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Doctor’s Rebirth Chapter 1184

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Chapter 1184

063. About the correlation between cavities, toothbrushes, and toothpaste

A month has passed since Jin Cheon-hee returned.

Winter is over and spring is in full swing.

The common people of Jiangsu Province were busy doing farming.


Jin Cheon-hee is troubled by her unexpected report.

She sat in her office and racked her brain for a while before coming out with one word.

“Why did this… why did it happen like this?”

Reports piled up like a mountain.

Among the reports, the one that worried Governor Jin the most was the report on cavities.

There is no particular reason.

The number of cavities patients has increased!

‘No, the number of cavities patients has increased so much in such a short period of time…’


It is an incurable disease.

When people think of incurable diseases, they think of something fatal, but surprisingly, there are many incurable diseases.

First of all, allergies.

This too is an incurable disease.

Although it is possible to control it for a while with medicine, it cannot change what is innate.

Cold hands and feet.

This too is an incurable disease.

Modern medicine has nothing to say in the face of cold hands and feet other than to keep your body warm.

Likewise, cavities.

This too is an incurable disease.

Humanity has no choice but to live in the face of cavities by constantly removing teeth.

This is because teeth only erupt twice in a lifetime.

When a permanent tooth erupts, the tooth decays and decays, and the only way to do this is to cut off the decayed part and use supplements to fill it.

And eventually, those teeth become crowns and implants.

It can be said to be a sad, incurable disease.

Kangho’s treatment for cavities usually ends with extraction.

They don’t even use lawmakers.

Other than that, it is a slander and you are biting a poisonous plant (usually you die from poisoning or get worse).

Apply mercury. (Mercury treatment is not left out in even the best!)

There were even various folk remedies, such as holding baby urine in the mouth.

But anyway.

Tooth decay is an incurable disease.

Once germs enter your baby’s life and start living there, you have to live with that friend forever.

And usually most of them are living together.

Nowadays, it is said that parents refrain from kissing babies to prevent the spread of mutans bacteria, but of course in this era, there is no such thing.


‘In this area, cavities did not progress as fast as in modern times and the damage was less.’

It may sound crazy, but he died before suffering from cavities.

When a person dies, there are no mutans bacteria.

This happened because lifespan was short and there was little to eat.

However, Jiangsu Province is different now.

‘If I had to say that the treatment for cavities that I have come up with so far… it is about removing cavities with a sword and covering them.’

It is crazy to put on the title that our emperor uses.

Gold is expensive… but it’s worth it if you’re a wealthy person.

There is a silver alloy used in Sichuan Danga, and it feels similar to amalgam.

‘Well, in modern times, amalgam is gradually being discontinued due to the risk of small amounts of mercury poisoning…’

Still, it has the big advantage of being cheap.

The stability that has been in use for a hundred years is not going anywhere.

The silver alloy imported from Sacheondanga is similar to this amalgam.

Above all, it is cheaper than the gold and Yeongdan mentioned above.

As a result of the experiment, there were many aspects that were better than modern amalgam.

Best of all, this one doesn’t contain mercury.

‘Instead, it is very difficult to mold it to fit the teeth.’

Although it is more stable than amalgam, it feels twice as difficult to mold.

Even so.

‘I can’t reduce the treatment fee.’

In the first place, only experts who can use sword techniques can become dentists, this crazy powerhouse.

Even if Jin Cheon-hee wants to cut the price in this powerhouse…

There is no answer to rising prices due to a lack of manpower.

‘That would be impossible even if I became a noble person!’

No matter how great God is, is this guy greater than the invisible hand?

Modern civilization also has the power to shatter mountains and evaporate oceans –

‘Even if you have that kind of technology, you can’t even get the price of cabbage!’

In this world, treating cavities requires a swordsman and an expert with at least a sword level.

In the end, even in modern times, the price that makes you cry every time you get your teeth cleaned, became even more ridiculous with Kang-ho’s arrival.

Even so, there weren’t many clinics that could make reservations, so reservations were delayed for months.

This is how I was able to make an appointment when my teeth were all rotted.

‘I’ve never been pushed back to this extent before… What is it?’

I cross my arms and think.

It is not only those who can wait for treatment costs and waiting times that have increased.

The number of patients who chose to have their teeth extracted rather than pay for treatment must have increased.

‘Is this because rice production has increased and rice cakes and grain syrup, etc., have become cheaper?’

At that time, Yuho came carrying refreshments.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you bastard worry.”

“No, even though the number of cavities patients has increased, it has increased too much.”

“Isn’t cavities ultimately a problem with teeth?”


“Wouldn’t it be better to be thankful that we no longer have to starve in the first place? In the past, snacks like these were expensive, so the common people had to eat big.”

“It’s good that the standard of living has risen, but I’m worried because new problems have arisen.”

It seems like paradise will come when there is no hunger in the world.

‘Life isn’t that easy.’

If hunger has disappeared, new problems are bound to arise.

“There is no end to human suffering.”

After saying that, Yuho clicked his tongue and walked out.

Can not help it.

After all, that’s what life is like.

‘New problems constantly arise, and human life involves solving them.’

Even though life is better.

Somewhere, a new problem comes rushing in and making me fuss.

‘It’s a good thing. ‘Hunger is gone.’

The lawmaker thought that this problem was not bad either.

As Yuho said.

Anyway, it’s better than someone starving to death.


Jin Cheon-hee after Yoo-ho left.

I called the congressman and told him it was okay to run errands for a while.

He said he would drink it on his own.

He asked Yuho to tell it.

“yes? “Didn’t the Commander-in-Chief always prepare refreshments?”

“It’s not really a reason, I just got a little busy. “That’s it.”

Jin Cheon-hee deliberately-

‘okay. There’s no need to see Yuho.’

He said it indifferently.

* * *

Simple facts.

Life has improved.

Life expectancy also increased, and people began to eat well.

Eating well here means eating at least two meals a day, and now eating three meals a day.

This means that even ordinary people can eat snacks.

In particular, things like rice cakes and starch syrup are expensive because they require a lot of rice.

In other regions, precious rice is usually used to fill the stomach, rather than wasted for the pleasure of the mouth.

This kind of joy is found on special days.

That’s why food eaten at birthdays or weddings is more special.

However, as the standard of living across Baeklin-gun has risen, people are now actively enjoying sweets on a daily basis.

‘The price of Tanghulu has also gone down a lot.’

Although Tanghulu was originally sold on the roadside, it was not as sweet as the modern version.

Could it be said that it neutralizes the sour taste of hawthorn fruit?

It wasn’t that sweet, but the price was enough to make me buy it.

But now it’s quite sweet.

‘The problem does not end simply by feeding them well.’

If it were any other town, it might be said to be a problem, but in Jiangsu Province, tooth decay is a serious issue.

Plus, if things continue like this, a diabetic friend will come soon.

‘Tooth decay is an incurable disease, but there is a way to prevent it.’

Brushing your teeth right away.

There are even toothbrushes in this world!

Without any need for Jin Cheon-hee to invent it, humans have been brushing their teeth since the time of Egypt.

However, it is similar in shape to a modern toothbrush… I wonder if it was a toothbrush made from pig bristles from the Tang Dynasty?

Maybe that’s why.

There is also an item called Donmochi brush (豚毛齒) in this Hwa Empire.

It looks similar to Earth’s toothbrush, but the brush is made of pig hair.

the problem is.

‘This is quite expensive….’

This is because it is handmade by planting pig hair one by one in the first place!

In addition, because it uses stiff pig bristles, it smells bad after just using it for a week.

In that case, I boil it before using it…

If that happens, it will lose its original strength and have to be discarded since it has been boiled with the fur intact.

No matter how much you use, boiling it two or three times is the limit.

So preventing cavities is the exclusive domain of those who have it.

And those who do, in fact, do not polish it as diligently as they do in modern times.

‘There are some people who are concerned about bad breath and brush their breath more diligently.’

Isn’t brushing your teeth a hassle in the first place?

Even in the modern world, children who did not receive proper health education when they were young do not brush their teeth when they grow up.

No, even if you receive health education, you won’t brush your teeth.

Although humans have been brushing their teeth with toothpaste since the Egyptians.

It has been less than a hundred years since humans began to brush their teeth in earnest.

There is no way this could be contained in DNA, so is there any way it could be okay?

If this doesn’t become a habit, you won’t continue doing it.

You start going to the dentist in your early 20s, and start thinking about crowns and implants in your 30s.

Even on Earth, there is no way in this world, even if you have a lot of money, that you will be able to brush your teeth well.

Still, there are ways to brush your teeth that are inexpensive and less cumbersome in their own way.

Soak in water and wipe gently with your fingers.

The water used at this time is salt water, or put salt in your mouth before wiping.

From a modern person’s perspective, I think a toothbrush is better than this.

It also seems like it feels less annoying.

However, since you have to use precious salt every time you brush your teeth, most of the time you just use water.

The effectiveness may be much lower.

“Sseu-eup, Yu… no. “Because I’m not seeing Yuho these days.”

Jin Cheon-hee immediately called Congressman and talked to him.

“Please tell Master that I will be visiting the village below for a while.”

After saying that, I went down Baekrin Uigak and headed to the toothbrush workshop in the city below.

‘This… I guess we have to do something to distribute toothbrushes in the end…’

As I walk, I see people living in the city.

There are a lot more Tanghulu and sweets stores than before.

When the child begs the father, the father cheerfully buys it and gives it to him.

I glance at the price of Tanghulu out of the corner of my eye.

‘It’s definitely gone down compared to before.’

It is a symbol of abundance.

This is something you would only see in the Hua Empire if you went as far as Beijing.

In Beijing, housing is expensive to begin with, and prestigious families and their servants live here.

For reference, the earnings of those servants are higher than those of the common people.

This is why it is better to be a servant in a daegamjip even if you work as a servant.

‘okay. ‘I have to do something with my toothbrush.’

Jin Cheon-hee’s steps became faster.

* * *

“What, the governor himself came?”

It might be someone like a member of the Baeklin Council or a general secretary.

Taesu himself?

Upon hearing the news that Jin Cheon-hee had arrived in person, Hwa-cheol, the owner of the workshop, rushed out.

When he tried to show his respect, Jin Cheon-hee immediately grabbed him with intent.

Stand tall!

My body doesn’t move at all.

What’s surprising is that usually when you unleash martial arts like that, you get scared because of the unique momentum.

However, isn’t it completely hiding the force and only bringing out the intention to grab the person?

‘Oh, uh, you’re a great expert!’

As the owner of a workshop, I have seen quite a few powerful masters, but this is on a different level.

Jin Cheon-hee said softly.

“If you start showing respect, you won’t be able to return home today~ Let’s just do it roughly.”

The playful tone of voice was similar to that of any other Yangmin customer.

The intention is to intentionally make you comfortable.

How comfortable will it be if the other person is Tae-soo?

Still, it’s better than having all manners.

Hwacheol said.

“Tae, Tae-soo is here for some reason…”

“I’d like to take a tour of the toothbrush workshop, is that okay? Oh, well… it’s not like an inspection suddenly came out or something.”

“Mu, radish, radish, of course! “We are proud that our Hwasol workshop adheres to industry standards!”

Even if it’s not an inspection, there’s no way the governor wouldn’t feel stiff just because he came on a field trip!

But fortunately, Hwacheol also had something to believe in.

‘Our workshop has always worked honestly.’

There has never been a case of cheating on ingredients.

I guided him ahead, thinking that this might be an opportunity for a craftsman who lives with sincerity like himself.

* * *

As she was guided inside, Jin Cheon-hee listened to Hwa-cheol’s explanation.

“This is where the handles of the toothbrushes are made. “There are high-end and mid-range products.”

“There are no low-quality products, right?”

“Even if we make low-quality products, they don’t sell well. “Even if it is a low-quality product, it is expensive for the common people.”

Low-quality product.

It is different from a toothbrush with a wooden handle and bristles made of pig bristles.

The handle is made of bamboo, and something like bamboo bark is hung loosely where the brush should be.

Sometimes willow trees are also used.

“It’s that kind of product, but it costs a lot of money, so it’s more expensive than you think.”

Plus, if you brush your teeth once, your gums will be bloody.

If you don’t strengthen your gums with internal energy, it will become a breeding ground for stomatitis.

Jin Cheonhee thought.

‘Oh, I want plastic. Jeenjang. ‘Maybe I should have looked at YouTube or something like that on chemical engineering…’

This is why modern people can fall into another world at any time, so I think they should study a variety of things.

‘But among the other world things I saw, was there anything that synthesized plastic?’

All I know is that it is made from oil.

The problem is that even if it is made from oil, it will cost more to extract and transport the oil.

Nothing is easy.

‘Call Yuho….’

Habits are scary.


At that moment, Jin Cheonhee unconsciously gritted her teeth.

‘I’ll have to figure it out on my own.’

No way, that guy Yuho.

‘I guess they didn’t notice you avoiding me from here.’

So, bring your own tea and refreshments.

If I’m too busy and can’t do it, I order another servant to do it.

Then a craftsman said:

“Now that I think about it, Home Secretary Yoo Ho visited Baekrin Uigak some time ago.”


“You received a price quote for the toothbrushes to be supplied to Baekrin Uigak and went there. “I was wondering if the Governor, or rather the Lord Sogak, came personally because of that.”

The father-in-law seems to like the word Sogakjunim more than the word Taesoonim, so he quickly changes the title.

But Jin Cheon-hee didn’t even notice the change.


Damn it.

‘Why are you so capable?’

Jin Cheon-hee is embarrassed.

However, the other craftsmen were impressed when they saw it.

‘Seeing how embarrassed you are, I guess the public’s reputation is right. Compared to his position, he is a very down-to-earth and honest person.’

‘It is indeed the Lord of Baekrin’s Incinerator. After the Commander-in-Chief arrived, even the heavenly Lord of Sogak visited us in person. He investigated each and every detail thoroughly without relying on reports.’

After Sogakju came to Baekrin Uigak.

There is no one who does not know that Baekrin Uigak has grown remarkably.

The craftsmen are amazed that this might be its potential.

‘As expected of the world. There are no gaps.’

‘He is a scary person. ‘Is it not enough to just send a commander-in-chief?’

While the craftsmen are secretly admiring, the workshop owner asks.

“Would it be okay if I separately summarize and report to Director Yoo what we discussed with Lord Sogak today?”


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