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Drug-Eating Genius Mage Chapter 1001

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Genius Magician Who Takes Medicine Episode 1001

Conjugated Liquor (2)


the sound of a call ringing out in a room where the monitor light is blinking.

Maiya’s nervous voice rang out with a sound as if the receiver had been snatched away.

[Doctor I am very busy right now. What’s going on?]

“Is that so? But it would be a good idea to take some time to check out the first gate.”

A boy sitting on an old chair smiled and held a microphone.

A furball old boy. The doctor, who changed his appearance regardless of age or gender, turned his gaze towards the monitor.

“Currently, a large number of big names from the front are flocking around the gate. “This is the first time since the rotation of the Four Heavenly Flames that power on this scale has been concentrated in one place.”


“It would be great if we could contact you now that the leader has appeared, but I have no choice but to tell you first. “Can you go to the scene right away?”

[If you need help, ask the clown. What do you want?]

“For the thousandth time, Evan Martinez was observed at the first gate.”


As soon as she heard that name, Maiya’s answer stopped.

This may be because she still hasn’t forgotten what happened in the Hanghasa Labyrinth.

Maiya asked a question while the doctor smiled at the lingering feeling that came from that delicate silence.

[…Did I say a thousand times?]

“This is actually my first official stop since leaving the Blue Eyes.”

The doctor answered leisurely.

“The reaction to the fact that the Apostle Slayer who was defeated by Lightning has now appeared at the gate is very violent. After all, now that the joint liquor has taken over the gate.”


“I need information from the field. “If we’re going to investigate the situation, wouldn’t it be better for you, who has become familiar with the labyrinth, to go?”

[Ha, I was talking about something…]

Maiya got irritated and swiped down the receiver.

[I met him a thousand times before he became an apostle killer. There was something the leader did in the cradle, so how could he possibly cooperate now?]

“Hmm… That’s true too.”

[Even so, I am busy adjusting the gravity stone I obtained from the temple. [You’re asking for a useless favor.]

There was an unfortunate incident in which the Pandemonium force that infiltrated the Balkans was defeated by a single solid person, but that doesn’t mean there was no gain.

Although I was unable to obtain the forbidden weapon from Anathema’s temple, I did collect the gravity stone used to build the temple.

Gravity stones imbued with Anathema’s magic can be processed into top-class ritual catalysts with just a little bit of effort.

It was natural for Maiya to be annoyed by the doctor’s attitude of leaving that work to Maiya and now changing the schedule.

[I don’t care who dies at the gate. In the first place, the point of worrying about something that has nothing to do with the Pandemonium is-]

Maiya’s voice that was saying that suddenly cut off on the spot.

A strange reaction, as if he had just finally remembered a very important fact.

[Wait, really?]

“But it looks like I haven’t completely forgotten.”

The doctor chuckled and turned his gaze to the other monitor.

The doctor’s eyes momentarily sank deeply as he looked at the darkness flooding within the monitor.

“You’ve been calm for a lot longer than I thought. “Isn’t that right?”


“It’s not the monsters running rampant at the gate that you need to be careful of. “I plan to prepare for the worst.”

* * *

“Black cotton seed, thorn rider’s gall, Yukirin’s eyes, Cheolryeonggo root…”


Every time Lennok moves his hand, the medicines and catalysts placed on the shelf pour out.

“Blood anesthetic, Kessler’s magic coagulant, Avator’s willpower enhancer, and stock-type curse treatment.”

Lennok muttered with satisfaction as he skillfully selected dozens of medicine bottles from the shelf, as if shopping.

“As expected from the Federation’s master, it is full of rare medicines and catalysts. “I’m already feeling full.”

Is it because the master of the joint surgery is not only an excellent surgeon, but at the same time an even better surgeon?

It is full of chemicals and catalysts that are difficult to find even on the Balkan black market or at auction.

It’s not enough just to find and steal items that can be taken with you.


Lennok walked out of the medicine storage room in an instant and checked the nameplate of the room he had been locked in just a moment ago.

[Preliminary anesthesia room No. 2]

Was the room where Lennok was confined itself a separate space created for anesthesia, not surgery?

Lennok walked out into the hallway and glanced at the light green flame glowing softly in his hand.

Lennok, who had successfully taken the [Ember] from the magic tower lord, sighed with satisfaction.

“It’s a good start.”

This light green flame is the power used by the magic tower lord to heal his body.

Although it takes the form of a flame, it is an ember that has the ability to ‘cure’ living things.

Lennok understood how rare and valuable these sparks were.

‘It is an ember lit by the magician’s magic. ‘There aren’t many abilities better suited to me than this when it comes to treating injuries.’

Evan Martinez’s identity is a battle wizard who uses flame magic, barrier magic, and martial arts.

The fact that this person, who is at increased risk of being exposed to injuries, has the ability to heal is great news.

The tower owner must have worked so hard because he knew how important the value of this spark was.

‘I would like to steal other sparks and other treasures possessed by the tower owner, but…’

The opening song of the magic treasure that burns and accelerates the other sparks possessed by the Blaver magic tower master and the time he was using.

I am interested in the embers and Noble Phantasm of the owner of the magic tower that has existed for over hundreds of years, but if I kill the tower owner here, the master of magic will notice.

It is virtually impossible to hide the death of the tower owner in this life zone in the form of an operating room.

As I was able to escape the alcohol’s surveillance using targeted resistance, it was right to throw away my regrets and investigate the operating room.

“It’s an operating room…”

It’s an operating room, but it’s a huge flesh-shaped dome itself with a radius of hundreds of meters.

Light red rooms and hallways are arranged indiscriminately, changing shape on their own.

Because this area itself is a living organism, it feels like you are inside a huge intestine.

Lennok, who saw the veins showing and faintly writhing down the hallway, slowly walked forward.

‘There isn’t much time. We have to move quickly.’

In a little while, the first surgery will be over and Sulju will have some free time again.

Before Sulju returns from surgery, he must quickly look around the area and find what he wants.

The target is the fragments of the veil and the remains of the immortal Michal Zelich.

Fortunately, Lennok also knew where to go.

‘It was said that the entire area is shaped to embrace the gateway entrance. There will be an entrance at the part that touches the ground.’

A place where the vibrations of this constantly lingering hallway gradually become stronger. The heart where the pulse of life can be heard.

The most important vital part that makes this area a living organism. heart.

The moment I passed through the shaking hallway and reached the crossroads. The hallway wall was cut open and wide open.



The space inside is very spacious. To the extent that Lennok’s naked eyes could not see the end.

Could it be the exit leading to the gateway entrance? Or is it a path leading deeper into the operating room?

Lennok, who stepped into the open room, fell silent at the sight of a scene so gruesome as to be beyond his imagination.


Hundreds of humans are hanging on the wall without any clothes on.

A gruesome sight displayed by a person hanging by a loop around the nape of his neck. Even after Lennok came in, he went limp and didn’t even move.

It is a sight that is difficult to accept even when you see it with your own two eyes, where the entire room is made up of human walls.

Lennok, who was looking around in silence, realized that there was something on display in the middle of the room.

“…are they superhumans?”

Unlike the humans hanging on the wall, these are people standing properly dressed and equipped.

A woman stretches her hand forward, holding a grimoire in her hand.

An elderly knight carrying a great sword on his shoulder and cheering.

A young spearman holding a spear and smiling charmingly.

In addition, various people are stuffed throughout the room as if time has stopped.

A strange appearance with a posture and appearance that clearly shows off one’s special skills or talents.


A human taxidermy that is full of life, as if it could come to life at any moment.

His presence is so significant that you can immediately tell that he was a powerful magic user when he was alive.

Did the master of conjugation display the person he fought or killed in the operating room like this?

No, if you’re going to kill him, there’s no reason to go to the trouble of embalming him like this –

Lennok, who was thinking so, suddenly realized something and touched the archangel’s pity in his arms.

Lennok’s face hardened when he realized that the people stuffed here were not recognized as inorganic.

“Could it be…is he still alive?”

The liquor is not put on display for the purpose of killing the humans here and showing off.

Even after experimenting and dissecting them at will, their lives were saved and they were stuffed in the operating room.

Is it possible to keep a life-threatening creature like a human being taxidermied like this?

Unconcealable evidence that the power and skill of the alcoholic drinker has reached a truly inhuman level.

At that moment, the woman’s fingers holding the grimoire and unfolding it began to move slowly.


When I force my stiffened fingers to move, the flesh gets crushed and blood flows out.

Drops of blood dripped onto the pages of the book, creating letters sparsely.

A wish so clear and simple that even Lennok could immediately recognize it.



There is no shaking in the smiling face or unblinking eyes.

An ornament whose skin hardens and becomes necrotic and whose pupils are treated with preservatives to prevent them from rotting.

The body is just a shell, the senses have long since disappeared and nothing can be seen.

Not knowing who the approaching person is, all he can do is pour out his only wish towards him.


Lennok, who was looking down at the woman with a confused expression, took out a small syringe from his pocket.

Lennok held the syringe and stabbed it into the back of the woman’s hand and whispered quietly into her ear.

“It is a poison that acts over time. “If it spreads to the blood vessels after 12 hours, you will die painlessly.”


“It will be over soon. “I’m sorry.”

For the same reason we couldn’t kill the tower owner, we can’t kill them here.

Here, the moment they die, the life sphere will immediately recognize the death and inform the drinker of the incident.

The fact that their lives are at stake in the first place may also serve as a warning.


At that moment, the woman raised her hand and began to clumsily turn the pages of the grimoire.

The moment I turned the pages I was reading with trembling hands and closed the entire bookshelf.

As the grimoire closed, a faint magical light was emitted in its place.



There is no answer. Even its presence becomes faint, as if it has done its job.


At that moment, the wall behind the exhibition hall where the superhumans were stuffed opened wide, revealing a hidden room.

Unlike the operating room, which is shaped like a procrastinating creature, this is a secret room made of solid metal.

Lennok, who only then realized what the purpose of this space was, nodded.

“You needed a room made of metal, not walls of flesh. “Is that why you kept this secret room hidden?”

Was the reason that only women among the stuffed superhumans able to move was to keep the entrance to the secret room hidden?

It was Sulju’s idea to use a woman’s magic to hide a secret room rather than an operating room.


As Lennok entered, he felt the chill lingering in the room and closed his mouth.

“…was it a freezer where organs removed from superhumans were stored?”

Severed arms, legs, heads and eyeballs. Hair and internal organs. Human internal organs and body parts floating everywhere.

Finely disassembled nerve trunks and muscle fibers. Bizarrely cut organs and internal organs are stored in test tubes.


The eyeball in the test tube spins and the head in the bathtub opens its mouth.

Some of the dogs were turning their gaze in this direction as if they were aware of Lennok’s presence.

The strong smell of preservatives and blood stings your nose. I feel like I’m getting dizzy just by standing up.

Lennok came to his senses by pressing his eyelids and looked around with calm eyes.

‘It may seem like it is displayed indiscriminately, but there are rules inside, not on the outside.’

The dissected organs gathered here are not gathered for the sake of the winemaker’s hobby.

An organ or body part with an unusual appearance or ability that may be of personal interest to the drinker.

A two-armed specimen or a seven-fingered seven-handed heart’s blood vessels are blocked and hardened.

There are also organs that contain special magical power or are themselves made of special substances.

You can tell that all specimens have unusual history or rarity.

The moment when Lennok, who had been thinking so far, remembered the goal he had to find in the operating room and turned around.

[You are not a master of conjugation.]

Someone’s voice echoed from behind Lennok.

A hard, mechanical voice. However, the tone itself is somewhat loose.

[If it’s okay, could you come over here and take me out? Maybe it’s because I’ve been locked up for a long time, but it’s frustrating.]

“I’m locked up?”

[Oh, you can hear me too.]

At that moment, the voice let out an exclamation that could not be hidden.

[It is rare to find someone who can sense flame images made of mental waves so well. It looks like your spirituality is very developed.]


[Come a little closer. I want to read your thoughts too.]

Instead of answering, Lennok stepped closer and the voice responded immediately.

[hmm? There’s something familiar about it… Could it be pyrokinesis?]

A guess that is relatively close to the correct answer, but is subtly off.

However, Lennok realized that the opponent was not detecting him, but the array device mounted on his arm.

It was originally said to be a stolen object used by Pyrokinesis, who was unable to control its abilities, to expel body heat.

And the fact that the other person reads the traces of the psychic and talks to me like this –

[If it is the same psychic, I would like to propose a deal in the name of the Supernatural Enlightenment Mission.]


[The Ritual Weapon, Hyeongokseong (熒惑星), given by the leader of the front group, Ophelia Yeongjwa, for those with innate abilities. Have you ever heard that?]

said the voice.

[It is a weapon used for forced awakening of the phase realm, which burns the will and increases the output of supernatural abilities, but because of the way it works, I don’t need it. Rather, it would suit a pyrokinesis like you well.]


[I thought it should not be taken away by the alcoholic, so I hid it somewhere in the operating room. If you help me, I will hand it over.]

“Even if you hand over such a precious item so easily. “Are you okay?”

[Even after all this, he has held a fairly high position in the military.]

The voice exhaled an ahem sound and was proud.

[If the Commander-in-Chief knows, he will criticize you, but if you say there is nothing you can do, headquarters will also agree.]

“I see.”

As soon as Lennok heard those words, he glanced back.

I guessed it right after I heard the voice, but I was sure after hearing the self-introduction.

I had no idea that consciousness could still remain in a form capable of conversation like this, but I’m sure it was.

“Are you Michal Zelich, the Three Seat Immortal of the Shear War?”


An exhibition stand located in the deepest part of the cold freezer.

The human brain is proudly displayed at the top.

The brain that was cut in half, with only the left brain remaining, tilted its head in the tank.

[How do you know who I am?]

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Drug-Eating Genius Mage

Drug-Eating Genius Mage

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