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Doctor’s Rebirth Chapter 1185

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Chapter 1185

Jin Cheon-hee hurriedly said that it was okay.

She tells Yuho that there is no need to tell her that she has come and gone.

I’ll take care of it.

‘Yuho got the estimate first and left?’

Did he care that he had trouble with documents at that time?

Or maybe it was because there really wasn’t enough toothbrushes to supply to Baekrin Uigak.

Anyway, I’m not ready to see Yuho right now.

It’s not easy to look at Yuho the same way after something like that happened in the first place.


Jin Tianxi barely calmed her racing heart and sighed deeply.

Anyway, Jin Cheon-hee looks around at the craftsmen carving handles, making brushes, and the process of combining brushes and handles.

‘How…is it similar to the torpedo bomb factory we made before?’

There are some awkward parts.

It feels like watching the early days of industrialization.

As a result, Jin Cheon-hee found areas for further improvement.

Just because it’s improved like that…

‘Could the price of toothbrushes go down?’

Her head hurts.


I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but there is only one conclusion.

‘We will lower the price to some extent, but in the end, there will inevitably be a limit.’

For example, on Earth, it costs about 1,000 won to buy a cheap toothbrush.

And even a cheap toothbrush can be used for a long time.

If the dentist sees you, he or she will run to you and tell you that your new toothbrush is the best toothbrush.

You can use it as long as you ‘just write it’.


‘But what about toothbrushes in this world?’

The result of Jin Cheon-hee’s thinking while thinking about how to introduce a new technique.

It seems that the unit price per unit can be reduced by up to ten coins.

‘It’s ten coins….’

Five coins for a bowl of noodles. Two bowls worth of noodles.

At that level… I wonder if people can still use it somehow…?

Still, it’s much better than not even starting to brush your teeth at all.

‘First, we reduce the unit price to that point.’

But I felt like that wasn’t enough.


‘We should encourage the use of toothpaste.’

Why did you go to the old Damjin Kingdom and go through so much trouble?

Soda stone.

In other words, wasn’t he going to dig up ingredients for toothpaste?

Solid toothpaste is what we created after so much effort.

And the result of repeated improvements to the solid toothpaste.

Surprisingly, it is sold at a reasonable price compared to toothbrushes.

‘It’s because everyone doesn’t use it well…’

Toothbrushes weren’t selling in the first place, so why would toothpaste sell?

This is a more ruined business than soap.

Soap later took off with the addition of water taps and fragrance oils, but toothpaste is not the answer.

One thing that even members of the White House rarely use is this solid toothpaste.

‘Huh, there’s nothing I can do about it. From here on out, I think we should at least try to do propaganda on a large scale.’

Anyway, I need you to know that this thing is better than salt water!

‘And you shouldn’t eat it.’

It may not seem like a big deal to modern people, but

This is a surprisingly difficult problem.

* * *

Mr. Geummak lives in the village below Baekrin Uigak.

Her daughter invited her to go see a puppet show.

‘Now that I think about it, the night market is fun these days.’

Normally, it would be time to go to bed at night, but as the town grows, so does the night market.

There, entertainers and storytellers began to make money by selling their talents.

“Mommy, mommy!”

“okay. “Let’s go see it.”

So, holding her daughter’s hand, she headed to the place where the play was taking place.

When I got there, many people had already gathered and sat down, and the entertainer in the middle was preparing a puppet show.

When it comes to puppetry, there are usually shadow puppet shows.

It is a play performed by projecting the shadows of puppets, and its origins date from the Tang Dynasty (5th to 6th centuries).

Shadow puppetry has been popular in the Hua Empire for quite some time.

It is especially popular with children, but it is one of the performances that adults can also enjoy.

And these shadow puppet shows are being performed all over Jiangsu Province.

‘Life has definitely gotten better.’

In the past, it was hard to make a living so I didn’t have time to look at things like this.

There was no need for entertainers to come here and perform.

Because no matter how much you perform, it’s hard to get even one penny.

But still, it’s different now.

Now that the money is starting to flow, I have the spirit to see things like this.

‘Prime Minister Jin’s kindness is endless.’

People praise Taesu at every house.

It was natural.

For this kind of life to become natural, it must last at least ten or twenty years.

‘Will it be different even after 20 years?’

I do not know.

First of all, wouldn’t it be difficult for other towns to reach the level of Baekrin-gun?

Now, I heard that the Emperor has issued an order not to accept any additional immigrants to Baeklin County.

The population is increasing here, but in other areas, civilians are leaving.

‘It must be difficult for those in high positions to open their eyes and see that.’

There are a few things I picked up from Mr. Geummak, who works at the top and is a high-class person in his own right.

And from Baeklin Army’s perspective, it needs time to digest this population.

“Now that I think about it, I heard that Governor Jin himself created this play.”

“Oh oh! “It seems like the dolls are more delicate than usual and show signs of special care being taken.”

There are clearly traces of money being spent.

In addition, the people preparing for the puppet show seemed nervous, so I could feel the motivation to do well.

“Mom, they said it’s starting!”


People of all ages and genders began to brighten up their eyes at the drama.

* * *

[Damn cavities! Is it you again!]

[Hahaha! Did you enjoy the taste of the special junk food I made?]

Surprisingly, the puppeteer shouts out to all directions in a voice full of energy.

Indeed, these are people hired directly by Governor Jin.

It wasn’t an ordinary skill.

[It’s a battle between a cavity demon that attacks people’s teeth and a healthy teeth hero fighting against it!]

It was an obvious story, but in this era where there were no retellings, this story was very refreshing.

People watch this fight with fascination, especially children, with even more fascination.

The shape of the shadows scattering, gathering, changing again, and scattering looks like Kang Ho-in using martial arts!

[Hahaha! I am immortal! If you eat sweets and don’t brush your teeth, they will appear at any time!]

[this guy! Receive the toothpaste gum given to you by Yuho, the guardian of healthy teeth!]

The toothpaste gum had hairs growing at the end.

No matter how you look at it, it’s a toothbrush!


Everyone looks on, mesmerized by this obvious story.

Although the villain named Cavity Demon appears and falls down is the same, the process is slightly different.

Today’s story is about the cavity-digger devil spreading cavities by selling unlicensed food.

And the ending!

[To defeat the cavity demon! Let’s all brush our teeth! Upper teeth! Bottom teeth! thoroughly!]

Surprisingly, a shadow puppet was explaining how to brush your teeth and at what frequency you should brush them.

The explanation is even written in a song.

[Upper teeth, snips, lower teeth, snips, especially the chewing surface of the molars!]

[I brush it once a day. Yaksook!]

…Jin Cheonhee wanted to do it three times a day.

However, it was reduced to once amid harsh criticism from reality, such as when to farm and when to do business.

It should not be compared to modern times, where each building and workplace has a sink.

Because even once a day is a great thing.

“Stand up. “You don’t have any cavities!”

The child follows along.

I also started singing along.

When the performance ended, someone shouted from one side.

“The guardian of healthy teeth, Yuho Toyong, is here!”

“Mom, this, this!”

A child pulls her mother’s sleeve.

Looking at it, it is an item from Geumhyeolbang.

‘The quality of Geumhyeolbang products these days is good.’

He is holding the toothbrush tightly as if it were the guardian of healthy teeth.

‘The price… isn’t bad.’

the child shouts


Suje was about to lie down and play around, so he ended up handing me Yuho Toyong, the ‘Guardian of Healthy Teeth’.

Next to him was Toyong, the guardian of the same healthy teeth, and this guy was politely holding teeth instead of beads in both hands.

‘Hmm, does this mean that your teeth will be pulled out like this…?’

I can’t believe that.

It seems like too much meaning is attached to the small clay pots sold at the market.

Next to it…

“We’re offering a special discount on Yuho Workshop brand toothbrushes and toothpaste!”

I know how to write.

Because you can’t help but know the biography of a hero with healthy teeth if you watch at least one episode.

“Three for the price of one! Cheap, cheap! “It’s a huge discount that won’t even make up for it!”

“The governor is crazy!”

Even the cheerleaders from the side are shouting.

‘Uhm, yes. Should I buy one? ‘Because one of the five blessings is teeth.’

When you get older and lose all your teeth and lose the ability to chew, you start to lose energy, your eyes become dim, and you die not long after.

Not being able to eat is a big problem.

‘Let’s buy one right now.’

Geummak decided.

“Daughter, would you like to imitate the Cheonchi Hero?”


Let her mother and daughter wipe together.

* * *

Jin Cheon-hee was watching this scene from afar.

‘Well, it’s going well as expected.’

People are watching the performance and buying it as if they were mesmerized.

It was a good thing.

Jin Cheon-hee turned her body and immediately turned on her lamp and headed towards the workshop where she was busy working.

Now that she has reached the police station, Jin Cheon-hee’s new brother is literally like the wind.

Tak, tatak.

As soon as her few feet touch the ground, the terrain changes.

The workshop began to appear in the distance.


A water wheel using the valley water flowing down from the mountain where Baekrin Uigak is located.

This is a workshop where a grinding machine is connected to such a water wheel.

The other day.

Have you ever built a steel mill and manufactured a bellows using water power?

This time, they used the water power to create a workshop using a grinding machine.


What is a grinding machine?

It refers to a machine that rotates something like a whetstone at high speed to grind and carve wood, stone, and even metal.

In English, this guy is also called Grinder!

in other words.

Jin Cheon-hee decided to make a hydraulic grinding machine and use it to drastically reduce the time it takes to cut wood.

Even if this time is shortened, the price of the toothbrush can be lowered.

‘There are many things humans can do even without a steam engine.’

Just by using the power of water falling from above to below, you can achieve infinite things.

This is not all.

What if I attach a blade to a hydraulic grinding machine instead of a whetstone?

It becomes a hydraulic saw blade.

Naturally, this is suitable for cutting various things in large quantities.

-oh my god! I only know how to make rice cakes with a water wheel, but this is possible using a mechanical engine!

-This is the Zhuge Dynasty’s thousand-year engine model. It’s so eye-popping.

-This will save a lot of time, right?

When I first made this, I felt like I was from another world.

‘There is no need for a cooldown until it is distributed like soap. This.’

People were a little amazed that it was Zhuge Sega’s secret method, but it was just a small application of a U-tube video they had seen before.

Jin Cheon-hee happily watched people grinding wood using a grinding machine.

“hmm. “I’m proud!”

This can reduce the price of low-quality toothbrushes by less than half.

What used to be ten coins became five coins.

‘Of course, this is a bit burdensome for people to buy and use.’

It is not as light as plastic and cannot be used for a long time.

There is a reason why organic is called organic in the first place.

It’s organic because it’s uncomfortable.

It’s good that we chose nature, but humanity is a species that grew through the power of chemistry in the first place.

Giving that up means giving up that much convenience.

‘First of all… I think that if we spread the word about the dangers of cavities using theatrical propaganda, the spread will go smoothly…’

In addition, they use the clinics to provide free toothbrushes and solid toothpaste to patients.

‘To be precise, if you pay the medical expenses, you are given a toothbrush and toothpaste.’

Whether it’s selling it at a deep discount or selling it at a clothing store, it’s actually a losing business.

‘But if it becomes widespread, things may change a little more.’

This is the same as soap.

It’s not something I report on for a year or two.

You have to keep hitting rocks with eggs.

Jin Cheon-hee said.

“Oh, would you like to have a late-night snack?”

The workers immediately cheered at those words.


“They say the governor is cooking!”

“It’s meat. Meatiii!”

Well, somehow, I feel like my reputation as a chef has increased more than my authority as a governor.

Does it matter?

Jin Cheon-hee returned, waving the ladle.

‘Ha, is it time to meet Yuho?’

The result of continuing to avoid it.

Anyway, I felt like I had to meet this guy.

I finally got the courage.

The courage to talk about what happened ‘that day’.

‘I was running away from Yuho for a while.’

Honestly, I had a lot to ask.

And there was something to say about that clay pot, but the moment I tried to think of it.


My body kept getting stiff.

The ceremony that took place at Dowonhyangro.

There the congressman saw the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

At that time, the congressman’s life was cut off like a flower, and his next life rose again like a star.

The emotion I felt at that time was something that is difficult to express simply with the word ‘fear.’

If he were an ordinary human being, he would have gone crazy hundreds or tens of thousands of times.

‘But running away… didn’t give me an answer.’

The congressman takes a deep breath.

He couldn’t just run away forever.

Let’s go to the fox den!

‘I guess I’ll have to take care of Cheonilchwi first.’

Usually, Cheonilchwi is used to entertain guests, but-

‘If it’s okay, I might have to drink it here.’

Cheonilchwi (feat. Potion of Courage).

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