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Drug-Eating Genius Mage Chapter 995

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Genius Magician Who Takes Medicine Episode 995

First Gate (5)

“It’s not solid physical evidence, but closer to circumstantial evidence, but it’s information that’s almost certain at this point.”

Bernard’s message that there is a high-ranking Blue Eyes executive among the customers who visited the operating room of the zygomatic surgeon.

Bernard said, shaking the file in his hand.

“Changes in the observation period of the lighthouse that illuminates the veil. The movement of watchers going back and forth across the front line… all supports the fact that the Blue Eye has temporarily withdrawn from near the gate.”


“Now that there is no problem with the safety of Lighthouse Keeper Lapis Falseer, there is only one possibility that can be considered.”

Bernard said, holding out the file towards Lennok.

“Something that needs to be asked of the master of conjugation in the eyes of Cheong. “It must be a surgical operation targeting high-ranking superhumans who can only drink alcohol.”


Bernard’s explanation omitted a lot of the process, but Lennok was nonetheless able to look back on the events at the gateway through those words.

Lennok also remembered what he said at the moment he encountered the master of the joint at the entrance to the gateway city.

‘As soon as the master of the joint saw me, he said that the discussion about the lighthouse was already over.’

The reason the drinker revealed his consciousness to the gate in the first place was because he sensed Lennok’s natural eyes.

A message sent by Lennok, with his natural eyes, thinking it was from the Watcher’s side. This is nothing more than a statement that confirms that the master of the marriage and the eyes of Cheong made a deal over the lighthouse.

If an agreement was reached not to light a lighthouse near the gateway, and the reason was something that had to be asked of the liquor in the eyes of the Qing.

As Bernard said, there is a high possibility that only a drinker can make that request.

“Looking at the reaction, it seems like there is something to be guessed about that as well. “Currently, the flyers are determining that the life of the key observer of the Blue Eyes is in danger.”

Bernard spoke again, looking at Lennok’s thoughtful face.

“Stopping the lighthouse would mean that it was an important military force in the eyes of the Qing, and needing the help of a master like Yingjuju would mean that the injury was serious.”

“Isn’t the Blue Eye officially only hostile to the Guido Church and Pandemonium?”

Angel, who was sipping whiskey next to him, asked.

“It looks like there has been a big conflict recently with the religious order and the Pandemonium. “There was no news from the cartel right away.”

“I don’t know. Because the Blue House tends to handle most agenda items quietly. “As the leader is the lighthouse keeper, he is very good at blocking external surveillance and observation.”

Bernard shrugged.

“Thanks to you, informants like me have to work hard to get information from the Blue House. “I personally found out the changes in the observation period of the lighthouse.”

“Why are you showing off like that when you could have solved it with innate abilities anyway?”

“…Anyway, this is the ‘easy way’ I suggest.”

Bernard cleared his throat and turned his gaze towards Lennok, who was looking at the documents.

“I contacted the eye executive of the Blue House who had scheduled the surgery for the zygomatic surgeon, and entered the operating room as a caregiver.”


“I can provide you with the items needed to disguise or hide your presence. “The only thing that matters is that you get the cooperation of that senior executive.”

“As a caregiver…”

Lennok shook his head.

“I admit it’s an ingenious idea. “You’ve managed to gather relevant information.”

The idea of taking advantage of patients who have scheduled surgery in order to infiltrate the area of fusion surgery is not a bad idea in itself.

Features of the operating room and the time it takes to perform the surgery. Bernard’s ability to research the scheduled schedule at the gateway must be acknowledged.

However, Bernard did not react much to Lennok’s praise and immediately questioned him.

“how is it. “Can you do it?”

“Before we discuss that plan, there are two issues.”

widely. Lennok, who covered the pile iron, answered.

“first. It’s been a few months since I left Eyes of Blue. “I never explained the reason to other observers.”


“I don’t know what the observers think of that fact. “I don’t even know if they are willing to cooperate with me in the first place.”

Lennok glanced away and said.

“At least I need to know who the person who scheduled the surgery for Soolju is. “Only then will we be able to know whether to cooperate in this matter or not.”

“Are you saying it’s a people problem?”

Bernard nodded.

“good. Let’s secure the list of reserved patients here. “What about the second problem?”

“The second problem is…”

Lennok said as he got up from his seat after putting down the file on the table.

“It means that the Lee Neunghwajeon Group still hasn’t told me what they want from me.”


A question from Bernard, who returned very late.

But Lennok did not miss even the slightest sense of discomfort.


Lennoc held Bernard’s shoulder as he tried to stand up with one hand and looked at him with an expressionless face.

“The set of information you just explained to me. “It’s not like I prepared a briefing for just a few days.”


“Jeondan has been looking for a way to enter the operating room of the zygomatic surgeon for a long time. yes?”

It was four days ago that Lennok planned to head to the first gateway to retrieve the fragments of the veil.

However, the information Bernard has now revealed is not a plan that can be made with just the information collected over four days.

Combined Liquor and Spell Alliance. A series of information that can only be obtained by continuously observing the movements of the Blue Eyes, and even speculations based on that.

Isn’t that possible because the Ability Enlightenment Squadron had been preparing for the goal that Lennok had thought of four days ago for a long time?

“This discussion is only possible at the level where a plan has been drawn up and the personnel to execute it have been selected. “And you are sharing your plan with me and encouraging me to implement it.”

Good luck!!

The flames that rose in Lennok’s hand stretched out, and in an instant, spread out across Bernard’s back.

The flames split like wings and swirled around Bernard’s new model.

Lennok asked, looking at Bernard’s face, which was frozen by the heat passing through his cheeks.

“Speak, psychic. “What does the flyer want in the operating room of the zygapophyseal surgeon?”

There is no way such information and plans could be shared for free without any plan.

This is only possible if you are at least pursuing the same goal as Lennok in the flyer, or if you have a strong desire for something beyond that.

Crucially, while sharing this information, Bernard never said what he wanted.

Lennok knew that measuring the success rate of a plan was meaningless without understanding the motive.


Angel tried to say something with a stern expression, but Bernard raised his hand to stop him.

The explorer, who was looking up at Lennok with a calm expression, slowly nodded.

“That’s right. “I’m not sharing this information with you without getting anything in return.”


“But that’s only if you accept this. “Isn’t that right?”

Despite Lennok’s flames fluttering down his neck, Bernard just hardened his complexion. I wasn’t very agitated.

As Angel explained, this would be possible because Bernard himself is a veteran who has survived all kinds of wars.

“You can think of it as an advance payment. “If we hadn’t shared the information like this in the first place, you wouldn’t have trusted us at all.”

Bernard said slowly.

“You’ve heard my story so far because the information about the surgery doctor you met and the operating room I described matched. “Isn’t that why you didn’t doubt my plan even after hearing about the Blue Eye?”

“You keep turning your words in a strange direction.”

Bernard’s words accurately guessed Lennok’s judgment, but Lennok was unmoved.

In the end, it was clear that he was avoiding the main topic by mentioning the issue of motivation here and there.

“Just answer what is asked. “What does the flyer want?”

“…Whew. This is why I didn’t want to take on this job.”

Bernard sighed softly and complained.

“High-ranking magicians are very good at finding loopholes and loopholes. I try to read the other side of the conversation at every moment. Even if you take a loss-making stance here, you don’t want to overlook it.”

“Is that the end of what you have to say?”

When Lennok raised his magic power, only then did Bernard open his mouth.

“The body of Michal Zelich, the three-legged figure, is preserved in the operating room of the fusion surgery center.”

“The three seats in front?”

“It refers to the ten most powerful innate abilities in the Ability Enlightenment Center, in order.”

Bernard’s explanation was much friendlier than before.

Bernard said, carefully turning his neck and relaxing his shoulders.

“The Zelich Triad was, among others, the possessor of an extremely rare trait-type innate ability within the Jeondan. ”


Trait type congenital ability.

Lennok frowned, feeling a strong sense of déjà vu from those words.

Lennok asked, folding his flame wings and tucking them under Bernard’s chin.

“The third most powerful person in the group died in the operating room of the splicing master and remains a corpse?”

“It was an unfortunate accident. “There was an error in judgment on the part of the Zelich Trinity.”

Bernard’s expression darkened momentarily as he answered.

“He was a powerful person with abilities that were the furthest from death among the Ten Seas. “I did not assume that the splicing technique could have that much of an effect on innate ability.”


“The problem is that after the death of the Zelich Triad, his body passed into the hands of a sage master. “Sulju is a very talented doctor, so if he confirmed Zelich’s abilities, it wouldn’t be strange if he tried to dissect the body and examine it.”

Bernard made eye contact with Lennok with a stern expression.

“Currently, at the first hurdle, the priority goal of the headquarters is to retrieve the remains of the Zelich trio preserved in the operating room.”


A high-ranking official of the Lee Neung Gaehwajeondan who died at the hands of the master of art.

Did you share the plan you had made to enter the operating room to retrieve the body with Lennok at this point?

There is only one thing the Flyers hope for through him.

They probably want Lennok, who entered the operating room, to retrieve the bodies of the Zelich trio on their behalf.

“I understand that the Ability Enlightenment Center wants to collect the body of a person named Zelich.”

Lennok tilted his head.

“But bringing out the body is bound to attract the attention of the alcoholic drinker. It’s a purpose that runs counter to the method you proposed of sneaking into the operating room. “It seems like a big risk in many ways.”

“I’m not asking you to retrieve all the bodies. “If it was the nature of a splicer to begin with, it is unlikely that Zelich’s body would have already maintained its original form.”

Bernard said with a calm expression.

“The higher-ups believe that Samjwa’s body has already been dismembered into internal organs and organs.”


Bernard’s answer seemed to have no expectations about the master’s hands or what would be done afterward.

You can guess just from those words how terrible and insidious the reputation of alcohol is.

“There is only one body part of Zelich’s tripod that we want to retrieve from the operating room. “It is a crucial brain in the operation of innate abilities.”

Bernard said, tapping his temple with one hand.

“Among them, the cerebral cortex is where the flow of thought is most clearly observed.”

“Are you asking me to retrieve the cerebral cortex from the brain fragments that the alcoholic drinker cut into pieces?”

“It won’t be difficult to tell them apart. The master of articulation probably also knows which part of the body is most important to a person with psychic powers.”

Bernard, with his arms crossed, nodded.

“I’m sure only the heads of the Zelich Triads are kept separately. “Maybe research is already underway.”


“If you had listened to this point, I think you would have understood what I wanted to say.”

Bernard spoke calmly, looking at Lennok who was silent.

“Infiltrate the operating room and bring out the fragments of the veil you want and the remains of the Zelich Triad. “This is all the deal we want to propose.”


“The reason I disclosed this information first was to gain your trust, but also because the moment the remains of the Three Thrones are recovered, achieving your goal will also become easier.”

“Achieving the goal itself can become easier?”

Lennok’s eyes lit up as he looked at Bernard.

“Are you saying that the innate ability of the Zelich triad stored in the operating room of the zygomatician is that powerful?”

“Of all the people with innate abilities, Zelich Triad literally had the ability to be the furthest from death.”


Bernard smiled bitterly as he held out a pale white case.

“He is an immortal based on semi-permanent super-regeneration, and at the same time…”

Lennok was also speechless when he saw the sentence clearly engraved on the case.

A strange shape that seems to converge in a reducing direction.

It was the emblem of the Guido Church.

“It was one of the beginnings of the church’s immortal body experiments.”

* * *

Knock, knock!

Purple chains chained in a dark room.

Above them, dozens of hanging bodies are tangled together and swaying slowly.

The image of an elderly man sitting alone in the dark with his back turned, using the shaking of the corpses as a curtain.

“Mr. Oedon.”

One of the talented people on the flyer standing behind quietly called his name.

“Evan Martinez has arrived in the Gateway City.”


“Currently, Bernard is in charge of the mission for the thousandth time, explaining the flyer’s plan and trying to persuade them. “It would be okay if things go well according to plan, but…”

The person with the gift of hesitation asked.

“Considering the passion of a thousand times, if you don’t even consider the conflict with the alcoholic drinker…”

“It’s not strange, considering the loyalty that that fiery wizard gave to the eyes of Cheong.”

Just by softly spitting out an answer, the voice resonates and the chain shakes violently.

Every time, dozens of chained corpses swayed back and forth, creating a dizzying mess in the room.

“That man is looking for a place to burn his life anywhere. “It hasn’t changed at all from the labyrinth.”

The older man, whose back was turned, slowly stood up with one hand on his knee.

Several talented people who were helping him hurriedly came around him.

“Mr. Oedon. The adjustment of abilities has not been completed yet. If you move now…”

“What, I’m not trying to put a stop to the adjustment that took over a week of painstaking work.”

The man spoke in a voice filled with laughter.

“Wouldn’t it be even more difficult if there was a setback in the recovery of the immortal body that took over half a year of effort?”


Beyond the face of the man who looked away in the darkness, purple eyes flashed.

“I will go see you a thousand times in person.”

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