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Drug-Eating Genius Mage Chapter 993

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Medicine-Taking Genius Wizard Episode 993

First Gate (3)

“An omnidirectional radiating injection technique. 39 Overlapping complex development.”


Dozens of visible spheres rise above the gateway city sky and emit light.

“Fires sequentially with a 2-second chanting delay. “8-way chain reaction.”

Bloodshot eyes appear between the thorn spheres, staring at each other and exploding at the same time.

Acrid purple flames erupted continuously over the streets of the gateway city.


A pure white cross rises through the acrid heat waves and splits the thorn sphere.

“Turn right at Ganiseong Station 270 degrees. “Down 5 meters from the spot and shredded 13 magic tools.”

As the cross rotated in place and cleared away the heat wave, the thorn sphere split and a rain of sharp thorns was scattered on the ground.


Thorn fragments raining down in the middle of the street penetrate and pierce downtown facilities, but there is little casualty.

This is because most of the residents have completed their evacuation from the battlefield, as if they are accustomed to this kind of commotion.

Among them, there were some superhumans who took advantage of the commotion of this battle and started fighting with each other.

“I expected it, but most of the residents of the gateway city were superhumans of a considerable level.”

Lennok said as he watched the chaos on the streets outside the gateway city.

“I don’t think this city’s population will exceed a million. Surely not all residents are magic users?”


Angel, who was standing behind, couldn’t say anything and opened his mouth blankly.

A series of spell information that Lenno just casually spewed out.

A hint as to how a certain magic will be deployed in which direction, how many times it will overlap, and how far it will be deployed.

That’s because all of those explanations were coming out of Lennok’s mouth a few seconds before the battle began.

Is it even possible to do this unless you can clearly see and predict the battle between the Gravedigger and the Crusader Society?

Lennok glanced at Angel’s silent reaction.

“There is no answer. Do you plan to keep looking around like this?”

“…I’m sorry, but I think that’s what I should say.”

Angel, who came to his senses late, answered while fiddling with the terminal.

“Originally, I should have reported this to the higher-ups a long time ago, but it’s being delayed because of you. And my name is Angel.”

“That black magic. “It is a technique that works using gaze as a trigger.”

I completely ignore Angel’s words and raise my heavenly eyes.

Lennok, who used the artifact as a small telescope and enlarged the lens, said with an expression of interest.

“Not only the caster, but also consumable magic tools such as thorns are individually assigned triggers to use them.”

“The gravekeepers’ black magic is unusual. It doesn’t just happen in a day or two, right?”

“On the other hand, what monks belonging to the Crusader Order use is not a technique. “That’s a prayer.”


“It is a type of primitive faith in which one memorizes prayers based on faith and receives strength and sanctuary.”

Even at this moment, Lennok looked with a sinking gaze at the cross of light rotating violently in the middle of the street.

“There was a watcher in the Blue Eyes that wielded similar power.”


Angel, who was about to say something, soon sighed and stood up.

He put the terminal he was holding in his arms, crouched down next to Lennok, and nodded.

“Look, it’s not like I don’t know anything about the situation there. “You left Blue Eyes a while ago, right?”


“I heard there are various things going on. But now is not the time to indulge in such sentiments.”

Even at this moment, Angel is looking around as if he is being chased by someone.

“It’s difficult to be in a place with such an open view. “Can’t we just move places?”

“It’s difficult.”

Lennok laughed.

“Is that because it was you who incited and sparked that fight?”


Lennok looked away from Angel, who was speechless.

“If they had used their hands to take my body away, it would have been to induce a large-scale fight that would divert the attention of the search party.”



A floating thorn orb appeared above Lennok’s head.

Bloodshot eyes protruding from between the spheres were glaring at Angel, who was standing behind Lennok.

Lennok looked at the scene and spoke leisurely.

“In the process, it would have been inevitable to attract the attention of both the gravediggers and the Crusaders.”

“…No, then you were doing this even though you knew everything?”

[There you are, you rat.]

At the same time, an eerie voice came through the thorn sphere.

The gloomy-looking man who had been fighting the Crusaders for a while turned his head and glared at Angel.

[To tell hypocrites like the Crusaders about our existence, give up any thoughts of living a decent life.]


At the same time as he said those words, the thorn sphere above his head swelled and exploded.

More than a dozen thorns exploded and the rainforest fell onto the solid castle wall.


Angel, who was struggling to catch his breath, quickly let out his breath at his feet.

It freezes the castle wall to create an ice sheet, slips on the icy road, and grabs Lennok’s neck.


Lennok frowned at the urgent gesture, but gave in.

The moment when Angel, who grabbed Lennok’s collar, accelerated onto the icy road and narrowly escaped the center of the explosion.

Another thorn sphere protruded right next to it and exploded, instantly destroying the entire street on the outskirts.


A storm of wood debris flying in all directions as the building was crushed.

Cold air was blown onto the tree fragments, creating an icy road leading out of the street in an instant.

Angel slipped and fell out of the street, landing face down on the dirt.


Angel flinched and shook his shoulders, then immediately stood up and quickly looked around and shouted.

“Wow?! Uh, where are you?!”

“You can’t even plan a simple escape route.”


Lennok asked, walking out through the ruins of a collapsed warehouse right next to him.

“On the subject of ice barrier capabilities, is it not possible to properly control the friction coefficient of the ice road?”

“No, because I’m not a wizard. “It’s a bit difficult to make such detailed adjustments…”

Angel scratched his head in embarrassment.

“You can’t ask a person with superpowers for control so precise that it can be quantified. “Not everyone in the world is like you.”


“Ah, this is not the time. “Let’s run away quickly!!”

Angel, who suddenly came to his senses, quickly ran to the alley behind the downtown area and nodded at Lennok.

“Let me introduce it again. This is Angel from Cartel. “It should have happened like this a long time ago!!”

An ice-bound psychic from the Demonic Enlightenment Corps. An official who arrived at the gate before Lennok.

The cartel’s president was dispatched to the scene to assist Evan Martinez in this plan.

“After entering the central front, I lost contact and was very worried. “If I fail, what will I hear from the chairman again? Phew~”

Angel, who pretended to exaggeratedly sweep his chest, looked back and grinned.

“Anyway, you made it to the gate. “This is the first time since we fought at the dam. Isn’t it nice to see you again like this?”

“The nonsense ends there.”

However, Lennoc cut Angel’s sly greeting like a knife.

Lennok said as he glanced over Angel’s head as he raced between the main roads on the icy road.


“You were here…!!!”

A dazzling cross pillar crashed down into the middle of the street and instantly destroyed surrounding facilities.


The impact caused buildings and sidewalk blocks everywhere to be swept away like straw, crushed and pushed away, leaving the surrounding area devastated.

“You were the one who reported the gravedigger to the Crusaders you saw right away.”

A middle-aged monk wearing a monastic habit was standing on a huge cross, looking down at Angel with a solemn expression.

“Thank you for your courage, but I think you will have to come with me. “Can you give me some time right now?”

“Ha, haha….”

Angel stepped back slightly, sweating coldly.


Angel, who saw a fully swollen spiny sphere rolling from the back of the street, spoke hastily.

“Well, wouldn’t it be right to deal with the gravekeeper’s warlock first?”

“The resistance is so strong that it is difficult for me to do anything on my own. “I don’t think we can fight anymore inside the city.”

The monk shook his head with an expressionless face.

“The cause of the fight that occurred within the Gateway City must be explained to the Spell Federation. “I need you to prove through your own words that it is not the responsibility of our Crusade.”

“If it is not the responsibility of the Crusade, then who is responsible for this incident…?”

“Why do people who know everything keep saying different things?”

The monk’s eyes as he looked at Angel glowed coldly.

“Of course, you, the informer, should take responsibility.”

Coo coo coo!!!

A huge cross dug into the ground and rotated, and the thorns that filled the alley were crushed.

A clash between the different abilities of the Crusaders and the Gravedigger, who attack the place where Angel and Lennok are standing.

Angel, with a tearful expression on his face, took out a small vial from his arms, brought it to his mouth, and shouted.

“Oh really!! “If only time hadn’t been wasted…!!”


Lennok stopped Angel, who was about to drink a bottle of medicine, and took a step forward.


“Evan Martinez. “Is he the chlorine magician of rumors?”

The monk of the Crusade on top of the cross looked at Lennok and his eyes lit up.

“I heard about what you did in the Balkans so often that it hurt my ears.”


“I don’t know why I’m with such a lowly, super-competent person, but if you’ve been loyal to the organization, you can naturally sympathize with trust and responsibility.”

The monk pointed at Angel and said with a solemn expression.

“If you hand over that person with superpowers, out of respect for you, the Crusade will no longer hold you accountable.”

[…A thousand times Evan Martinez.]


A man with a gloomy look who walked out from between the thorns looked at Lennok and lowered his head.

[I heard that the Great King sometimes pays attention to your movements.]


[Give me a psychic. Then, I will give you a place in the main tomb and give you the opportunity to welcome the King of Hell.]

“Your name is being called a lot today from all over the place.”

Lennok looked away with a bitter smile.

The fact that both the Crusader and the gravedigger showed favor to Lennok and tried to persuade him was a strange feeling.

Even though there has never been much difference between fast and fast in his thousand-time status, the reputation and reactions surrounding Evan Martinez are so different.

Rather than being treated as a blood-crazed maniac, he is treated as a high-ranking wizard who can clearly communicate.

This may be because the reputation and rumors surrounding Lennok were closer to taking advantage of an already established reputation rather than being created according to his will.

But that’s why there is an answer that only suits Evan’s status here.

“If you’ve heard about the Balkan thing, you would know.”

Lennok raised his hand and said, raising his magic power.

“I don’t tend to abandon people who help me.”


[Spotted flame]

[Bright red]


The fireball launched by Lennok explodes. An intense wave of magical energy spreads across the sky in an instant.

At that moment, the noise of something creaking and twisting echoed from beyond the sky.

The complexions of the gravedigger and monk changed at the same time, and a vast haze billowed over the gateway city.


The moment when a strange wave swept the ground following the haze that filled the sky.

The monk’s cross and the gravedigger’s thorn sphere exploded and collapsed at the same time.

Damn it!!


A reaction where the magic ceremony is forcibly canceled. The faces of the monk and the gravedigger were twisted in pain.


[How dare you…!!]

The sight of two people staggering around, unable to overcome the reaction.

Lennok immediately nodded towards Angel.


“…I’m not sure, but let’s go first!”

Angel took a gulp from the bottle without hesitation.

When you swallow the medicine and spit it out without swallowing it, the medicine freezes and explodes.

It turned into a huge tree of ice and lifted Lennok and Angel up onto the street.

Damn it!!!!

Lennok, who ran to the back of the downtown area while holding on to the explosively sprung ice tree branch, jumped down after Angel.

Angel asked as he made an ice road and ran into the back of the alley.

“How did you think about responding to that situation?”

“Throughout the engagement, both sides refrained from using large-scale techniques.”

Lennok said as he followed Angel onto the ice road.

“They are level 7 magicians, and there wasn’t even a bluff to use the area. Rather, it only reduced output as time passed.”


“At first, I thought it was to avoid being noticed by the master of articulation, but it was actually due to the curtain drawn over the city.”


The sky darkens little by little, and the haze hanging over it becomes clearer little by little.

A majestic scene where a huge curtain waves and ripples, like the aurora in the night sky.

And every time, the magic power around the gateway city fluctuated ceaselessly.

“If the veil becomes stronger and clearer at night, it is natural for the internal environment of the gateway city located on the border to undergo drastic changes.”

Lennok’s eyes lit up as he saw the aurora rippling across the sky for tens of kilometers.

“If you use a technique with strong output, the recoil will also be stronger.”

As day and night change, the power of the veil becomes stronger, and the magical power conditions of the city located on the border change dramatically.

In the process, if you use a spell with a high output that requires drawing in magical energy from the surroundings, there will be a forced recoil and the spell will be cancelled.

Lennok sensed that the Crusaders and Gravediggers were on guard, and fired a spell with high firepower, canceling all spells.

“If the use of magical power is restricted during the night, it actually becomes more convenient.”

Lennok glanced back and muttered.

“Should I have dealt with the magicians more on the spot?”

“No, what do you mean?”

Angel, who had been silently running away with his mouth shut, jumped up with an absurd expression on his face.

“It is the Order Federation that has taken control of the gateway now. “Don’t you see that there is no need to provoke him?”

“Currently, the connection between the Splicing Master and the Order Alliance within the gateway is extremely weak.”

Lennok’s eyes sank coldly.

“I don’t know why, but it seems like the goals between the joint masters and the alliance magicians are not the same.”


Angel, who was running diligently through a dark back alley, glanced back at Lennok and said.

“It hasn’t even been a day since we arrived in the gateway city. Did you already know that?”

“You knew it, and in the first place-”

Lennok, who had been replying irritably, suddenly stopped on the spot.

Lennok’s cold gaze immediately turned to Angel’s face.

“…You know what I went through out there.”


Angel knew almost exactly the time Lennok arrived at the gateway city.

That would be possible because they were hearing about Lennok’s movements from outside the gate in the first place.

Above all, knowing that the connection between the joint liquor and the alliance does not exist within the gate-

[opening fire]

[Hwansuhochang (煥手浩彰)]


The flames wrapped around the fingertips turned into a huge flaming hand, instantly crushing Angel.


“Right. “For some reason, I felt like I was the only one explaining the curtain.”

Lennok asked, looking down at Angel who was coughing hard.

“Have you been looking this way from the beginning?”


Also, the environment of the gateway city located on the border of the veil changes drastically between day and night.

Angel already knew that excessive use of magical power was prohibited in the process.

That’s why there was no answer while Lennok was explaining the fact.

In the first place, there was a conflict between the Crusaders and the gravediggers. In the process, even Lennok’s response to escape the commotion.

From the moment he met Lenok until now, Angel had been trying to verify him.

“What are you hiding?”

“Cough, I wasn’t hiding it…!!”

Angel, crushed under the hand of flame, barely managed to smile with a trembling expression.



“Are you still the same person who fought against Ban back then? “I need to know.”

Angel exhaled harshly and spoke quickly.

“Conjugated liquor drinkers are monsters.”


“If you make even one mistake in this matter, you and I will both be dragged alive to the operating table.”

For a moment, Angel’s eyes glowed faintly.

“You must retain the skills and will you had when you set the Balkans on fire… We can compete.”

“…win. “It’s absurd.”

Lennok asked, pressing Angel’s body even harder with his flaming hands.

“You have to stop talking nonsense. “You were looking at me because you were worried that I might have changed from then?”


“I don’t know why you’re so worried, but it’s funny that you even tried to check it here.”

Lennok’s gaze at Angel turned cold.

“Do you think you can judge a person with just a few words?”

“But, didn’t you withdraw from the Qing’s eyes?”


“The reason you were able to turn Balkan into a sea of fire at that time was because the safety of the lighthouse keeper you cared for so much was at stake.”

Angel said while looking closely at Lennok, who was momentarily speechless.

“The power of a caster is a complex concept that is affected by all kinds of situations, including the environment and emotions… At that time, you were clearly burning the present without thinking about the future.”


“After the ‘binding’ of raising your power with the determination to burn everything, and leaving the Blue Eyes, I don’t know if you will be able to show the same power as before.”


At that time, you thought that the power you had raised a thousand times was a Geass to save the lighthouse keeper, and you were worried that Lennok would not be able to demonstrate as much power as he did back then.

A topic that deserves attention because he is a psychic who uses supernatural powers based on pure mental power.

And it was a very sharp point that Lennok found surprising.

Lennok, who was glaring at Angel’s face, which had become gaunt for a moment, asked.

“Is that a possible inference because you have psychic powers?”


Angel smiled bitterly.

“At least I have a deeper understanding of the dangers of Geass than others.”


Lennok, who was staring at Angel in silence, slowly withdrew his flaming hand.

Lennok asked, looking at Angel who was struggling to raise his upper body.

“So, what is the conclusion?”

“I think it’ll be okay. “At least it looks a lot better than I thought.”

Angel stood up and shook off his collar and answered.

“If you defeated Vice Admiral Roberide, there is no need to talk about your strength, and now that you look at it, your judgment is not bad. At least it doesn’t feel rusty.”


“As the Chairman said, we will fully cooperate with you in this operation.”

Have you already heard that Lennok fought and won against Roveride?

Although it was different from the Angel he had seen so far, Lennok understood why the situation was going this way.

Before Angel was the head of the cartel, he was a talented person who had been active in the central front for a long time.

While waiting in the gateway city, it wouldn’t be strange if you were reliving the feelings of your days as a flyer.

Above all, if there is an external factor that caused Angel to come out like this –

“Who is giving you information in this gateway city right now?”

“Before answering that question, I think I need to check how much you remember about the past.”

Angel slowly stood up, dusting off his collar, and asked with a grin.

“Jindun’s Hanging River Labyrinth. Do you remember the level 8 psychic you met there?”

“…If you are a level 8 psychic, then no way.”

Lennok’s expression changed slightly as he instantly understood Angel’s words.

A level 8 psychic capable of controlling gravity that he met in the labyrinth as Evan.

Because Lennok also remembered that monster-like power and output.

“Is Balak Oedon here?”

“Please go, Evan.”

Angel took the lead, bowing his head slightly.

“We are waiting for you at the Lee Neung Enlightenment Center.”


Lee Neung Enlightenment leaflet.

It is one of the very large forces that currently occupy a corner of the central front, and is an alliance of talented people created by gathering only people with natural abilities.

Angel had already contacted them in the gateway city and was gathering the necessary information.

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