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Drug-Eating Genius Mage Chapter 1002

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The Genius Wizard Who Takes Medicine Episode 1002

: Combined Liquor (3)

The Three Seats of the Demonic Power Enlightenment Front. Michal Zelich, the Immortal.

A superhuman with immortality based on super regeneration and a superhuman who was captured and dissected alive by a splicer.

Zelich, whom even Bernard had not expected to survive, was still alive.

The entire body was dissected and placed in a water tank with only half of the brain remaining.

[Right. I came at the request of Bernard~]

The left brain contained in the tank shook and slowly spewed out mental waves.

[What a special guy. In fact, he was kind to me even when he was the youngest at Pioneer.]


[I once gave him pocket money when he could afford it, and he never forgot the favor. It feels rewarding in its own way.]

“I guess now is not the time to be spouting such sentiments.”

Lennok asked, looking at the brain messing around in the tank with a bewildered expression.

“No matter how immortal he is, shouldn’t he already be dead? “Why is he still alive even though his entire body has been dissected and only his brain remains?”

[What do you want me to be dead now? Well, it makes sense. Who would want to take away a toy that was defeated by a splicer?]

Zelich chuckled and his left brain fluttered.

[I’m sorry, but I’ve been through a lot of worse things than this in my life. I don’t mind this much.]


[It’s been a while since I became insensitive to pain and death. I guess I could say that I was secretly hoping for it… Hahaha, it’s just a joke!]

Zelich said, making a silly joke in response to himself.

[I don’t want to die, but staying alive like this isn’t entirely my will. It is the so-called crime of unauthorized possession of a body and embezzlement of property.]

[There is no such crime in Continental law.]

[Hmm? What did you say?]

“It’s nothing.”

Lennok lightly patted Dabi, who couldn’t resist a retort, and glanced into his coat.

“If you were dissected by a grafter, where would your other body parts be?”

After saying that, Lennok immediately corrected the question.

“How can you communicate at such a high level with only half of your left brain?”

Even if it is understandable that Zelich, who has immortality, is still alive with only his brain remaining.

It was definitely strange that half of his brain had been removed and only the left hemisphere was left to talk to Lennok.

Although the cerebral cortex is said to be important in the operation of superpowers, isn’t it strange that it is so intact?

[That’s because the left brain’s role in understanding and expressing language is much greater than the right brain’s.]

But Zelich’s answer was much more detailed than expected.

[There is no difference in receiving and understanding information, but it is the left brain’s job to output it.]


[I don’t know why the alcoholic beverage owner cut off only my left brain and kept it, but the fact that I communicate with you like this is the same. is not a strange thing.]

The left brain seemed to be staring at Lennok.

[Rather, from my perspective, your existence is more surprising. Even though you are not a member of the Flying Corps, you react so sensitively to the mental waves of a psychic… If I hadn’t listened to your explanation, I would have thought you were a very powerful innate ability captured by a master of conjugation.]

“You were captured by a master of magic?”

[Because grafters have a habit of collecting and dissecting potential or rare talents.]

Zelich answered in a bitter tone.

[That’s why I ended up like this after I was defeated by the alcoholic drinker. My abilities are quite unusual even among the special abilities, so I suffered quite a lot here and there.]

“By suffering, do you mean that you cooperated with the church’s immortal body experiments?”

[…Hmm, I guess I heard Bernard explain that part.]

At that moment, I felt the left brain’s response momentarily slowing down.

Does this mean that the immortality experiment was a more unpleasant experience for Zelich than the current situation?

It was hard for Lennok to believe it, looking back at the devastation left behind in this operating room.

“I know that the immortal body experiment was a project to create a body for the cult leader.”

Lennok’s eyes brightened as he clutched the fish tank.

“What happened there? “Did you meet the cult leader in person in return for your cooperation in the immortal body experiment?”

The immortal body experiment is the cult’s human experiment to create a body for the cult leader who cannot remain in reality.

Wasn’t the victim created through that experiment none other than Dylan O’Casey of the Antares mercenary group?

Considering Dylan’s incredible regenerative ability, one can imagine how powerful the concept of immortality that the church was pursuing through experiments with immortal bodies was.

And it is clear that Zelich served as a model in that process.

If we find out the inside story of the experiment, we can adjust Dylan’s regenerative abilities and bring him back.

Conversely, it may also be possible to copy the regenerative ability itself and give it to Lennok.

[You know a lot about undead experiments. From there, it would have been a confidential matter that even those involved in the experiment could not easily mention…]

However, Zelich only hesitated and could not easily respond to Lennok’s request.

[I’m sorry. I don’t know much about the specific process of the experiment. I simply provided my physical information to the experiment.]


[At the time, there were several specimens close to immortality in the experiment, including me. There were true ancestor vampires, seven kalpa long-lived species, and phantom beasts who learned life-extending techniques.]

“There were other specimens besides you in the experiment?”

[The immortal body experiment sought to identify laws by synthesizing biometric information from such specimens and apply them to the human body. I also feel responsible for the victims that occurred in the process, but…]

Zelich shifted his left brain with an uncomfortable look.

[How should I say it? At that time, I couldn’t go against the church. To be precise, that is how much I believed in the religious leader.]


[Because there are not many beings in this world who can truly call themselves gods. Even if I failed, I just thought that if I had saved the world… I could also be saved.]

I can feel Zelich’s mental waves, which had always been light, becoming infinitely heavier.

Does this mean that the salvation that Zelich was trying to obtain through the immortality experiment was that much desperate for him?

He says he doesn’t want to die, but the mental waves that Zelich emits seem to have a conflicting wish.

Seeing Lennok lost in thought, Zelich added something as if something had occurred to him.

[Oh, if you want to know about the immortality experiment, go to Lara Valley. I heard that the specimen of the World Tree located there determined the success or failure of the experiment.]

“Lara Valley’s World Tree?”

Are you talking about the plant city located at the tip of the continent?

Lennok is also the name of another city-state that we only heard about through Druids and Raphael.

[It is a divine tree with the most powerful life force on this continent. It is the navel of a star that even the ascendants could not get, even though they wanted it.]

Zelich said as if recalling a memory.

[I think I heard more about the experiment… but I don’t remember much, perhaps because I only have half my brain left. Puhaha!!]


It certainly seems like he’s not in his right mind, perhaps because he only has half a brain.

As Lennok shook his head at the bizarre joke that only Zelich could tell, the left brain that cleared his throat floated and spun around.

[I don’t have anything more to say. If you want regenerative abilities, you can take my body. As the owner, I allow that.]

“This is absurd. Do you think you are in a position now to claim ownership of your own body?”

[hmm? But didn’t you come to the operating room to defeat the master of the joint?]

Lennok fell silent for a moment at Zelich’s words, which struck the key point at once.

[If the alcoholic drinker dies and finds the right brain, I can regenerate on my own. I’m living this boring life again.]


[Well, I don’t want to die either, so I’ll try to cooperate with you. I will stick by your side and guide you through the inside of this terrible realm of life until you defeat the alcoholic drink.]

The left brain said this and shook its own body.

[Since then, he is a man of strong mental power who has never lost consciousness even while his entire body was dismantled by the alcoholic drinker. I can tell you everything I saw and heard. What do you think?]

“No matter how much I think about it, I don’t think it’s a miracle that can be explained by mental power or something…”

Lennok muttered with a doubtful look, but changed his mind and raised his magic power towards the tank.

“good. “For now, I will accompany you until you find the desired target in the operating room.”

[target? Isn’t the goal to defeat Soolju?]


As soon as he gestured toward the tank, the tank containing Zelich’s left brain floated in the air.

As I walked with the floating tank afloat, the tank naturally moved along.

[Oh, this energy… were you a wizard?]

The left brain in the tank exclaimed in exclamation.

[You can’t believe you have this much sensitivity to mental waves and yet choose magic over superpowers. It seems that the reinforcements that Bernard brought were quite blessed magicians.]

“It’s a pointless story. “More than that, I want to ask you something more about your condition.”

As soon as I leave the taxidermy room, the hallway moves little by little away from Lennok.

The appearance of an operating room where even the direction and width of the crossroads are constantly changing.

I checked immediately after contacting Zelich, but it seems the master of the joint had not yet noticed the strange incident.

“Why do you think the master cut your brain in half and kept it?”

Lennok asked as he walked down the hallway.

“If you wanted to study immortality, there is no reason to cut off the left and right brains and keep them. “It would be best to study the ability to scan the cerebral cortex intact.”

[well. Isn’t it because you’re worried that I might regenerate on my own in that freezer?]

I answered, my left brain shaking.

[Because if I split my brain, my superpowers won’t actually work properly. They may have wanted to neutralize me before conducting full-scale research.]

“…No. “I don’t think so.”

Lennok muttered thoughtfully as he walked down the hallway.

“If you are a master of conjugation liquor, there are plenty of ways to prevent the operation of your supernatural powers. “There is no reason to split the brain into two and preserve only one side.”


“Sulju wasn’t trying to study your immortality. “Rather, I think you were trying to use your right brain in a completely different way.”

The way Zelich’s brain was stored is in many ways far removed from the way research specimens were stored.

The fact that only the left brain is stored separately in the refrigerator means, conversely, that the right brain is useful right now.

Lennok suddenly raised his gaze and immediately started retracing the way he came.

“No way, the surgery that the master is currently performing on the patient…”

The moment Lennok realized this, he suddenly returned to anesthesia room number 2 where he woke up.

A mechanical guidance sound rang out from a speaker hanging on the ceiling of the anesthesia room.

[2 minutes until the incision is sutured. Connect the magic circuits sequentially with 25 seconds to spare.]

[Surgery on the first patient today completed.]


The surgery on the first patient handled by the fusion surgeon has been completed.

In terms of time, it is approximately 15 minutes. Did they literally just finish suturing the incision and complete the surgery?

At this point, if Lennok is discovered to be away, the owner will definitely try to catch him within the area.

There is no time.

At the point where you cannot find the fragment of the veil, you must immediately decide how to move against the alcoholic drinker.


[Evan Martinez?]

Leaving Zelich floating on the water tank, Lennok headed to the operating table where he was tied up.

As he sat on the operating table in the anesthesia room and snapped his fingers, the loosened belt tightened around Lennok’s body again.

At the same time, cancel the targeted resistance that was activated.

Lennok, who had returned to the way he had first been captured by the alcoholic drinker, turned his gaze towards Zelich.

“Mikal Zelich. “If you’re immortal, you won’t die if you enter subspace, right?”

[…What do you mean by asking?]

“Soon, the master of fusion will come to the anesthesia room again. “When he finds you, he will immediately notice something strange.”

Lennok said with an expressionless face.

“I will open a subspace, so stay hidden. “If it’s not that bad, you won’t be able to hide your psychic wave from the alcoholic drinker.”

[Hide in the first place -]

Lennok, ignoring Zelich’s answer, gestured, and a small space crack opened under the tank, instantly swallowing Zelich.

A basic subspace created by Lennok while practicing manipulation techniques.

Although I was inspired by Agneta to create a subspace, the achievement itself is not yet high.

It’s barely big enough for one person, but it should be enough for temporary use like now.

Considering the transcendent sensitivity of the liquor, this method was the best right now.


At that moment, the wall of the anesthesia room burst open and the master of the joints walked in.

I look around the anesthesia room, rubbing my gloved hands with a dry towel as if I had just washed them.


Soolju’s eyes flashed indifferently between the surgical cap and mask.

He looked around the anesthesia room in silence and walked slowly with both hands raised.

Passing by the silent Lennok, he bows his head and stands in front of the stunned Mage Tower.


“I think we’re on the same level, but…”

Soolju, who had tilted his chin back and rolled his eyelids as he fainted, opened his mouth.

“I don’t understand the archmage’s thoughts. Should we even record that as part of personality?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why did you bother to knock out the magic tower lord again?”

The splicer’s eyes swiveled towards the silent Lennok.

“The exact amount of anesthetic I administered to Mtapju was the amount that should have taken effect 12 minutes from now. “Even allowing for a two-minute margin of error, I still had to come to my senses immediately after completing the first surgery.”


“The owner of the tower was forcibly knocked unconscious using the anesthesia room equipment. “I can guess what he was trying to do…”

The surgeon laid Tapju down on the operating table and felt the pulse on his neck, then tilted his head.

“Change in body temperature, which was maintained at 75 degrees immediately after anesthesia. Changes in heart rate. Considering the resistance to the effects of the newly administered anesthetic-”

The drinker slowly looked back at Lennok and asked.

“Did you steal the [Embers] belonging to the Mage Tower while I was away?”


Did they already figure it out just by briefly examining Tapju’s unconscious body?

However, Lennok was not swayed by the words of the tower owner, which struck the key point at once.

‘You still don’t know that I recovered Zelich’s left brain.’

The master of the joint was aware that Lennok had touched the tower owner, but did not know that Lennok had visited Zelich.

This is probably because, regardless of Lennok’s targeting resistance, no exploration or clairvoyance is allowed against Lennok.

If the drinker did not notice that Zelich’s left brain was missing, there is room for use.

After making his decision, Lennok slowly opened his mouth.

“You knew about embers even though you weren’t a flame wizard.”

“I’m also interested in maximizing the ultimate firepower through preheating.”

The drinker responded indifferently and slowly approached Lennok.

“I also know that the great wizards of the flame-heat world who have reached the level are looking for new embers to burn in place of their own energy.”

Uncharacteristically for a specialty magician, his understanding of flame magic is abnormally high.

Should we judge that the master of the joint liquor possessed profound insight as the master of the alliance?

“Ever since I was captured in my domain, I have been spending my time stealing the tower owner’s spark…”

The owner’s eyes narrowed as he looked down at Lennok.

“That is not the action of a magician who gave up his life. “It’s a preparation for living and promising the next time.”


“Are you not going to answer? Okay, that’s not what’s important.”

The owner snapped his fingers and the operating table where Lennok was tied began to slide.

Damn it…!!

As the writhing inner wall cracked, Lennok and Sulju’s new form moved inside the area as if they were overturned on the spot.

A type of spatial movement that completely exchanges the positional coordinates inside the operating room.

This was the moment when Lennok frowned at the unrealistic change of position without even a sense of speed.

“Case 29541. Main operating room 1 opened.”


Before we knew it, Lennok was lying down in a pure white room with dazzling lighting.

A larger and more spacious space than any room I have ever seen in an operating room.

Complex machines located in all directions of the operating room are aimed at Lennok, who is lying on the operating table.


When the fusion master pulled the lever on the wall, the powered machines all turned their heads towards Lennok.

“Decompression adjustment. Magic synchronization. Mana resistance offset. Maximum responsive resonance. Ready for operation up to the 3rd spare power room.”

At the same time as a red scale was engraved on Lennok’s body, a scale protruded between the aiming lines to determine the numerical value.

At the same time, more than a dozen graphs and data began to appear on the screen next to the operating table.

“Database open. In the remarks column, enter the special information mentioned from now on in order.”

The drinker, wearing transparent gloves on both hands, looked down at Lennok with an indifferent gaze and said.

“Let’s look at the blue eyes. The last owner of the Hanghasa Labyrinth. Heir to Ascendant Jindun’s barrier technique. “A level 8 flame-type archmage.”


“The current time is 2:42:14. Thousands of examinations of Evan Martinez are beginning.”


The drinker’s eyes sparkled as he wiped the needle of the ampoule in his hand with disinfectant.

“Shall we check to see what’s inside that body?”

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Drug-Eating Genius Mage

Drug-Eating Genius Mage

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