even more?”

The drinker, who showed a bright smile for the first time, slowly took off the glove he was wearing on his right hand.

“I can’t. “After taking charge of the gateway, I thought I needed to set an example at least once.”

[It’s an example.]

“Leaflet for enlightenment of abilities.” “The body of a psychic was running out of specimens for my operating room.”

Soolju, gently brushing the cold night air with his bare hands, walked forward and spoke.

“Let me cut open your skull, take out your brain, and display it side by side in my dissection room.”


“A psychic who has reached level 8 with only the talents given to him. “He must be an idiot who runs wild because he can’t control his talent, right?”

The alcoholic drinker adjusted his mask with his other gloved hand and increased his magic power.

“Let’s get started. “I will tell you right here how much innate ability is an unrefined talent.”

[Conjugated liquor. It looks like he hasn’t realized it yet.]


Balak’s battle cry rang loudly through the earthquake that shook the ground.

[Maybe you couldn’t guess why I haven’t come to the scene since I arrived at the gate?]


[Adjustment of the supernatural power that I had invested in over the past few months.]

At the moment when the joint master also realized this and stared at the shaking ground, Balak tightly clenched both fists.

[It’s all combined liquor. It was a maximization of the restrictions to deal with you…!!!]

It’s a profit…!!

The hundreds of meters long gravitational field covering the black market tilted at an angle.

The earth shakes slowly, accompanied by a noise that feels like creaking metals meeting each other.

At the moment when the owner frowned slightly at the fierce pressure, the earth split and a purple gravitational wave burst out.


Dozens of intense purple pillars rose up in all directions and struck the ground like whips.

All terrains in the area swept by the gravitational wave are compressed and crushed.

Even Lennok’s complexion hardened under the pressure of a shapeless giant frantically stamping his feet over the black market.

‘The power…’

The range and strength of the gravitational field are much greater than expected.

The output feels like it’s almost several times higher than when I was dealing with it in the labyrinth.

However, even as he watched the gravitational waves pouring over his head, he did not move.

I just stretched out my bare, gloved hand over the ripples of gravity that were weighing down everything around me.


The moment the splicer’s hand came into contact with the gravitational wave, a strange noise as if something was breaking rang out.

Immediately after that, the circular gravitational wave twisted and flipped, missing the joint column and crushing the ground next to it.



A ripple of gravity explodes and crosses diagonally around the black market street.

Lennok’s eyes flashed sharply as he looked at the liquor he held up with his bare hand.

‘Is that a splicing technique?’

The ability of the joining technique is literally to join objects and control the joined object.

Everything the drinker touches becomes connected on the spot and becomes a tool that follows the drinker’s will.

It is a simple ability, but the problem is that the application target of the conjugation technique is so vast that it is unbelievable.

It can be forcibly closed by bonding magnetic regions, or it can twist the direction by connecting gravitational waves with the remains of surrounding buildings.

A power that combines living things to create heterogeneous chimeras and, conversely, allows high-ranking superhumans to undergo surgery and heal.

‘Maximization of the target of application of techniques that only the trait system possesses. This is possible once you reach level 8.’

Originally, ambiguous concepts such as conjunction do not operate by being defined under the rules of technique.

A miracle that can exist because it is a power of the special type that expands and includes the concept of magic to an absurd level.

It was also the reason why the joint master was an unrivaled powerhouse within the alliance and could exist as one of the four great masters who formed the Great Connection.

“For some reason, I thought the output was strangely strong even when using the magic technique…”

The magician, who had grabbed and twisted the actual gravity with his bare hands, said as he slowly shook off his hands.

“Is this Geass, which increases the output of its abilities only when it targets me and fights?”


“You’re out of your mind. “If you increase the power of your superpower with these restrictions, even if you are a level 8 person, you won’t be able to handle the recoil.”

[It is the arrogance of a weak person to enter the battlefield without this level of preparation against you, a special magician.]


Balak said as he landed on the chaotic black market street.

[Now that you are far from the area, it would be a good time to take a chance.]

“No, it is useless.”

The drinker answered, raising his gaze while clenching and opening his hands.

“My techniques are basically powers that are not specialized for combat. Therefore, it is not affected by the environment.”


The alcoholic beverage owner, who was picking at the remains of the building with his bare hands, raised his magic power and lowered his head.

At that moment, a huge shield made by gluing together the remains of the building rose up and caught the gravitational wave.


It’s incredibly durable, making it hard to believe that it was made by joining together the remains of a building that breaks down when you step on it.

Said the master who knocked down the shield of rubble he had created with a single wave of his hand.

“Whether it is a region or not is not a problem to me.”

[Let’s see if it’s just words of confidence…!!]


As soon as Balak clenched his fists, dark purple light began to gather in his hands.

At the same time, objects around him rotated around Ballack’s hands as if they were being sucked in, and his vision in front of him became distorted.


A gravitational field with a radius of hundreds of meters hanging over the sky of the black market responds to Balak’s will.

The moment I captured the entire black market street in Sabang’s range and took a picture.


Ballack clenched his fist and raised both his hands above his head.

A movement that seems to grab the invisible air and pull it up. At the same time, the ground exploded and the land tilted diagonally.


The moment Soolju jumped up following the explosion, Balak grabbed hold of the air and pulled as if pulling him down.

All objects floating in the air, including the joint liquor, fell to the ground at a speed approaching the speed of sound and were shattered.


It creates a central point within the gravitational field, twisting the direction of gravity and increasing output.

Gravitational waves generated by manipulating the centripetal point pull and throw the surrounding scenery.

Every time Balak lifted his body into the air and swung the gravity ball, the ground was pulverized and turned into a wasteland.

“I’m sorry I didn’t bring a scalpel. “I don’t like this kind of ignorant structure.”

However, in the storm of rushing gravitational waves, Soolju’s expression did not change at all.


The remains of buildings are joined together to create bridges, and walls and towers are built to absorb gravity waves.

He summoned a chimera made of flesh, used it as a meat shield, and used it as a stepping stone to jump and increase his speed.

The freedom of magic manipulation regardless of target or viewpoint is surprising, but what is truly amazing is that there is no foreshadowing in the process.

The moment it touches an object, the spell is completed and activated. The magic power consumed is almost non-existent.

Proof that Sulju’s joining technique has been theoretically optimized to near perfection.


Behind the sliding, accelerating liquor, structures and chimeras joined from all directions stand up and sway.

Everywhere his hands passed, he transformed and remodeled everything, creating a forest of different shapes.

The ruins of the black market, shattered by gravitational waves, are rebuilt through the splicing technique, adding to the chaos.


Balak, who was looking at the battlefield where destruction and creation alternately repeated, increased his output further along with Noseong.

[If the bonding technique is the problem, just destroy the ingredients that will be the target of the technique…!!]

Valak’s eyes flashed in the rain of gravity waves crashing down like bombs on the ground.

[I will make you a handful of blood right here with the black market!!!]


Hundreds of gravitational waves fall, and the debris scattered around the black market turns to dust and disappears.

The joining technique is a powerful force, but its true value comes when there are ingredients to be joined together.

In that case, if the master eliminates all targets to be joined, Balak has no choice but to have the upper hand.



Eight gravitational spheres appear above Balak’s head as he raises both hands.

As the eight gravitational spheres rotated around the gravitational field, the ground of the mining site surrounded by the gravitational field was crushed as if it were being ground.

A moment of intense bombardment as if an invisible hand was breaking, stirring, and compressing the cliffs and ground of the mining site.


With a soft laugh from the master of the joint, the ore mine where the black market was located rose into the air as if it were being torn from its place.


The black market area with a radius of several hundred meters appears as if it were a huge floating island.

A miracle that manipulates the entire gravitational field that extends throughout the black market and levitates real objects.

However, the target was not an object or person, but the mining site itself located on the outskirts of the gateway city.

“The hierarchy of the Lee Neunghwajeondan is the most messed up force I’ve ever dealt with.”

No matter how much he drank, the scale itself seemed absurd, so he raised his gaze.

“Even though I applied Geass targeting, you’re only the sixth person with superpowers like you?”


The entire black market street is lifted up, and the gravity is pulled up to slam it to the ground.

No matter what tricks the drinker uses, the output is enough to crush his entire body.

Drinking alcohol, who was looking at the ground that was rapidly approaching with an expressionless face, soon took off the glove on his left hand and threw it away.

“I admit it. “At least I won’t be able to finish my work during surgery time.”

The wine drinker said, putting his hands together.

“Let’s start by loosening the target designation first.”

Damn it…!!!

Like acrid smoke, twisted black magic rises through the drinker’s body.

Magical power that is so dull and sticky that it is difficult to believe that it is the faint presence of a splicer.

The moment when Lennok’s face hardened when he realized that it was the magic inherent to a special type magician.

“Active spell. Add target designation.”

Sulju lightly twisted his joined hands and muttered.

“Summon the life sphere.”

Oh my gosh!!!

At that moment, a huge structure of flesh covered in film rose from the ground.

A huge fleshy dome hundreds of meters long. It was wriggling and twisting its body like a living creature, and it had the exact same presence as the liquor.

Lennok’s face hardened as he finally realized how the drinker had responded to Balak’s attack.

“Did you use the area to release the targeted Geass?…!!”

The area obtained by reaching level 8 is the power to project the user’s ideal world.

Therefore, in the magic world, the existence of a sphere is treated as the same as the caster himself.

The Geass created by Balak Oedon is a restriction that increases the output of supernatural powers only when fighting by targeting a joint liquor.

However, by summoning the realm and increasing the number of targets designated for Balak’s Geass, the drinker forcibly released the targeted Geas.


The target designation that should have been one drink increases to two, Geass is out of sync, and a reaction occurs.

The moment when Balak, spouting blood, stumbled but gritted his teeth and dropped the island he had created.

The film-covered ceiling opened wide like an insect’s mouth, catching the falling island intact.


With a huge shock wave, the remains of the black market ground are mixed and crushed between the flesh.

The space of the operating room quickly wrapped around Lennok’s falling body and pulled it in as if sucking it in.


Even though Lennok recognized the movement, instead of pushing it away, he instead surrendered himself to the force.

* * *

Click, click.

The harsh sound of metal rubbing against your ears. The cold, inorganic air.

The fishy smell of blood that stings the tip of your nose, and the bright light that you feel beyond your eyelids.

Open your eyes.

A pink room stained with blood. Someone in green scrubs was standing with his back to Lennok.


Lennok was about to say something, but then looked at the belt tightly binding his body and closed his mouth.

His entire body was tightly bound on a huge operating table.

The other person spoke without even looking at Lennok.

“You’re awake.”

“…here is?”

“Why are you asking now?”

The master of the joint, with his back turned, approached Lennok and said.

“Welcome to my operating room.”

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