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Drug-Eating Genius Mage Chapter 998

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The Medicine-Taking Genius Wizard Episode 998:

The First Gate (8)

[Scorching Ball]


The walls covered in colorful silk overlap and collapse, causing flames to seep through them.

The intangible flames rotated at incredible speeds and beat mercilessly between the wall and the ceiling.


The tower owner, whose entire body was covered in flames, accelerated explosively, and Lennok wrapped his hands in flames and clenched his fists.

Lennok and Topju’s new models tumble and roll, and the next moment they jump over a dozen meters and collide.

Waves of flame exploded dozens of times, destroying and burning the wide corridors of Huachengru.

[Small coal]


At the same time as a noise as if a machine gun were being fired, hundreds of rounds of ultra-small fireballs exploded.

It pierced the ceiling of the hallway on the top floor of Huachengru, leaving a bullet mark like a honeycomb.

“It’s fast. “By miniaturizing the flame sphere to this extent…!!”


Immediately after Lennok, who was running to avoid the barrage of ultra-small flame balls, jumped behind the wall and hid himself.

Lennok, who appeared from behind the tower owner, put his hands together, twisted them, and instantly created a spear of flame and shot it out.


The ceremonial robe wrapped around the pagoda’s body splits apart, ignites the flame spear thrown by Lennok, and disappears.

A type of counterfire that burns flame magic with flame magic. Lennok narrowed his eyes.

“Is it a ceremonial robe? “I’ve seen Tatiana Chiglett write it.”

“You would have done that if you had fought against that kid in the Balkans.”

Topju smiled and looked away.

“But in the end, aren’t you like a dog that lost without being able to kill both Chigglet and Lightning?”


“I was amazed at the defeat you were mulling over, and gave me consideration so that you could take the lead in the next battle with Lightning, but….”

The tower owner’s eyes looked at Lennok through the blazing flames. It shone eerily.

“Do you not know the subject and dare to ignore the kindness of the main lord?”

[Hwanryeonggigo (煥領氣庫)]


The hem of the ceremonial robe opened wide, and countless weapons made of flame poured out from within.

Blades made of blazing flames, including flame spears and fire knives, were shot towards Lennok.

At the same time, Lennok hit the floor roughly with one foot.

[Hwanyeombo (煥炎步)]

[Dapseop (踏燮)]

Flames burst out like ripples centered around Lenok’s feet, burning the top floor of Huachengru.

The moment the place where the tower owner and Lennok were standing collapsed, the waves of weapons lost their direction and went astray.


“Be considerate. “I’ve never really wanted something like that.”

Lennok chuckled, hiding one hand behind his back as he fell downstairs.

“Wasn’t consideration something you should have received after losing your position as manager to a drunkard?”

“…You really are…!!”

Did the words themselves offend the owner of the tower?

Topju, with a distorted expression, lowered and spread one hand almost at the same time as Lennok.

Lennok, who was falling in the air, and the palms of the top owner met directly.


Compressed manifestation of change in nature of

flame-type unique magic.

Designated manifestation of change in nature

of flame-type unique magic

. “Congratulations.”



The two magicians’ fire, which started from the same source, was reversed diagonally.

Flames, which exert maximum power at zero distance, erupted in all directions through the joined hands.


The corridor on the top floor of Huachengru burned down and the head of the gorgeous Monumental Tower exploded, engulfed in flames.

Streams of flame tens of meters long are sprayed on both sides and the splendid monumental tower of Huachengru explodes.

In a distorting cloud of flame, the tower owner and Lennok’s new form crashed down the outer wall of Huachengru.


The owner of the tower with his back, lying down under the clouds, and Lennok turning around with flames engulfing him.

At the moment when the tower owner was glaring at Lennok with a stern expression, Lenok smiled and snapped his fingers.

The moment when the top owner suddenly noticed the direction of the hand gesture and raised his gaze.

[Flame seal]


A huge fist of flame appeared next to Huachengru and struck the pagoda head.


Due to the impact, the tower’s new model fell into the middle floor of Hwacheongru and slid across the empty hallway.


A shock that took my breath away even though the power was halved by consuming the ritual.

It is a magic so heavy that it is hard to believe that it is the physical force that materializes flames.

The moment when the head of the tower, with a stiff face, balanced himself with one hand and used the other hand to create flames as if he were brushing into the air.


Lennok, riding on top of a huge flaming fist, accelerated at incredible speed and hit the tower pillar.

“No such thing as an affair!!!”

The owner of the tower roared with anger and drew a flame formation with one hand, made a hand sign with the other hand, and chanted magic.

[Written by fire]

[Closed door]

The blazing castle gate surged and closed tightly, blocking the gap between Lennok and the tower owner.

The most difficult split chant in which each person casts a different magic using a magic circle with one hand and a hand sign with the other hand.


Rennok, with wings of flame, crashed into the burning gate, causing it to shake violently.

Flames that would not have been surprising if they broke through the door and attacked the pagoda at any moment filled the middle stairs of Hwacheongru.

The owner of the tower looked at the scene and quickly completed the magic circle of flames and put his hand inside it.

[Saturation Armament No. 2]

Blaver Magic Tower’s solar system. [Fire Armament] that summons the flames that exist in the ritual space of the tower in the form of a weapon.

The moment when T.O.P. Joo took out the number ring with the names numbered from 1 to 10.

Lennok’s low voice rang out from beyond the door.

“Summon explosive weapons.”


A huge ignition device crashed through the door and burst into flames.

Lennok’s left arm protrudes through the crack in the shattered door, and the array device attached to the arm activates.

As the pipe rotated, it sucked up all the magic circle of flame that the tower owner had drawn.


“What a trick…!!”

It is not magic, but pure attribute manipulation that is close to an innate ability. It seems to be dealing with pyrokinesis.

The moment when the panicked tower owner saw the magic circle dispersing and was trying to somehow pull out the fire armament.


Lennok struck the top of the tower owner’s foot with the ignition device and spun his body around.


Use the exploding flame as a booster to push your body up, and use the power of the drug to suppress the load on your body.

[Second Yin]

The ice that flows through the blood prevents necrosis of body cells and firmly connects the creaky body.

[Samhwan (三環)]

The ultra-small bounded beopjin wrapped in dozens of layers over the entire body suppressed the collapse of joints and muscles and preserved their original form.

[Sahyuk (四焱)]

Renok’s fist, accelerated by the recoil of the flames wrapped around his body, plunges into the tower’s side at incredible speed.

Flame magic assisted and spewed out all of those movements, raising its power to the limit.

The moment when dozens of types of magic, barriers, drugs, and blessings that assisted Lennok’s weak body worked simultaneously.

[Ten Bells]

of the Coming of the Nine Countries Combination Rain

Forgetting the recoil for a moment, Lennok’s fist hit the entire body of the tower owner like a bomb.


At the same time that the bones on the top of the foot are crunched or crushed, the tendons in the arms and legs are severed and the muscles are ruptured.

It breaks and penetrates the solar plexus, jaw, liver, and waist from top to bottom, tearing them apart with burning hands.

A heavy blow that pierces and crushes the vital points of the entire body, catching the tower owner off guard when he was alert and trying to react to the spell’s activation.


Topju’s eyes become blurred for a moment as his entire body is hit by the deliberate blows.

It is inevitable for even high-ranking superhumans to have their brains shake and their thoughts momentarily interrupted by being hit on the chin.

However, despite the shock that shattered his bones and muscles, Tapju quickly came to his senses and raised his head.

“Sudden!! “You…!!”

Even after being beaten with a murderous weapon that would cut a human being into pieces, rather than losing his breath, he immediately regains consciousness.

The transcendent mental power of an archmage who is not bound by physical pain for long.

In the first place, it is the work of a War Mage who has considerable resistance to such injuries and blows themselves.

Evidence that the tower owner also risked his life in the center and constantly crossed the firing line.

“Oh, if you want to compete directly, I’ll accept it…!!”

The owner of the tower, with his own blood burned all over his body, gritted his teeth and walked out looking completely devastated.

“I will test myself here to see if I am worthy of reclaiming the Fast and Furious Phoenix Hall!!!”

“No, it’s the opposite.”

However, Lennok took a step back when he saw Tapju walking out even though his whole body was covered in blood.

Lennok said, shaking his hands with a tired expression.

“This itself was a chant. “It’s all over.”


Among the techniques shown a thousand times in battle with lightning, the method of using spells was the most talked about.

The moment when the tower owner, reflecting on that, suddenly came to his senses and tried to increase his magic power.

The flames that burst out from under his feet instantly engulfed the tower owner’s body and began to rotate.


[Hwa-sim-gwe (火深櫃)]

[Cheon-hyeol (泉熱)]

[Balhong (發紅)]

[Red-chuck (赤築)]

The martial arts that pounded the head’s body, one step later, acted as an alternative chant. Implements flame magic.

Each magic that explodes late is a starter that preheats the flame and increases its power.

A complex chant that involves designating a space to confine a person and concentrating fire into it to draw it out.

Flame series unique magic

10-fold chant complex resonance


“Yongyeombi (龍炎庇).”

The moment when Lennok, with his hands joined together, twisted his hands as if he were sweeping them away.

The box in which the tower owner was trapped split diagonally and exploded spectacularly on the spot.


The monumental tower of Huachengnu, which is over dozens of stories, is split and cut in two along the cut surface.

The flames spread over the section and the new form of the tower fell onto the boiling steam.

It fell on top of the collapsing Monument Tower and made a loud noise.


Lennok, who followed him to the ground, looked beyond the rising smoke and smiled.

“It’s disgustingly tough. Did you reverse the order of combination of Dragon Flame Rain and halve its power?”

Simui chanting a combination of 10 stacks of flame magic, Dragon Flame Monument.

It is the extreme form of an anti-personnel flame-heat system that literally covers and suppresses the dragon’s flame and concentrates fire power under a specific space.

Even though Geukui, who is powerful but requires time to chant, was struck almost instantly using an alternative chant, Tapju’s body did not evaporate.

The moment he sensed that evasion was impossible, the tower owner reversed the order of the magic combination to activate Dragon Flame Rain.

Immediately after that, he inserted his own flame and forcibly twisted the combination to cancel out the power.

The tower owner is also a flame magician of the same origin, and this response was possible because he forcibly raised his magic skills instead of suppressing them.

At the same time, it was evidence that the pagoda master’s sense and understanding of the techniques had clearly reached the level of a great master.

“Your instantaneous sense and judgment itself is higher than you think. “Is technology that does not depend on output at this level?”

When I met the incarnation as a solider, I thought he was the type of person to press down on prints, but when I met him in person, his skills and judgment were very sharp.

Skillful split chanting. Proficiency in handling Beopjin and Beast Man. A response that does not rely on high-level magic, but rather overlaps preheating, guesses the opponent’s magic, and counters it.

Instead of avoiding Lennok’s outburst of deliberation, he accepted it with his bare body and even made a decision to reduce its power.

Proof that not only is the tower owner’s talent for magic, but his fire resistance has reached a level close to immunity.

“But all of those decisions are only possible because you are confident that you will not die from the flames… What is your flame resistance?”

“Hehe… Isn’t that the same for you too?”

The owner of the tower, sitting among the ruins of the messed up restaurant on the first floor of Hwacheongru, smiled with a soot-covered face.

Good luck!!

When I light a light green flame and place it on my shoulder, the wound on the top owner’s neck slowly heals.

‘Is it a spark with healing power?’

One of the sparks that the tower owner showed to Lennok.

Among them, it is a flame with special abilities that Lennok has never seen before.

It is difficult even for Lennok to guess the purpose and value of that ember, even by looking at it.

While Lennok’s eyes lit up when he saw the spark of healing, the tower owner slowly stood up and spoke.

“Inhaling the main spell’s flame through an array device and letting it flow through my body, an ordinary magician would have died on the spot.”


“You guy. “It seems like it has abilities beyond the equipment to regulate body temperature.”

The head of the tower stood up unsteadily, and his eyes flashed with a strange light.

“What are you hiding in that blood?”

The tower owner recognized the fact that Lennoc absorbed the tower owner’s flame, canceled the magic circle, and endured the recoil with the ice builder’s blessing.

However, because the battle progressed so quickly, I did not know what my abilities were.

“Now might not be the time to wonder about that.”

Lennok sneered at the tower owner.

“You probably understand by now. “You can’t beat me with your output limited.”


“Or are you trying to do it right here until the master of the joint liquor discovers you?”

Late at night, the magic environment within the city changes dramatically due to the curtain drawn over the gateway city.

However, archmages who manipulate magic power on a particle-by-particle basis are not bound by such environmental constraints.

Both Lennok and the tower owner had reached such a level that they could go on a rampage by burning down the black market, but that was now at its limit.

At the point where they were exchanging attacks with each other limiting their output, in order to end the battle, they would have to warm up their flames to the end and collide.

However, will the squadron manager, Magic Tower, be able to go to the end despite being noticed by the joint master?

Lennok was already convinced that the owner of the tower was not such a great person.

“If you were the kind of person who would take that kind of risk, you wouldn’t have stepped down from your position as a manager in the first place.”


“It was because he thought that using prayer beads and contacting me on the black market were all possible under his control.”

Blaber Matapju’s attitude is contradictory in many ways.

Although he seems to be wary of the joint drinker, he is not that wary of the commotion being discovered by him.

Although they seem reluctant to join the Spell Alliance, they don’t seem to be very impressed with the alliance taking over the gate.

In the incomprehensible gap between attitude and judgment, there must be a secret that the tower owner is hiding.

In that case, there was a need to stimulate him more and force him to get the money.

“Just like when you suffered embarrassment while dealing with Fast, you are only interested in protecting yourself in the end.”


“You mocked me, calling me a dog that lost to a lightning rod, but…”

said Lennok, walking towards the tower owner who lowered his head.

Lennok’s gaze, looking down at the tower owner, shone coldly.

“Who is the one with his head down like a dog right now?”


At that moment, Topju slowly lifted his shoulders and raised his gaze.

Through his scattered hair, his red eyes were shiny as if they were oily.

“What do you know that makes you say things like that?”


“The Balkan accident was not the main province’s fault. “It was because of the failure of subordinates who were not able to properly carry out their duties.”

The owner of the tower slowly raised his body and walked forward, shaking his head.

“You, Chiglet, that fast guy… it’s all the same. “The owner gave me a chance and encouraged me to make a choice, but he kicked it away as if he was showing off.”


“I have exercised patience several times and given you the opportunity to reconsider your judgment, but how dare you mock the Lord’s kindness?”

Tapju, who had veins on his forehead, muttered as if chewing, and red blood trickled down between his lips.

Self-torture that causes bleeding by biting one’s tongue.

Topju said as he caught the blood flowing down from his lips with one hand and applied it to both hands.

“There is no need for it all. After all, even such consideration was a luxury for imbecilic magicians.”


“Evan Martinez. I admit it. “You deserve to see this.”

The head of the tower was holding his hands together, covered in blood, and his eyes were shining.

“The head of a historic magic tower that has been around for hundreds of years will teach the magician who walks the path of infidelity what history is.”

Solar system deployment.

[Saturated Armament No. 2]


The sight of a staff piercing a blood-covered palm, rising and spinning on the spot.

The treasure that the tower owner tried to summon once but failed, appears this time without even a hint.

“Opening of the opening song.”


He grabbed the staff, which was shaped like a staff with flowing flames, and struck it down roughly.

“Time, ignition…!!”

The moment the tower owner, glaring at Lennok through the flames, chanted a spell.


On the other side of Lennok’s consciousness, he began to feel a strong sense of discomfort.

A feeling of déjà vu, as if consciousness itself is rapidly accelerating and time is slowing down.

The Eight Trigrams Obtained in the decisive battle with Anathema. The innate ability to increase body time is responding to that staff.

“…no way.”

Blaver Mage Tower A treasure made using the relics of the previous Mage Tower lords as materials.

Something that stimulates and activates the Bagua Beopjin at the same time as it operates.

Flame and time. If two concepts are stimulated and forced at the same time, where is the principle based?

Lennok, who instantly sensed the staff’s abilities, hardened his face.

“Is this the type of law that burns and accelerates time…!!!”

“If you don’t want to be noticed by the alcoholic, you can settle the matter so quickly that they can’t even notice.”

Topju, who was grinning and holding the staff, tilted his head back and whispered.

“Magnetic field development.”

Expansion of the field of magnetism,

hierarchy of origins, realization

of imagery [Japanese private fire]

There are no colorless ripples or omens that change the landscape by imprinting images.

It is a miracle that skips the development process of the magnetic realm and immediately manifests the completed realm here.


Time and space opened above Lennok’s head, and the tower’s domain fell down.

On the other side of the fractured space-time, a glimpse of the landscape of the area where the image imprinting has been completed can be seen.

A huge blazing fire altar. On the altar, those who were burned to death by the owner of the pagoda are dancing like crazy.

An eerie figure extending a burned hand toward Lennok, as if beckoning him to come this way.

‘You’re late.’

The moment when the magnetic field shows its presence the most is when the field is developed.

Therefore, Topju chose the method of completing the area in advance using composed songs.

Beopbo Jaksigok (灼時曲) is a magical device that temporarily accelerates time by burning its own time, and slows down time at the cost of life.

The tower master completed the magnetic field in accelerated time and placed it in this place.

It was judged that it was possible to overcome Lennok from within the area without being noticed by the alcoholic drinker through the curtain.

As time accelerated, Lennok’s head began to spin rapidly.

‘It is impossible to develop the Heavenly Harmony Fragrance. ‘If you start warming up now, it won’t help much.’

The realm of a thousand times of magnetism, the incense of Heavenly Flowers, is a realm that is powerful but requires a very long preheating.

It exerts its greatest power immediately after all the petals are in full bloom, but it takes time to reach that point.

If you had prepared as soon as you start engaging in combat with the tower owner, it would be virtually useless at this point as no turf war is expected.

‘I don’t know if he is confident that he won’t be discovered by the alcoholic, or if he has a part of him that believes…’

The development of the magnetic field does not designate one person, but is a dramatic act that covers the entire surrounding space and time.

Therefore, Lennoc, which has targeting resistance, cannot avoid being included in the area.

However, it is inevitable that the battle becomes extremely difficult once you enter the area.

Should I take out the red star system that I saved during the battle with Vice Admiral Rovereide?

However, once the red star system has been activated, it cannot be stopped.

After activating the red star system, you will have to enter the operating room and continue the battle, or in the battle with the alcoholic drinker, you will have to fight without the red star system.

I don’t want to engage in combat with alcohol, but it’s impossible to rule out that possibility.

Damn it!!!!

A landscape of the completed magnetic field unfolding above Lennok’s head as space splits.

The very moment when the Magnetic Realm’s Illisahwabun swallowed Lennok’s new form and attempted to change space-time.

“I’m sure I’ve said it before.”

Someone walked behind Lennok and stretched out his hand towards the area that was unfolding.


The moment I held onto the space that separated me with one hand and raised my gaze.

“Do not disturb during the scheduled surgery time.”


The scenery of the magnetic field that was opening towards Lennok closed in an instant and began to ‘join’ together.

Blah blah blah!!!!

The already completed magnetic field closed right before Lennok’s eyes and disappeared without being able to change reality.

An unrealistic scene where the fire altar that was falling through the night sky of the black market collapses and disappears through a crack in time and space.

The heat that had filled the night streets just moments ago disappeared like a lie, and quiet silence took its place.

Lennok and Tapju were left speechless by such a bizarre miracle that they couldn’t believe it.

Someone in green scrubs slowly turned his back.

When the mask was removed with one hand, the face of a young man with an indifferent expression was revealed.

“Blaiber Mage Tower. “Didn’t my words sound like words?”


A surgeon who appeared casually between Tapju and Lennok.

He is wearing green scrubs and a thin glove on one hand.

On the outside, it is ordinary, with no sense of magic, intent, or presence.

But Lennok knew who this man was as soon as he saw him.

He is the only one who can forcibly ‘close’ an area by joining space with his bare hands, and storm in among the 8th level archmages to sort out the situation.

The great master of the Order Federation and the manager of the first gateway. An apostle killer who murdered the church’s apostles.

The tower owner’s prediction was wrong.

The master of conjugation, Avesta Chapman, noticed the incident that occurred within the gate and stormed in.

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