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Drug-Eating Genius Mage Chapter 1003

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The Medicine-Taking Genius Wizard Episode 1003

: Conjugated Liquor (4)

“Evan Martinez. “Your case is an extremely rare case in many ways.”


The alcoholic beverage said, lightly flicking the needle with his finger.

Arrange syringes filled with medication one by one on a prefabricated stand.

Rather than injecting the drug as soon as it is filled, the drug is stored up over time.

This is a method commonly used by custom synthetic drug addicts to speed up the effectiveness of the drug by settling impurities.

“A single wizard who did not follow the tower’s lineage. Heir to Xygis Ethernor. “The murderer of the 10 apostles Amrita Fraubel.”

In an instant, the alcoholic drinker, who had filled fifteen ampoules with medication, opened his mouth.

“Even with honors and majors that are difficult to obtain in a lifetime, there is very little official activity. “Even with such a history, it is even more true that your past is unknown.”


“The fact that Lapis Falseer favored you even though you were very inactive as an observer is well-known even in the center. There were countless speculations as to the reason…”

He hung the ampoule on the stand and grabbed a sharp scalpel from the machine next to it.

“I think the answer lies within you.”

“Do you think you’ll find the answer if you dissect my body?”

“Where does your lineage come from? Who are your ancestors? “Where does the talent imprinted in your genetic information come from?”

The alcoholic drinker questioned and adjusted his scalpel.

“Magic-based medicine is about uncovering delusion by combining magic data and magic theory. “This is also connected to adding unknown cases and talents in human history to the database.”


“Extraordinary talent means an Irregular who surpasses the standards of his species. “I believe that by collecting such outliers and averaging them, we can create a new standard.”

The owner said as he rolled up the sleeve of Lennok’s right arm, which was tied to the operating table, and held the scalpel over his skin.

“In other words, it is a process of forcibly raising the upper limit permitted to humanity.”

“It looks like you want to try to evolve the human species on your own.”

“I don’t want to give such a grand justification. However, it would be correct to say that if I continue to do this, I will get a sense of how far I can go.”

The liquor’s eyes, which met Lennok’s gaze, shone with an inorganic glow.

“More than anything… it’s fun.”


“‘Talents’ that are uniquely expressed like or better than mine… I am fascinated by deconstructing and exploring such things.”

The drinker, who made eye contact with Lennok, asked.

“If you think about finding your own meaning in this dying world, don’t you think it’s a good hobby?”

“no. “That can’t be possible.”

Lennok answered as he felt the cold sensation of the scalpel on the skin of his wrist.

Feeling the power of the scalpel gradually becoming stronger, Lennok stared directly into the master’s eyes.

“Because there is no way the alliance’s great master would have sat down in the gateway city just to enjoy his hobby.”


“If you’re going to stop talking nonsense, get started quickly.”

Lennok smiled and nodded to the drinker.

“Your ‘hobby’. “If I start now, I won’t have time until the next surgery, right?”

“Well, that’s true too. But you don’t have to worry that much.”

Sulju’s eyes, peeking out from above the mask, were round.

“There are 14 minutes and 20 seconds left until the second surgery. “It’s enough time to expose a magician from head to toe.”

The moment the blade of the scalpel penetrated Lennok’s skin, a barrier surface emerged and glowed dazzlingly.


The barrier rotates, pushing away the blade of the scalpel and protecting Lennok’s skin from being damaged.

The shape of the sword flowing quickly over the area where the blades meet, like transparent armor worn over the skin.

“It’s Jindun’s barrier technique. “It’s not surprising.”

However, the drinker was not surprised by the appearance of the barrier that protects Lennok’s body.

I just took out one of the several ampoules hanging on the stand.

“Rather than adding a special chant or spell, it is probably a power like self-protection or the barrier of survival instinct. This is especially true considering that it did not manifest until the moment it was caught by me.”

The alcoholic drinker muttered as he held up the ampoule.

“The situation is within expectations.”


Without hesitation, he inserts the syringe he lifted into the machine placed next to the operating table.

The machine where the ampoule was injected vibrated violently, revealing a lump of pink flesh between the joints.


A saw blade as sharp as a tooth protrudes from between the flesh and rotates roughly.

Lennok laughed bitterly when he finally realized the identity of the machines in this operating room.

“Did he even create the surgical equipment he would use as a chimera? “You’re out of your mind.”

“It would have been a good example if I had given you a tour of my operating room in advance, but I basically don’t use innocent people as material.”

To Lennok’s question, the drinker answered leisurely.

“You’re an idiot who attacked me despite the Federation’s achievements. Or, you have to be a useful superhuman to ‘use’ it. And this surgical equipment…”

The owner said, holding the surgical equipment and tilting it towards Lennok’s wrist.

“It is an item made by capturing a collateral blood relative of Zygis Ethernor.”


The moment Lennok’s face hardened at the unexpected explanation, the winemaker pressed the saw blade down on Lennok’s wrist.


The rotating saw blade makes contact with Lennok’s wrist. At the same time as a fierce roar, the barrier began to become distorted.

The moment a gap appears in the barrier, the master moves the scalpel at a speed that is invisible to the eye.

A red line appeared on Lennok’s wrist.


The blade of the scalpel digging into the blood vessels below the wrist. There was a sharp pain and blood began to drip.

Another machine located next to the operating table captured the dripping blood into a test tube.

“I cut the artery, but the amount of bleeding was less than expected. “Cases like this often occur when the blood vessels in the wrist are compressed.”

The drinker said, grabbing Lennok’s wrist as if he had been waiting.

“If the magical power circuit located within the muscle fibers is excessively enlarged, it can put pressure on the muscles and blood vessels and interfere with the transport of blood and oxygen.”


As the drinker grabs the forearm with a strong grip and squeezes out the blood, the bleeding in the wrist becomes more severe.

The drinker tilted his head, not paying attention to Lennok’s frown.

“There is a strong backlash between blood and magic at the cut surface. Is it mana addiction? It’s not a rare disease among high-ranking wizards. “I must have been out of my mind before to be like this even though my symptoms are showing signs of improvement.”


“Abnormally low blood pressure and magical energy concentration. Insufficient sodium and electrolyte content in the bloodstream. Circulatory dysfunction due to frequent constriction of blood vessels and circuits. Even discrepancies between biometric analysis and surgical analysis. “All of that… is fascinating.”

A cold gaze swept over Lennok’s face beyond the mask.

“You’re more broken than I thought. “Why are you still alive?”

Lennok felt a shiver run down his spine at the calm words of the alcoholic drinker.

Soolju is able to guess the disease and symptoms that Lennok suffers from just by looking at the wound on his wrist.

Regardless of the fact that Lennok is currently assisting Soolju with his medical examination, Soulju’s insight and judgment are much sharper than expected.

“If it is difficult to find the cause through in vitro diagnosis, we should start inside the body.”

When Lennok did not answer, the drinker stood up with a worried expression.

The drinker said, picking up a cleaned transparent tube from the shelf next to him.

“Tube intubation. Tiny camera operation. “Screen transmission begins.”


Insert the transparent tube into the cross section of the wrist cut with a scalpel and push it in.

Lennok frowned at the sensation of his blood vessels throbbing, but he ignored it and kept his eyes on the screen.

“Let’s see… The aggregation rate of magic particles in the body is abnormally strong. “Because of that recoil, cell cohesion deteriorates and even a small impact causes death.”

Soolju, who was looking at the screen with indifferent eyes, spoke with a momentary look of confusion.

“Damage to arterial blood vessels. Could it be that the blood vessel was torn because I just moved the camera? “Even if my whole body were made of paper, I wouldn’t be this weak.”


The moment when the owner, unable to hide his bewilderment at Lennok’s physical condition, moved the camera to reveal the inside of the blood vessels.


A faint light began to flash on the other side of the dark screen.

It is faint, like a ray of candlelight shining in the darkness, and is dangerous as if it will go out at any moment.

The light is not completely captured on the screen and just exists there, shining.

Oh oh oh…!!!

“…for a moment.”

The moment Lennok realized that it was rotating small and drawing a specific shape.


The camera screen went black, the screen was shattered, and the connected surgical machine exploded on the spot.

The drinker, who had been looking at the scene in silence, turned towards Lennok and muttered.

“The camera made of Arta bio-alloy disintegrates without leaving a trace… I have treated many high-ranking magicians, but this is the first time I have seen a case like this.”


“Something like a very powerful blessing, curse, or will is holding you back.”

Looking down at Lennok lying on the operating table, the master muttered as if he had realized something.

“The force that makes you weak and the force that makes you strong coexist and circulate. Right. This is like…”


“It’s as if human fate is symbolized by Geass…”

The drinker, who was lost in thought, looked down at Lennok.

“This is why you asked me to treat you in exchange for physical information about your body. “Definitely, at this level, it is worthwhile just to collect examination records.”

“Then did you think there was another reason why you were watching me put a knife to my body?”

“If I found out about your condition, I wouldn’t be able to help but be interested, right?”

At Lennok’s indifferent response, the drinker chuckled and shook his head.

“It’s too bad. “I cannot heal you in this condition.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your body dying is not a symptom that can be attributed to a single cause or disease. “It’s a much more fundamental issue of constitution or nature than that.”

The owner said as he placed the scalpel on the sink next to the operating table.

“The only way to solve this is to rewrite the genetic information contained in the four chromosomes or to directly adjust the secretion of hormones by touching the brain. Either way, it will be a major surgery that will take several months.”


“The problem is that I’m not sure if the symptoms will improve even if I do this. The body of a high-ranking magician is closely assimilated with the soul… Ultimately, the nature does not change unless the image itself is rewritten.”

The winemaker’s eyes, looking down at Lennok, shone cruelly.

“It’s not that I’m not interested. I think it’s a gamble worth trying at least once. But…”

Soolju didn’t say that, but then closed his mouth.

A strange reaction, as if he was not allowed to say any more to himself.

“That’s an interesting answer.”

Lennok asked.

“You said you swore an oath to be a doctor, but you still refuse to perform the procedure even after treating me this far.”

“…There are about three minutes left until the second surgery begins.”

While Lennok was watching with narrowed eyes, the drinker took off the gloves he was wearing.

“Time is running out to kill you now, dissect you, and even finish embalming you. “Let’s do one last test.”

“A prosecutor?”

“It is about checking the ‘talent’ built into your blood.”

When the drinker who collected and shared Lennok’s blood snapped his fingers, several chimeras rose from the floor.


[Ah…that’s it….]

A lump of flesh without eyes, nose, ears, and only a mouth, moaning helplessly.

They completely lose their sense of reason and self and just stand blankly and squirm repeatedly.

The moment Lennok realized that, unlike other chimeras, it was purely a test bed to check the ‘reaction’.

“These chimeras are items made by wizards brought directly from magic towers across the continent.”


“The friend here is Blayver. This is Enolas. Over there is Vallefort. Was it Sinclair?”

“…You made the wizards in the tower into test subjects for an aptitude test?”

“I’m not going to unify it using numbers or data. “There are so many special cases of high-ranking magician’s blood that it is difficult to analyze it quantitatively.”

The joiner who walked across the flesh spoke.

“So in this case, qualitative analysis using my chimera will be the standard. For example…”

When the syringe containing Lennok’s blood was inserted into the chimera, the chimera opened its mouth wide and its body trembled.

[Ahh… Aaaaa…!!!!]


The burnt flesh all over his body turned into ashes and disappeared on the spot.

The wine drinker looked at this and turned towards Lennok.

“Superhumans with aptitude for each system were remodeled and made into biocatalysts that react to the same system.”


“Before I use you as a sample, I need to know what ‘talents’ I can gather. “If the results are good, I might be able to save you and turn you into a chimera.”

“You’re saying things that are worse than dying.”

“That’s not for you to decide. Shall we get started right away?”


Lennok’s blood was injected one by one into the chimeras standing side by side in the operating room.

Immediately after, the chimeras began to twist their bodies and scream one by one.

[Ah… ah…!!!]

It burns and becomes a heap of ashes, splits as if cut by a knife, freezes, breaks, and is crushed.

“Is it a salt-heat system, a cutting system, a freezing system, or an impact system? “He is indeed a great wizard.”

The alcoholic beverage owner said with interest.

“Cases showing reactions to four or more strains are extremely rare. “At this level, it can be used as a catalyst in the Great Connection ceremony.”

“It’s information I don’t really want to know.”

“You don’t know that you are blessed. “It is not uncommon for an ordinary magic user to have an aptitude for just one system.”

The alcoholic drinker with his arms crossed looked at the chimeras who were still alive and twitching and said.

“Usually, there are two level 7 sorcerers and there are usually more than 8 level 8 sorcerers with three or more aptitudes. In the first place, in order to transcend hierarchy, one aptitude alone is not enough-”


At that moment, the fifth Chimera rapidly rotted away and died in its place.

“…is it a life series? Even though it is relatively easy to learn, the talent itself is extremely rare-”



Let’s go!!

Before the drinker could speak, the chimeras standing everywhere were dying in various ways.

It was strangled, dispersed into smoke, disintegrated into black magic, and disappeared as a ray of wind.

The wizards of the Magic Tower who fought against the master of magic and were defeated, and who became his toys without being able to die.

A testament to the rest they leave to Lennok as they die.

“…I can’t believe it.”

Only then did the alcoholic drinker finally realize the reality and show a surprised expression for the first time.

“I have prepared over 20 chimeras. You have the aptitude for all of those systems in your body?”


The chimeras that appear in the operating room die at a rapid rate, and only the last one remains.

Even among the chimeras made from flesh, the chimera looks twisted and moldy, as if rotten.

Trait lineage.

A word that refers to the most heterogeneous and twisted lineage among all lineages.

The moment when Lennok’s blood was injected into the chimera of that system, the chimera convulsed and trembled.


The lump of flesh shrunk on the spot, turning into an ordinary human being.

The image of a man breathing heavily and touching his face with trembling hands.

“W here…?!!”

There was no answer.

The hands of Sulju, who turned away with a cold expression, and Lennok, who stood up from the operating table, collided in the air.


As the shock wave explodes above the operating room, the body of the man who has returned to human life collapses.


“I was mistaken.”

Amidst the surgical equipment trembling all around, the surgeon looked at Lennok with a cold gaze.

“It wasn’t the time to be leisurely trying to have a conversation.”

The drinker muttered as he pressed Lennok’s hand firmly in the air.

“I should have stopped all coordination work in the Gateway City from the beginning and focused on investigating you.”

“It’s the same for both of us.”

Lennok, who narrowly took the drinker’s hand, laughed.

“Don’t you think it’s too late now?”

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