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Drug-Eating Genius Mage Chapter 1006

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The Genius Wizard Who Takes Medicine Episode 1006: Conjugated Liquor (7)

A curtain drawn at the entrance to the gateway.

As soon as he saw the jointer appearing behind him, Lennok turned around.

Good luck!!

The flames that bloomed behind Lennok’s back rotated and compressed at an incredible speed.

It became an invisible red flash and pierced through Sulju’s new form.

[Romance of the red flag]


Red brilliance scatters like an explosion between the giant monster’s skull.

However, the drinker simply raised one hand and grabbed the magic shot towards him, destroying it.

A miracle that erases Lennok’s magic with just a single gesture.

“That’s great.”

The drinker said while looking at the reverberation of the flame that had died down at his fingertips.

His gaze was indifferently looking down at his half-tanned palms.

“I sense something different from your flame than the magic tower lord.”


“Versatility that is not limited to the Flame World… Endlessness encompassing magic and techniques… I see.”

Lifting his head with half-closed eyes, the drinker muttered as he touched his burned, distorted right hand.

“I know what my alter ego saw. Have you locked away that talent in the prison of flames?”


“Seeing as how you have mastered Jindun’s barrier technique, you probably don’t know it yourself….”

The drinker’s eyes flashed with curiosity as he glanced back at Lennok.

“There is something very dangerous hidden within you. “So you stopped your test results from being shared with me?”

“Even after coming this far, I guess I’m still curious about that.”

The words that Sulju’s chimera clone left before his death were not wrong.

Although it was not properly confirmed through qualitative analysis like the chimera clone did.

Nevertheless, the alcoholic drinker had a vague idea of the talent of Lennok, whom his alter ego had encountered in just one moment.

A transcendent sensitivity that allows you to gauge its potential by receiving and understanding Lennok’s magic just once.

It was proof that the owner of the liquor standing here was the honest and honest Avesta Chapman himself.

“Don’t be in a hurry, Evan Martinez.”

The drinker said that he regenerated his tattered palm just by lightly clenching and unclenching his fist.

“You can risk your life and fight at any time. “We can’t give up this time by focusing on such wasteful activities.”


“Because the situation was moving so quickly, we missed a lot of things. “Isn’t that right?”

The drinker asked leisurely.

“There must be something I need to check before I finish this job.”

The presence of the Conjugator who appeared as soon as he obtained the fragment of the veil at the entrance to the gateway.

And, as if he had been waiting, even the reaction of the immortal Michal Zelich, who betrayed Lennok and joined the master’s side.

Even though the game turned over in an instant, Lennok was unfazed.

He takes out a cigar, lights it slowly, and turns around.

Lennok, puffing out smoke as the drink did not dissuade him, opened his mouth.

“You’ve been waiting for me since the beginning.”

“Then you thought I would leave alone the wizard who came into my territory on his own?”

The liquor shrugged his shoulders.

“I wasn’t sure at first. “I couldn’t figure out what you were trying to gain by taking the risk of being caught by my magic.”


“I deliberately gave them a 48-hour delay, but instead of running away, they stayed in the gateway city. Even after entering my operating room, he refused to escape and instead wandered around the area…”

The master of joint surgery said, tilting his head to the side.

“I investigated you using my alter ego, but I couldn’t even get any information. Conversely, the moment I discovered its identity, I destroyed it so that it could not be caught by my sensitivity.”


“I admit it. That was a lot of patience. “No matter how cool and calm a magician is, if you repeat tightening and loosening in such a short period of time, gaps will usually form.”

The drinker slowly approached Lennok and smiled.

“Abetting your escape from the operating room, having a hand in the owner of the tower, stealing the medicine, and overlooking your meeting with Zelich were all part of it… but I got caught at the end.”

Beyond the mask, the alcohol drinker’s indifferent gaze turned to the fluttering stardust.

“Was your real goal the fragments themselves that fell when the curtain broke?”

Although Sulju knew that Lennok had escaped, he did not immediately pursue him.

Instead, he put pressure on Lennok under the pretense of examining him, and even after his clone died and information was cut off, he concentrated on operating on Topju.

By endlessly pushing Lenok and releasing him, he tried to find out his purpose.

‘I guess there was no clue…’

It is not impossible to guess why Zelich is on the side of conjugationists.

Bernard asked to retrieve Zelich’s remains, but did not ask to rescue Zelich.

Although he was considering the possibility that Zelich might not be on the side of the flyers, he probably didn’t think there was a need to explain it to Lennok and further arouse unnecessary confusion.

Therefore, Lennok also did not assume that Zelich might have betrayed the leaflet and joined the side of the alcoholic.

Was it that minor difference that ultimately divided Lennok and Sulju’s judgment?

“If I had been aware of the situation through Zelich, I would have known long ago that I was getting my hands on the fragment of the veil.”

Lennok asked.

“Why didn’t you interrupt me while I was collecting the fragments?”

“Depending on how you collect the fragments, we will be able to guess your purpose.”

The alcoholic beverage laughed.

“They used barrier techniques to collect fragments as catalysts and store them. The consumption of magical power seemed to be quite large.”


“I didn’t want to exhaust you before the conversation, but you kept your distance from Zelich the entire time you were collecting the fragments.”


“No matter how many times Michal Zelich asked about your purpose, you did not answer until the last moment. Excellent. Or should I say cautious? But…”

The drinker slowly clapped his hands and looked at Lennok with an indifferent gaze.

“A week ago, there was a ganja who broke into my territory and tried to take a fragment of the tent. “It was the work of the cartel’s magician.”


“Strangely enough, would it be a mistake to think that you are doing the same thing she was trying to do right in front of me?”

As expected, the drinker was able to immediately notice the feeling of déjà vu the moment Lennok approached the entrance to the gate.

A suspicion that had been ruled out due to the fact that he had been defeated by Lightning a thousand times and survived.

The owner of the joint winery also realized that Evan Martinez had been holding hands with Gore-rei from the beginning.

“It was amazing. “I said I wouldn’t mind anyone with interesting talents or skills, but I never thought they would send such a big person.”

The eyes of the conjugate master were elongated and curved.

“Evan Martinez. “The archmage who was defeated by Lightning left the Blue Eyes and bowed his head to him.”

“Whether it is submission or surrender, feel free to think as you please.”

Lennok said and slowly turned towards the drinker.

“Because those words mean nothing to me.”


For a moment, something strange appeared in the eyes of the drinker who was staring at Lennok with indifferent eyes.

“Yeah… it really looks like that. “Are you really thinking and acting that way and not just bragging?”


“That doesn’t mean I’m not curious about what happened in Balkan, but…”

said the drinker, taking off his glove with one hand.

“I don’t think I can allow what you did here. Especially if you try to take the fragments of the veil.”

“Is that… what you are saying as the manager of the first gateway?”

“Do you know about the [door] that exists on the continent?”

He pulls down his mask, removes the glove on his other hand, and approaches Lennok.

Indifferent eyes without any emotion. An intense feeling of a foreign body with no presence or intention.

Before I could reflect on the meaning of the question, the drinker spoke.

“They are made from the corpses of dead Ascendants.”


Why was the passage connected to the open sea able to function as a [gate]?

The master of the joint, who spoke without hesitation the secret of the [Moon] that he had learned through Heavenly View, looked at Lennok and nodded.

“This gate is the same. The corpse of the dead Jangsaengjong functions as the door of the tent. “Do you know why?”

Sulju did not wait long for an answer.

He just continued his explanation in a flat tone devoid of emotion, as if there was no need for questions and answers.

“Because a long time ago, death was not the end for us.”


“In the eternal cycle of reincarnation, life and death did not end as one, but were a continuous blessing… and a passage to another world.”

The drinker said as he walked slowly.

“The final stage of this life and the beginning of the afterlife. Therefore, the scars left after the death of one life were treated as a door connecting two worlds.”

widely. And the voice of the master of articulation, who stopped walking, sank low.

“It’s a meaningless story that may be good now. But that is precisely the origin of the ‘connection’ pursued by this federation.”


A long time ago. Before the end of this world is decided.

Before the causality of this world closes and destruction is confirmed.

In a world where infinite possibilities unfolded, wasn’t death a simple end?

Why does the joint master know that fact and can he explain such secrets and history to Lennok?

But there was no more time left to ask questions about him.


The chimeras walking around the lobby behind the liquor bar that was slowly moving out of the way were shooting Lennok as if they were going to kill him.

The sight of hundreds of chimeras trembling, breathing heavily and letting out gooey murderous intent.

[Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu anything, they are


and shedding saliva and tears as if they are anxious to attack Lennoc immediately.

Sulju glanced at the chimeras and opened his mouth.

“I could explain further why I am doing this and why I am staying at the gate.”


“But I don’t expect any more understanding or respect from you. “That is in many ways conflicting with the meaning of grand connection promoted by the federation.”

Chimeras crowded around the entrance to the gateway.

The appearance of Lennok and Jyeoksulju standing facing each other in the middle of the crowd of monsters.

“So, let me ask you only once, for the first and last time.”

The drinker asked.

“Evan Martinez. Do you have any intention of becoming the axis of the great connection promoted by the Order Federation?”


“I don’t know how interested the lord will be in you, but I see potential in you. Infinite potential that is not tied to one lineage… Perhaps the life you lived itself was a miracle that implied such aptitude.”

The drinker’s eyes flashed coldly as he looked at the silent Lennok.

“Under the Great Connection, you will realize how great and meaningless such implications are. You will also understand that you yourself can be a part and subject of this great flow. This means what kind of answer the Federation is proposing in this war.”

The joint master’s declaration that just by bowing to the Spell Alliance and becoming one of the spell masters, he will blossom his talents and reveal the entire purpose of the alliance.

What honors and benefits come from joining the Federation and how high a position Lennoc can rise to.

The wine drinker did not mention anything about such worldly rewards and costs.

However, he only saw through the curiosity and exploration that existed deep inside Lennok.

There is still something that Lennok, who has been digging into the world’s secrets for so long, does not know.

Nevertheless, Sulju realized that he was still desperately longing for it.

“Everything you do on the Central Front will be the responsibility of this Federation. Also, the potential, secret origin, and vessel you possess. “All of that will be protected under the name of the Federation.”


“A talent that cannot be recognized or tolerated anywhere. “The Order Federation regards the flowers that bloom in the twisted soil as precious and of special value and can take care of them.”

That’s probably because the master of the joint was once like Lennok.

There is an understandable sense of kinship there because they pursued unattainable answers with talents twisted in a different way from others.

The fact that the winemaker explained a little about [Moon] and [Death] to Lennok because he was trying to understand, sympathize with, and persuade him.

Lennok knew it too.

“Ask the other way around.”

However, Lennok answered while understanding the implications and consideration of such drinking.

“Are you willing to join me on the condition that you take responsibility and atone for all the chimeras you created?”


Instead of answering, Sulju stared at Lennok.

Even he probably didn’t expect Lennok to make such a suggestion.

“I told your clone too. “It’s the same for both of us.”

Lennok smiled aloofly as he received the indifferent look from the master of the art.

“Don’t you think we’ve come too far to throw away what we’ve built so far and turn back?”

How worthless is a proposal that cannot be established simply by changing one’s position and asking a question back to the two people.

However, Lennok did not just throw this suggestion to the alcoholic drinker with empty words.

The talent and intellect of the master of articulation encountered in this gateway city today was among the strongest men Lennok had encountered.

Therefore, Lennok also knew that he would not be able to answer.

“Right. In the end, it was probably a difference in values that supported life….”

The alcoholic beverage shook his head as if he understood.

A cool gesture that seems not to matter at all that Lennok rejected his offer.

“I knew that he was an individual with the deep nature of a god, which is rare among high-ranking magicians, but it was still difficult to understand.”


At that moment, a lump of flesh rushed under Lennok and Sulju’s feet and began to rise.

Every time the two magicians took a step towards each other, a lump of flesh rose up, creating a stage in the middle of the hollow.

As they climbed the increasingly large hill of flesh, Lennok and Sulju simultaneously raised their magic power.

Damn it…!!

The drinker asked as he extended his hand towards the chimeras howling on the ground.

“Or should I judge that even caring about a mere chimera is part of your talent?”

“Well, I’m not sure.”

Lennok shrugged.

“However, all the chimeras you created… were asking you to kill them.”


“I didn’t like it that much.”

“Such a watcher.”

The alcoholic beverage laughed.

“Even after coming this far, are we still part of the future that the lighthouse keeper dreams of?”

“No, it’s the opposite.”

Lennok, who had gathered a flame in one hand, grabbed it and said.

“I hope that the answer I draw will also capture their dreams.”


On top of the rising hill of flesh, Lennok and Sulju stretched out their hands forward at the same time.


The flames coiled in Lennok’s hand spun in a circle and turned into a sphere of blue flame.

An ultra-small sun sphere that gathers flames from all over heaven and earth and rotates roughly in Lennok’s hand.

Sulju also saw this and grabbed the chimeras around him.

A bizarre mass of flesh repeats fusion and compression using special magic power.

The chimera’s flesh, compressed into dots, could not overcome the backlash and exploded before Lennok’s eyes.

Flame-type unique magic


Activating the joining technique

[Humanization] The

ultra-small sun sphere held in Lennok’s fingertips and the compressed sphere of Chimera held in the master’s hand collide.


In a heat wave that split the vast life zone vertically, the two magicians began moving toward each other at the same time.

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