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Drug-Eating Genius Mage Chapter 997

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The Medicine-Taking Genius Wizard Episode 997

: The First Gate (7)


A heated secret room on the top floor of Hwacheongru.

The air temperature soars quickly just by the presence of the tower owner.

Bernard and Angel were sweating profusely, and the top owner watched them leisurely.

“Are you a pioneer seeker and an ice barrier expert? “Either way, it’s just a congenital gift attributed to inferior talent.”


When I dip my finger into the teacup, the tea in Tapju’s hand instantly becomes hot.

Tapju, who was casually gulping down the steaming, boiling tea, asked Lennok.

“Do you understand why high-ranking magicians look down on innate abilities?”


“Unexplained forces and laws have no meaning. “There is a clear difference between relying on natural talent and having no choice but to rely on it.”


The air in the room continues to heat up, and parts of Angel’s body slowly flow and melt like water.

There was a moment of sadistic light in the top owner’s eyes as he looked at Angel.

“There is no lower limit to their talent. “These are the losers who are destined to break through the low point and fall.”

“well. “It also has the ability to more easily approach the essence that is difficult to access through theory.”

Lennok said, putting down his teacup.

“You probably know that there exists in the world an ability that reaches transcendence in a way different from magic.”

If the magic was superior to the innate ability, there is no way that Oliveira Ron Maze would have abandoned magic and chosen the Demon Eye.

It is an unmistakable fact that innate abilities have potential comparable to magic.

Moreover, Lennok, who was using the Magic Eye himself, did not agree with the tower owner’s words.

The reason Angel leaves Flyer and works under Oliveira is probably because he agrees with the answer she chose.

Tapju also snorted as if he was reminded of someone by Lennok’s words.

“I don’t intend to argue over the very few exceptions. “It would be a pointless discussion here.”


“However, the fact that the joint owner shares similar views as the main owner would be good evidence.”

The smile on Topju’s lips seemed strangely twisted for a moment.

“Isn’t that crazy guy the ideal representative of the power of the Spell Federation?”

“Give me a drink. Would you like to talk about that?”

Lennok adjusted his posture and sat down.

“If the commander didn’t make a mistake, it would be true that the Blue Eye Watcher decided to come to Huacheng Tower today. “But isn’t it strange that you are here?”


“Why did you replace the Watcher, or was there some kind of deal with the Eye of Blue?”

Lennok’s gaze as he looked at the tower owner sank deeply.

“I think I need to explain that part first.”

It is a self-evident fact that the plan discussed with Bernard went awry when the Watcher was not met.

However, in order to find out where the plan went wrong, you need to get an answer from the tower owner.

How did he come here on behalf of the Watcher? Why did I know Lennok would come?

“You seem to be in a lot of hurry. “It’s worth it.”

However, Topju only smiled mockingly while looking at Lennok, and did not hastily reply.

“If a fusion master feels relieved about the life realm in front of him, then he is not qualified to be a magician.”


“Although he is a magician of the Federation, the main owner also keenly realizes how extraordinary his talent is…”

A faint confusion was mixed in the top owner’s voice muttering alone.

Even the master of the magic tower, which is one of the few on the continent, feels inferior and defeated when it comes to masters of joint liquor.

This is a fact that is difficult for Lennok to believe, as he knows that the tower owner even handles combustion magic from the old world.

However, Lennok did not express such sentiments at all and slowly increased his magic power.

“Tap owner. “I know you have business for me.”


Flames rise quietly in Lennok’s fisted hands.

“We both use flame magic from the same source, so it’s natural for you to be curious.”


Lennok spoke softly to the tower owner, who was looking at Lennok’s flame in silence.

“But I have work to do at the gate. “If you have something you want, why don’t we discuss it and come to a conclusion right away?”


With a bitter smile, Tapju put down the teacup and slowly stood up.

The owner of the tower walked to the top floor balcony with his back turned and looked down at the stage set up on the stairs and said.

“As expected, you were not the previous owner of this magic tower. “If you had an enemy in the tower, you wouldn’t talk like that.”


“Thank goodness, the teacher I sent by my own hand has returned. I feel like a fool for the long-awaited main lord…”

Does this mean that Lennok is one of the ancestral magic tower lords, and that he came to personally confirm its identity?

In the process, he becomes obsessed with the traces of the teacher he killed. After all, Lee Ja is by no means a good person.

Lennok, who was listening to the tower owner with an expressionless face, made a small gesture towards Angel and Bernard.


Bernard and Angel, who understood the gesture, began to quietly move toward the exit.

The owner of the tower, who was lost in thought with his eyes closed, said while holding on to the balcony with both hands.

“The reason I came here is because the eye watcher entered the operating room earlier than scheduled.”


“Because of that, the owner left and the owner was handling the empty schedule instead. In the process, I only learned that the flame wizard who left the Blue Eyes had reached the Gateway City.”

Topju said as he looked at Lennok, who had stiffened, as if teasing him.

“What do you think the main lord should do when he finds out about this?”


News that the high-ranking eye watcher of Cheong, who was scheduled to be hospitalized as a patient, entered the operating room earlier than scheduled.

In the process, the schedule reserved by the observer was being handled by the magic tower instead. What was the reason?

The answer as to why the tower owner was doing such a thing is missing the definitive reason.

“There is something you want from me.”

Lennok stood up and made eye contact with the owner of the tower.

“What answer do you want to hear?”

“Right. “What do you want?”

Tapju smiled lightly and slowly walked away.

“Do you know why the prayer beads of the Blader Magic Tower remain at level 7?”


“The seventh is complete. The eighth is called transcendence. But transcending hierarchy does not necessarily lead to good results.”

The top owner spoke softly to Lennok.

“The eighth extreme level is the level reached by breaking the already completed hierarchy. “The instability is incomparable to other hierarchies.”

“Now it seems like they want to tell you what an archmage is.”

“What I want to convey to you is that on the journey to the central city, the difference between star status and extreme status is not that big.”

The head of the tower turned and sat down at the head of the table, resting his chin on his chin.

“Domain is a power that is difficult to use in a rapidly changing battlefield. Transcending the hierarchy does not necessarily mean that the technique will advance. Sometimes, a thoroughly trained level 7 wizard is more useful than a broken level 8 wizard.”

The tower owner’s red eyes were aimed precisely at Lennok.

“Just like when you beat other 8th level superhumans and met Jin Dun in the Hanghasi Labyrinth.”


“That is why we have been careful not to take unnecessary risks, but your presence has made the main lord make an exception.”


“Your spark touched my heart more than any of the dozens of students I personally taught. “There will probably never be another wizard that catches my eye as much as you.”

The top owner said, looking down at Lennok with a noble expression.

“So, I swear here and there on my behalf. If you follow the main lord and enroll in the magic tower, the position of the ninth tower lord will be yours.”


Bernard and Angel, who were quietly listening to the conversation in one corner of the room, involuntarily let out a breath.

Even veterans who have survived for over several decades in the battle for enlightenment of the supernatural cannot hide their agitation.

What an unconventional declaration the words the tower owner had just proposed to Lennok were.

In the first place, he knew very well that the Blader Matapju was not the type of person to make such a suggestion to others.

“It is a noble task to inherit the history of a great magic tower, but you have already proven your qualifications with results.”

The tower owner took a step forward, stretched out his other hand in front of Lennok, and tilted his finger.

“The task of inheriting a spark that has not been extinguished for over hundreds of years. Brilliant and great inspirations that can be obtained in the process….”

Flames shining in different colors and shapes emerged between the top owner’s fingers.


A warm light green flame. A flame as hard as a stone. A sky-blue flame radiating anticipation.

Flames of a rare shape that Lennok had never seen before during his life as a flame wizard.

“If you have built a family using flame magic, you would know how valuable this [Ember] is.”

Topju said, casually placing his hand on Lennok’s shoulder, as if he knew he would be interested in the embers.

“It is a power that can be obtained without difficulty if you become the owner of the tower. All we need is a simple verification to see if you are truly a suitable candidate for the top.”

“What verification are you talking about?”

“Should we first start by leading a super-heated unit on the central front and raising the major? It shouldn’t be a burden. “It’s enough to burn everything that stands in your way like you do now.”

The head of the tower quietly tilted his head and whispered, as if admonishing him.

“However, this time, instead of the Blue Eye, the name of the Magic Tower will be placed in front of it.”

Could it be that the Blaver Magic Tower Master, who lost his position as the manager of the gateway after being pushed out by the Master of Conjugation, appeared here to recruit Lennok to the Magic Tower?

Evan Martinez is a Flame Archmage who has officially reached level 8.

It is not strange for the tower owner to move directly to scout such a top-ranking magician.

There is no doubt that it is a gamble worth trying, even if it means taking the risk of going against the wishes of the master of the art.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve already gotten sick of similar scouting offers.”

Lennok, who turned around while massaging his neck, chuckled.

“Even if I were to give up my position as tower owner right now, I don’t feel like it, but it’s hard to be satisfied with such vague words.”

“Are you saying that you will refuse the honor of leading the name of the Tower into battle?”

“It’s the name of the Magic Tower.”

However, Lennok smiled bitterly at the tower owner’s words and raised his gaze.

Lennok asked, facing blazing red eyes.

“Isn’t it just that you want to pass on to me what you were doing with the prayer beads?”


“They used various justifications, but in reality, they probably lacked the power to work for the Magic Tower.”


Tapju sighed.

“I was relieved to hear that there was a big conflict with Chiglet in the Balkans, but it looks like I heard something strange from that kid.”


“This is disappointing. “Even after becoming a level 8 archmage, you still can’t even discern such lies?”

“lie? Are you telling me why you are offering me the position of the next tower owner?”

Lennok’s eyes glowed coldly as he looked at the silent tower owner.

“I explained it grandly, but it’s probably because I’m a wizard who survived the battle with lightning.”


“Is there any other reason why you, who were humiliated by Lightning and lost your position as manager of the gateway, are now proposing to me?”

In response to Lennok’s straight-forward question, a quiet silence filled the room.

“Hmm, even if I give you good advice, you don’t understand what I’m saying.”

Topju gave a cold answer with a smiling expression.

“You should have known that in designating you as the next tower owner, it was the main owner’s consideration that included such implications in not considering your origin and background.”


“If we were to go through each and every procedure like that, wouldn’t we have to start by asking where you learned the tower’s flame magic?”

The tower owner’s eyes looking at Lennok were no longer smiling.

“How dare a thief who learned magic by stealing it from the tower… criticize the main lord’s decision?”

“You promised to designate that thief as the next owner of the tower.”

Lennok grinned and shook his head.

“I know what trick you were planning. “I guess you were planning to designate me as the next tower owner and not confirm ‘when’ you will hand over the position, right?”


“In the first place, you probably didn’t even intend to step down from your position as tower owner. “I was just planning to tie me up in a suitable spot and use it.”

Lennok slowly stepped back and massaged both wrists.

“Just like the other prayer beads you used and threw away like expendable items.”

“Hehehe. “Now it seems that the tower’s magic wasn’t the only thing you stole.”

Topju burst out laughing.

“Does knowing the secret history of the tower in such detail mean that you also know about the Solar System?”


“Right. That’s right… that was the reason your flame wasn’t contained in the chain-link spell.”

[Flame Clothing]

The moment you take a step forward, a pitiful flame blooms beneath your feet.


Tapju, who instantly wrapped his entire body in a cloak of flame, slowly pulled back the hem of his clothes and muttered.

“You are an outsider who learned magic from one of the ancestral magic tower lords.”


A ring of hot, burning flames wrapped around the room.

Bernard and Angel, whose complexions turn pale from the heat, are pushed out of the room as if chased.

Angel took a step back, out of breath, and hastily took out the terminal from his arms.

“Mi, chin…!! No way, in this place…!!”

“Angel, avoid!!”


The flowing flames rose as if trying to grab Angel’s hair, and Lennok reacted at the same time.

The pure white flames that rose up behind Lennok blocked and suppressed the tower’s flames.


A mixture of red and white flames spewed out beyond the windows of Huachengru. The night sky of the black market glowed brightly.


“It’s a fight. At Huachengru…!!”

Merchants and passers-by going to and fro in the black market looked at the place where the fire broke out and their faces hardened.

A disturbance occurred at Hwacheongru, which was often used as a meeting place for large powers.

This is because everyone is now aware that this is a disaster caused by a collision between high-ranking superhumans.

“Everyone in the black market, run away!!”

“Preserve your life until the search party arrives!!”


At that moment, the flames spewing out from both sides of the Monument Tower rose into the night sky and rotated like a small sun.

It’s as if someone’s will to clear the darkness of this battlefield before the battle.

Frightened people all at once threw away the objects and food in their hands and began to run away.

“A war broke out in the gateway city!!”

“No no…!!”

“Sulju, joint liquor is coming…!!!”


Lennok said as he looked at the bustling black market below the window.

“Considering that you were the manager of the gateway, you might have to restrain your power in order to avoid being noticed by the master.”

“It’s night, affair. “It is a time when the power of the veil becomes stronger and the environment changes dramatically.”

The owner of the tower pointed to the black market sky with a cold smile.

“Changes in magical power under the veil cannot be observed from the outside. “As long as it catches an affair that violates the tower’s rules and makes the person reveal the secret, there is nothing to hesitate about.”

“The winemaker had better sensitivity than any other magician I’ve ever seen. “Can the veil really stop what’s happening here?”

“Okay. “He must be busy handling patients in the operating room right now.”

Topju, with a relaxed smile, spoke as he slowly changed the color of the flame that lit up.

“Cutting and removing the body of a high-level superhuman requires tremendous concentration. “No matter how much I drink, there’s no way my nerves could go this far.”

“Right. “The owner can’t afford to pay attention to this point…”

Lennok’s eyes slowly turned towards the owner and became cold.

“How did you know that the surgeon was currently operating on the patient?”


The surgery takes 24 hours.

However, no one can know exactly when the surgeon begins the surgery after bringing the patient into the operating room.

Rather than guessing the time, even Bernard recommended going into the operating room with an observer.

If the top owner was confident that he would be able to avoid the alcohol owner’s eyes, it would be because he had some kind of connection that allowed him to perceive the alcohol owner’s movements.

Is this possible because the owner of the tower was the former manager of Sulju and had previously managed the gate?

Now that the plan to contact the Watcher had gone awry, Lennok knew he had to dig into that part right here.

“well. “This is not the answer you can give to an affair.”

Top owner did not answer that question. Instead, he just raised his hand with a strange smile and wrapped his magic around it.


He wears a cloak of flame, and combines the two flames that extend out to create a ball of flame.

A strange shape that seems to be continuously supplied with sparks from the sun.

The tower owner, who was ready in an instant, raised his gaze as if looking down on Lennok and asked.

“Is that the end of what you have to say?”

“…I didn’t plan on dealing with the tower owner, but I can’t help it if it has to be done.”

Lennok smiled bitterly and slowly raised his magic power.

“The secret you know about alcohol. And even the [ember] you hold.”

The new forms of the two wizards with their backs to the night sky were engulfed in flames and burning.

“I will take everything from here.”

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