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Drug-Eating Genius Mage Chapter 996

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Genius Magician Who Takes Medicine Chapter 996

First Gate (6)

“So, you should have sent a signal quickly so we could respond….”

“What are you doing when you can’t help fight the 3rd Corps assault unit?”

“Ah, Evan!!”

Central Front Gateway City Living District. Search team ward emergency room.

The search party members, who were talking and wrapping bandages all over their bodies, saw Lennok and immediately stood up.

“Sit down.”

Lennok, who stopped the members who were trying to salute in a hesitant posture, looked around and said.

“You seem to be in pretty good shape.”

“I have broken bones and burns, but my limbs are still intact.”

Uluric, the search party member guarding Lennok, laughed while patting the bandage on his shoulder.

“I was lucky to come back alive after meeting a bunch of crazy people.”

“you’re right. “Even if you just take care of this for a week, you will get better quickly!”

“Haken. “I came back after almost dying, but let’s rest for 15 days, please.”


The search party was laughing while hitting each other’s bandaged parts.

Lennok looked at the crew and took out two small bottles of ointment from his arms.

“It is an effective medicine for pain. “It’s a precious item, so share it and use it.”

“Oh my, why are you doing all this….”

“Isn’t it true that when you visit the hospital, you only bring your heart?”

The crew members are seen taking the ointment that Lennok gave them as a gift while saying that.

They also know that the medicine gifted by a high-ranking wizard like Lennok is not an ordinary item.

“There was an accident along the way, but fortunately no one died.”

Lennok looked around, said that, and stood up.

“I will go. If I get a chance, I’ll see you next time.”

As I was with the search party for three days and was guided to the gate, I needed to check at least once that they were safe.

Fortunately, no one appears to have died, but all of the members who engaged in combat with the 3rd Corps assault force will need to recuperate for a while.

It is difficult to find time to move around to enter the operating room.

Perhaps this moment may be the last free time I have in the gateway city.

The moment Lennok thought that and was about to leave the emergency room without any regrets.


Ulurik, who was adjusting the bandage and adding ointment, threw something at Rennok.

Lennok stretched out one hand and tried to grab something, but he missed it and fell to the floor.


“What is this?”

Ignoring Ulurik, who tilted his head, Lennok picked it up.

A small key that looks like a car key.

Ulurik, who came to his senses belatedly, answered.

“This is the ignition key for Armis, the mechanical warhorse issued to the gateway search team.”

“Mechanical warhorse?”

Does this refer to the mechanical bikes that search party members ride?

“Since you came to the front, you haven’t had anything to ride, so you’ve been riding on the back of a bike for three days.”


“It is made of shape memory alloy produced in the central city, and has armor magic built in, so it can be used as armor to protect the wearer in case of emergency.”

Ulurik grinned at Lennok, who was lost in thought.

“I don’t have to go on a mission for the time being, so I’d like to give it to Evan, assuming I lost it during the operation.”

“Ulurik, is it okay to embezzle military supplies like that in front of us?”

“If you mess up, you return all the ointments you use to Evan.”

Watching the crew fighting over the bird, Lennok put the car key in his arms.

“I’ll collect it on my way back. “I will accept it well.”

“Ah, and this is a story I heard from another search party patrolling inside the gate…”

Ulurik hesitated, looked at the ointment Lennok had given him, and then opened his mouth with difficulty.

“There is talk that another legion of Deadrise is currently stationed near the front line.”

“Another corps?”

“yes. “I don’t know why, but I heard they suddenly moved their station near the gate in the past few days.”


If another legion of Deadrise is suddenly moving near the gateway, what is the reason?

At the very least, it would have nothing to do with Lennok’s actions after defeating Roveride of the 3rd Legion.

Ulurik also seemed to feel that no further explanation was needed, so he nodded with a firm expression.

“Take care of yourself. “If you need help, I’ll be there at any time.”

“Evan. Thank you so much for saving my life!!”

“Be healthy always!!”

“…okay. “Thank you.”

It is not strange if everyone fighting on the central front is found dead at any time and at any place.

Saying we’ll meet again is nothing more than a luxury, but we still remember our wishes for each other’s well-being.

The search team members stand up from their hospital beds and salute in unison as they walk out of the emergency room.

As soon as I left the emergency room door, the medical staff waiting outside the door bowed their heads.

“Thank you for your assistance with the Gate Search Party, Martinez.”

“May God bless all that Blue Eyes does…”

“If you ever need medicine, please be sure to call this number. “There is a rare medicine that can only be found at the gateway.”

Put both hands together and convey your wish as if praying to Lennok.

The emotions of longing that cannot be hidden are felt in the expressions and gazes of the ward staff.

Was he impressed by the fact that Lennok saved the search party during the battle with the 3rd Corps and that he did not forget to visit the sick?

It wasn’t done with reputation in mind, but it’s not bad in itself for Thousand’s reputation to spread in this direction.

The more Evan Martinez’s name spreads in the opposite direction of fastness, the more things Lennok will be able to do with this status.

As we walked out of the dark emergency room hallway, Bernard, who was leaning against the wall, nodded his head at Lennok.

“You take the time to help the search party members who have only been with you for a few days. As I heard, you are very compassionate.”


“It’s also the case that you don’t respond at all other than what you’re interested in. Surprisingly, there are not many false rumors among the central rumors.”

“Is that the end of what you have to say?”

When Lennok completely shut his mouth and ignored Bernard’s words, he just shrugged his shoulders without paying attention.

“Well, it doesn’t matter to me how I spend the last maintenance time. “If you’re ready, shall we go right away?”

Bernard said and gestured lightly toward Lennok.

“Let’s go straight to the black market. Let’s start by meeting the watcher there.”

* * *

“This way.”

Rattling, rattling!!

As I passed through a dark hallway without even a light, a splendid night street sparkling with stars caught my eye.

Colorful lanterns and music that hurts your ears. A strong scent of spices assaults your nose.

A night street so lively that it can be crazy just to stand still.

Would it be an illusion if it felt like the heat of this black market was particularly hot even within the gateway city?

“A black market created by remodeling a mining site on the outskirts. “It is the place where people and money move the most in this city.”

“What do the black markets mainly deal with?”

“What are some items that cannot be officially exported by the central government?”

Bernard shrugged his shoulders and pointed to a corner of the underground cave.

Bernard said, looking at the people tightly packed between the rusty bars.

“human. Prisoner. Mixed race. “It is also a slave industry that handles various rare sub-races.”


“Prisoners who were defeated in war, or shields to be used in war. “Big powers are deeply intertwined, so even the search party can’t do anything hastily.”

Bernard shrugged and gestured toward Lennok.

“According to the information we received here, there was news that a patient scheduled for surgery would visit the black market tonight.”

Bernard said, pointing to the golden tower glowing with blue light at the end of Black Market Street.

“The meeting place is Huacheng Road, located in the central black market commercial district. “It has a lot of rooms and good security, so it’s a place favored by bigwigs who want to avoid surveillance.”

“Huacheng Lu….”

“I reserved a room right next to the private room on the top floor reserved by the Blue Eye Watcher. “After entering Huachengru, you have to look at the timing and make direct contact.”

Bernard said, looking back at Lennok.

“A closed organization like Blue Eyes won’t even listen to your story if you’re not from the same Watchers. “It would be the best way to minimize opposition from the other side.”


A commercial district with high-rise buildings within a black market.

Lennok, who was looking at the blue monumental tower that stood out among them, immediately took a step forward.

“I’ll make sure you leave early.”

“Do you mind if I don’t look around the black market during my spare time? “There are some products that are only sold here.”

“As I said, we must first confirm who the watcher is before we can take measures.”

Lennok answered as he passed by the lanterns of the black market’s flashy commercial district.

“Depending on the viewer, you may need to change your persuasion method. “In the worst case scenario, we might end up fighting here.”

“…It looks like the process of leaving the Blue Eyes ended less well than expected, right?”


Lennoch chuckled at Bernard’s question.

“I’m not sure what they think.”

There are many high-ranking Blue Eye observers that Lennok remembers, but their personalities vary greatly.

Among them, there are those who are hostile to Evan, and there are those who are loyal only to Lapis.

When meeting Evan, who has left the Blue Eyes, along with the flyer, it is unknown how the observer will react.

In that case, it is important to first check the other person’s side and think of a way to persuade them.

“If that’s what you think, I’ll take you straight to Hwacheongru.”

Bernard smiled bitterly and nodded.

“come here. “I have to go a little further back to get to the room I booked.”

“It doesn’t matter if you walk, but…”

Lennok glanced around the street as he said that.

That’s because I’ve been feeling strange gazes on my face since I came down to the middle of the night street in the black market.


A look of attention that is secretive at first and gradually becomes overt as time goes by.

At the same time, whispers toward Lennok began to be heard from all over the streets.

“Look over there. “It’s Evan Martinez.”

“Really. That flame wizard…”

“It’s the same as the one that burned Balkan. “It hasn’t changed one bit.”

More than half of the superhumans who frequent the black market see Lennok and seem to clearly recognize his existence.

The appearance of people whispering from a distance, without directly speaking to Lennok.

“I heard you left the Blue Eyes, so why did you come to the gateway?”

“Aren’t you trying to have a meeting with a big power?”

“Did you hear the rumor? As soon as we arrived at the central front, Lieutenant General Robert Loveride…”

“Be quiet. It’s still just a rumor. “Don’t you know who’s here?”


Curiosity and interest. Admiration and vigilance.

Every time I step through the street, my gaze is drawn, and the moment I turn my head, it disappears as if washed away.

It is not a fear of Lennok, but a curious gaze as if observing a very famous person.

Only then did Lennok realize the identity of those gazes and emotions and smiled bitterly.

‘I never thought I would realize in a place like this that Thousand’s name has become famous on the Central Front.’

I’ve heard that Cheonbun’s reputation has changed dramatically since what he did in the Balkans became very famous.

I had no idea that other central powers and superhumans would show this much curiosity towards Cheonbun.

A treat that is very different from the time when it had the reputation of being fast.

Bernard shrugged and headed towards the entrance of the monumental tower that glowed with blue light.

The receptionist who took the business card that Bernard held out slightly covered her mouth with a surprised expression.

“ah! “Pioneer’s…”

The guide, who was looking at Lennok and Bernard’s faces in turns, soon returned to a smiling face and bowed his head.

“You reserved VIP room number 3 for 9 PM. “I will guide you.”

Take the gorgeous elevator located in the center of the monument tower and head to the top floor.

Angel, leaning against the elevator, asked as if he were dumbfounded.

“How did you manage to reserve a table at such a high-end restaurant so easily? So you sold the name of Pioneer?”

“To be precise, I sold Odin’s name.”


“I’m talking about Odin Mayers, the leader of the Pioneers.”

Angel answered instead.

“Level 7 Ranger and 8th Level Pathfinder. He is a hero of the temple who is called a guide. “I heard that there was no news after Pioneer’s disbandment…”

“Odin really likes the food at Huachengru, so Pioneer’s name was still on the reservation priority list.”

Bernard said and stepped down the hallway to the top floor.

“Because it’s a name no one uses anymore. “You have to use it well so you don’t forget about your country.”


Although he says so, it seems clear that Bernard has an attachment to the explorer organization called Pioneer.

I passed through a hallway decorated with blue and gold silk and headed to a large room with a folding screen.

The round table has already been set up and is waiting for the food to be served.

There are stairs next to the hallway, so it is designed to provide a clear view of the stage on the top floor.

Judging by the presence of microphones and speakers, is it possible that performers are being invited to add music or sing?

“The room that the witness reserved is room number 2. “The reservation time is 9 o’clock, the same as ours.”

As soon as they arrived at VIP Room 3 on the top floor, Bernard turned his gaze towards Lennok.

“It’s 8:55 local time. Considering the time it takes to take the elevator up, it must be somewhere in Huachengru.”


“how is it. “Can you detect the location and identity of the observer here and now?”


Lennok, who was using magic detection with his eyes closed, said.

“There is no sign of the Watcher in this Huachengru.”


“At least within the Monumental Tower, the magical power response assumed to be from the Blue Eyes does not exist at all.”


Angel turned his gaze towards Bernard with a troubled look.

I have never considered the possibility that the Blue Eye observer may not have come to this black market at all.

“Was the information wrong from the beginning?”

“…unlikely. “I personally obtained and confirmed the reservation list maintained by the manager of Huachengru.”

Bernard said with a thoughtful expression.

“There was no name of the customer, but it was clear that Cheong’s Eye had reserved room number 2 today. But the fact that the watcher didn’t come….”

“I told you there was an easy way and a difficult way to get into the operating room for the surgeon.”

Lennok said as he continued to use his magic detection.

“Tell me about the difficult way.”

“There wouldn’t be much point in discussing the hard way now…”

Bernard shrugged.

“Conjugation masters show great interest in people who possess unique techniques or talents, so they often invite such people to have a conversation directly with them. And in most cases, they kill him and dissect him.”


“It’s not like there weren’t people who were invited to the operating room and came out alive. However, most of those who survived like that either went crazy or turned into strange monsters and died shortly after.”

“Even though we have done so much research into what the joint drinker does, why hasn’t the leaflet done anything yet?”

“Currently, most of the core forces of the Ability Enlightenment Front are deployed in the depths of the tent. “It is to secure the route to the forward base Paradox Red secured by the front group and the ‘Sacheon Temple Flower Magic View’ in the area.”

Bernard explained.

“Apart from the war between the Federation and the Church, the atmosphere inside the front lines is extremely bloody. If the balance is broken, at least one force will be eaten up at once. In particular, Jinwa’s Paradise Lost spread out on the outskirts of the front lines… Wow.”

Bernard covered his mouth as if he had made a mistake and nodded with a bitter smile.

“From here on, this is something I can’t say directly with my own mouth. “You understand, right?”


Jinwa’s Paradise Lost.

Lennok knows what that means and why he shouldn’t say it.

If the power and operations of the leaflet extend so far and are intertwined, it is natural that the specific circumstances cannot be explained.

Lennok, who was about to say something while thinking that, suddenly looked away.

“Someone has arrived in room 2.”

“…The observer has arrived now?”

“I don’t know exactly who the presence is, but…”

At least it should be clear that the being who has arrived in that room now is someone directly related to the Blue Eye.

If so, you should contact them right away and ask for an explanation as planned.

The moment Lennok left the room without hesitation and opened the door to room 2 right next to it.

Jump up!!

As I walked backwards, the red cloth waved, and a faint hot air lingered along its tip.

The guest who was calmly sitting at the head table in the room stretched out his arm and touched his chin with one hand.

He picked up the teapot, poured tea into the cup in front of him, and opened his mouth.

“I didn’t even allow you to enter the room, but you came to see me all of a sudden. I guess I need to teach you manners again.”


“Even though I gave them ample warning, there was no preparation, so I had to use my own hand to close their ears.”

An older man with burning red hair slowly tilted his head and spoke to Lennok.

“Or do you still have any questions about this situation?”

The sight of the other person throwing incomprehensible words as soon as they enter the room.

However, as soon as Bernard and Angel saw the face of the man sitting at the head of the table, their faces turned cold.

The tone of speech is so rigid that it feels overbearing. The burning heat that envelopes your entire body just by breathing.

Despite his pale complexion and tired expression, the feeling of intimidation is never hidden.

This is because he was keenly aware of the fact that it was the trait of a strong man to transform and scatter real magical power into the form of attributes.

“no way…!!”

While even Bernard could not hide his agitation and retreated, Lennok took a step forward.

“I have a mountain of questions.”

Lennok, who pulled up the chair across from me and sat down, spoke while pouring tea into his cup as well.

“But I still don’t know if it’s a question I should ask you.”


Lennok slowly lifted the teacup and looked at the man’s face, his eyes shining coldly.

“Blaiber Mage Tower. “You, the manager of the first gateway, what are you doing here?”

An appointment to visit Huachengru was secretly made by a high-ranking observer of the Blue Eyes.

The person who appeared at that location was not the Blue Eyes Watcher that Lennok knew, but a level 8 flame magician.

Before the joint master, he was the manager of the first gateway, Blaver Magic Tower himself.

“If you are aware of the main state’s whereabouts, the conversation will be faster.”

However, Topju was not shaken by Lennok’s words and smiled softly.

“Well, a magician like you would be able to do that. “It is also the reason why I came here today.”


He said, nodding at Lennok with a smile that seemed kind at first glance.

“Sit down. As a mage who walks the same flame line path, I have some advice to give you.”

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