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Drug-Eating Genius Mage Chapter 994

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The Medicine-Taking Genius Wizard Episode 994

: First Gate (4)

“This way, Evan.”


I wander through the remote alleys of the gateway city and head to the back door of an old tavern.

As soon as you enter the bar, loud laughter echoes from all directions.

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary scene, no different from any other downtown bar.

However, Lennok did not miss the sight of some of the bar’s customers quickly exchanging glances with Angel.

“They are psychics.”


Most of the customers in the bar each have their own unique mentality.

A unique wave that can only be felt by a person with special abilities.

“Is this tavern itself the gateway branch of the Demonic Enlightenment Corps?”

“I’ll explain that later. “Let’s talk about the most important issues first.”

Angel nodded and immediately guided Lennok to a private room in a corner of the bar.

“As you may have heard the explanation from the commander, the master of the articulation entrusts the management of the gateway to the search party and the chimera.”


“The chimeras he created are monsters that have shed organic matter. They go beyond being assimilated into inorganic matter and even deceive our perception.”

Angel said as he entered the hallway behind the tavern.

“Unlike excellent magicians like you and Van, it is difficult for most superhumans to even know that such a thing exists around them.”

“It deceives perception….”

Considering the existence of a fleshy giant who has become one with the gate, it is not a difficult explanation to understand.

“The problem is that even those chimeras don’t mean much to the splicer. “They are all just by-products from the process of researching the splicing technique.”

“Researching joining techniques? “That’s a strange thing to say.”

Lennok asked.

“A person of the league’s great magic degree deliberately leaves behind such by-products while researching his techniques?”

Upon reaching level 8, most magicians are not bound by physical limitations in studying their own magic.

Becoming a great wizard means breaking the seven hierarchies of self-transformation and pioneering your own path.

The important thing is to control the concept so that the balance of the practitioner’s own images, thoughts, and mind does not collapse.

Even Lennok hasn’t physically ‘studied’ lightning or flames much since he reached level 8.

At most, I have only used it when learning new techniques or imagery techniques or as a test.

However, Angel shook his head despite Lennok’s words.

“That’s because the special bonding technique possessed by the bonding master has unusually powerful and special properties.”


“It is also the decisive reason why the master of the articulation technique continues to study his techniques to this day.”


Angel said as he found the hidden door beyond the private room and opened it.

“In order to gather information about that, it was necessary to contact the people involved in the flyer.”

As soon as the iron door opened, a strong mental wave hit Lennok inside.


It is not a hostile wave like hostility or murderous intent, but a sharp wave of desire similar to caution.

The flame is so strong that it seems as if a physical force is slightly pushing Lennok back.


Lennok, who shed the mental waves pouring in front of the door, raised his gaze and looked into the room.

An unusually large man was fiddling with something in the room with his back turned.

Square, square.

Every time I carefully moved my arm, I could hear the sound of something slowly being ground.

Is that big man the one who just fired a mental wave at Lennok?

Just as Lennok was about to raise his thoughts, the man opened his mouth.

“Are you the flame magician rumored to have delivered a blow to Lieutenant General Rovereide?”


“thank you. Instead, I’d like to express my gratitude. “Because of that old-fashioned soldier, Ouellért Paljwa (八座) had to lie in bed for a while.”

While Lennok stopped his hands at the unexpected topic, the man slowly raised his arms and spoke.

“If the Sixth Place of Oedon had not intervened, we would have lost one of our precious great powers.”

“…Where is Balak Oedon?”

“Yes, I heard you met Oedon Yukjwa once in the Hanghasa Labyrinth, right?”

The man who said that slowly turned his back.

“Then you know. He’s adjusting his abilities. “I had a bout of measles a few days before I met you, so it will take a while for me to show my face.”


“The ability he possesses is the one that is most prone to going out of control among superpowers of the same class. “We are also intensively managing the flyers.”

A muscular man with a mustache. Is his apparent age around 40?

Wearing a shirt and overalls, with his sleeves rolled up, he looked active.

A man stood up, holding a horn, and strode forward, holding out his hand.

“I’m Bernard, who works as an explorer. “It’s an honor to meet you a thousand times.”

“Are the executives of the group of people with special abilities working as explorers?”

Lennok asked, looking at his outstretched hand.

“It’s not a job that suits you very much.”


“That mental wave that was fired at me. “It was a kind of idea that was changed in a provocative way for exploration.”

Lennok, who was staring at Bernard’s face, nodded as if he finally understood.

“Do you have an innate ability specialized for collecting and searching information? Otherwise, there would be no reason to cooperate with Angel.”


Bernard, whose abilities and lineage were recognized as soon as they met, was speechless and turned his gaze towards Angel.

“Well, is this how it really feels?”

“Bernard. “What are you talking about when you just said it with your own mouth?”

Angel shrugged his shoulders.

“He’s a wizard who survived the Hanghasa Labyrinth. In terms of ability alone, it’s at a level that puts it in the top 10 of the ranks. “Isn’t it natural that you have a great eye?”

“No, there are very few wizards who would analyze my mental waves to this degree as soon as they see them.”

Bernard’s eyes lit up with a suspicious look as he looked at Lennok.

“This is not possible simply by having excellent sensitivity. “Aren’t you, by any chance, a gifted person?”


“Except for the Chairman, there are very few cases where a high-ranking wizard has awakened to an innate ability.”

Lennok was silent, and Angel sighed as if it was absurd.

“No matter how wide the central front is, do you think such a thing would be common?”

“Here we go again. “That magician who is said to be alone in a laboratory in a huge city?”

Bernard grunted and turned his back.

“done. What more can I say? “Let’s pretend I’m mistaken.”

“No, that’s not wrong.”


“When you use barrier techniques, you become accustomed to detecting various types of power other than magic.”


As the complexly shaped barrier overlapped and rotated in Lennok’s hand, Bernard’s mouth opened slightly.

“It’s not a supernatural ability, but it’s an area of talent that can’t be completely called a magic trick. “I have a good feeling.”

“…I can’t believe it. “The barrier beopjin has been miniaturized to the point where you can carry it around yourself.”

Bernard muttered as if he found it hard to believe.

“As expected, the story about meeting Jin Dun in person at the Hanghasa Labyrinth wasn’t a lie?”

“If the question is resolved, is it okay if we get to the main topic?”

Lennok nodded as he said that.

“This ice guy was reluctant to say anything earlier, saying he could only explain properly if he met you.”

“…good. “Let’s come in and talk.”

Bernard, who hesitated, quickly nodded.

“I will explain to you what is happening at the gate now.”


Lennok looked silently at Bernard’s back as he turned around holding the carved horn.

‘The innate sense itself isn’t that bad. Despite the reputation of the flyers, their emotions are intact.’

Lennok, who had met Balak Oedon, a level 8 gravity psychic, knew to some extent what kind of organization the Ability Enlightenment Squadron was.

An alliance of talented people who will use any means necessary to awaken and control superpowers that operate purely through innate talent.

A very large force that has changed so much that even Angel, who was involved in the early days of the group, abandoned the organization.

When I heard that he was an acquaintance of mine who had worked on such flyers, I thought of him as someone with superpowers who had abandoned his humanity, but Bernard’s reaction itself was quite normal than I thought.

I deliberately tried to stimulate it by using a barrier technique to see a reaction, but there was no major problem.

‘It’s okay to watch the trend for now.’

I followed Angel and Bernard into the basement.

A wide workbench where Bernard was sharpening a horn just moments ago, and a long table next to it.

All kinds of liquor bottles were neatly lined up on the table.

Lennok asked after checking the brands of the liquor bottles sorted by label.

“There is a whiskey that is only sold in the North Continent. “Is collecting liquor a hobby?”

“Well, that’s it. “You can say it’s a pastime to take care of while working.”

Bernard said and cleaned the table and chairs and picked up a bottle of alcohol.

He lifted the lid with one hand and held out the whiskey bottle to Lennok without hesitation.

“This is going to be a bit of a long story, but would you like to have a drink too?”

“No, let’s keep it short.”

Lennok, who had struck out like a sword, sat back in his chair with his arms crossed.

“I don’t have much time. “I plan to listen to the main idea as briefly as possible and then leave.”

“Right. “There isn’t much time.”

Bernard asked, wiping his mouth with his sleeve after taking a swig from his bottle.

“I guess that’s because the master of the joint gave you a 48-hour grace period, right?”


A question that strikes the key point as soon as it starts.

But instead of being agitated, Lennog looked at Bernard with a cold gaze.

As expected, the Enlightenment Advancement Group knows what Lennok experienced outside the gate.

Even if you don’t know all the details, you are aware of the overall flow.

Otherwise, there would be no way for him to know about the conversation between the artificer and Lennok at the gateway.

Lennok nodded instead of answering, and Bernard nodded.

“As you may have guessed, I am working to gather information around the gateway. “The reason Angel contacted me is because he knows what kind of work I am in charge of at the flyer.”

“Bernard is the most freely and independently empowered person in the group.”

Angel continued to explain as if to supplement what he had said.

“Not only is his superpowers fully developed, but he is from the ‘Pioneer’ family, so his status is respected by the flyers.”


When Lennok frowned at that unfamiliar word, Angel answered.

“This is an explorer organization that has made a name for itself on the continent. It consists of five supermen, and Bernard was one of them.”

“Haha, I’m a little embarrassed because it happened so long ago.”


While Lennok was looking at Bernard scratching his head, Angel asked in surprise.

“This is an organization that has achieved many achievements, such as discovering the Ascended’s hideout and the cemetery outside of Arsnova. Do you have no idea about this?”

“I haven’t had much interaction with explorers.”

Lennok shook his head.

“All the famous superhumans I met were targets of death. “Do I need further explanation?”

“…okay. “Let me tell you something you might know…”

Angel cleared his throat and said.

“During the Holy War, they were the ones who found the entrance to the Valley of Sorrows, where the church’s headquarters was located, and stopped the war.”

“…You found the entrance to the church’s headquarters?”

“When the Valley of Sorrows was discovered, the church’s advance stopped, and the crusade was completed half a year later, so it can be seen as providing an opportunity to end the war.”

Angel answered.

“Now it has been disbanded and all members have dispersed, but the achievement itself is treated very well at the center.”


It is surprising that the explorer organization made great achievements in the temple, but it is also interesting that they made full use of their special abilities.

Above all, the fact that such a thing was possible even though the religious leader was clearly located at the headquarters at the time of the temple.

“I understand that you are a capable explorer. “Why does that appeal to me?”

“Rather than an appeal…”

Angel shrugged his shoulders.

“Even Bernard is having a hard time investigating the liquor.”


“Let’s start talking after we see this.”

Bernard took out a large file from a thick box under the table and opened it.

The first photo that catches your eye as soon as you open the file. It is the shape of a huge building covered in a strange film.

The figure standing tall in the middle of the city gave off an intense liveliness that seemed to come right through the photo.

Lennok’s complexion hardened for a moment due to the sense of discomfort he felt just by printing the photo and looking at it.


“A special type installation-type life zone built by the conjugation master in the heart of the gateway city. “It is commonly referred to as the ‘operating room.’”

Bernard said, holding out the photo in front of Lennok.

“As soon as the alcoholic drinker sits down at the gate, he establishes an area and locks himself inside it, never coming out. “He comes out of the operating room only once a day.”

said Bernard, pointing his finger at Lennok.

“It’s to greet customers who come to their operating room.”

“He is a customer…”

“He is a powerful special magician, but more than that, he is an outstanding surgeon. “In particular, his surgical skills on high-ranking superhumans are well-known within the Federation.”

Bernard nodded.

“However, since he is the master of the alliance and has an extremely picky nature, he never takes on patients unless it is his interest. “For some reason, I’ve been receiving patients steadily since I came to the gateway.”


I knew.

The reason why the joint surgeon postponed the surgery while mentioning it.

Even the fact that he has an operating room may not necessarily be for his own benefit.

However, even Lennok found it strange that a level 8 specialty magician was also an even more excellent doctor.

Did he even try his hand at medicine with his talent and ability? Or did he acquire a special type of magic based on his talent in medicine?

Either way, it seemed understandable how unrivaled the reputation of the joint master was among the great masters of the alliance.

“By this point, I think you can guess what I’m talking about.”

Bernard nodded, extending two fingers toward Lennok.

“The reason the master of the joint liquor gave a 48-hour grace period is not because he is considerate or concerned about you. One person every 24 hours. “I guess it’s because I only have time to care about you after two surgeries.”


“So, if you want to get your hands on a piece of the intestine, you must move it while the surgeon is performing the surgery. “After 48 hours, the conjugate drinker will never give you a chance.”

“for a moment. “There are some parts that are lacking in explanation.”

Lennok asked, raising his hand.

“Now what you’re saying makes it sound like I need to secretly enter the operating room. “Why do we have to go into the operating room to save a fragment of the intestine?”

“Because the operating room of the zygapophyseal is shaped to embrace the entrance of the gateway.”

Bernard said.

“Fragments of the Veil can only be found at the entrance to the gateway, and the area nearby is already covered with an operating room. “There is virtually no choice.”


“The operating room itself is an area built by the master himself… Considering that he is a specialty magician, fighting inside would be suicidal.”

“Are you saying that to avoid fighting with the alcoholic drinker, I have to move while he is performing the surgery? There is no need to clash with the alcoholic drinker before obtaining the fragment of the veil.”

Since he came to the gate with the identity of a thousand people in order to avoid arousing the suspicion of the alcohol drinker, it is natural to avoid conflict with the alcohol drinker.

However, even though Lennok was convinced of that fact, he tilted his head in the opposite direction.

“But even if I’m doing something that requires a high level of concentration, like surgery, it’s difficult not to notice my presence within the area. “Even getting into the operating room in the first place seems difficult.”

“That’s a reasonable question. “I also collected some information about that.”

Bernard said as he opened a new bottle of liquor and took a gulp.

“Among the ways to enter the operating room for fusion surgery, there are easy ways and difficult ways. “What do you want to hear first?”

“Say both. “Are you kidding me?”

“…I’ll explain it the easy way first.”

Bernard’s shoulders shrank momentarily under Lennok’s cold gaze.

Bernard put down the bottle, took out a thick wad of paper from a box piled under the table, and flipped through it.

“Know that it is only a possibility. “It’s one of the plans that came out while we were collecting information from leaflets and making countermeasures.”

“Why is your tongue so long?”

“If you listen to what I say from now on, you will understand, right? Okay, I found it.”

I take out a thin file from the pile of boxes and unfold it.

Bernard narrowed his eyes and looked at the documents in the file for a long time, then slowly opened his mouth.

“There is a rumor that among the guests who have booked surgery for the fusion surgery, there is a high-ranking Blue Eyes executive.”


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