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Dark and Light Martial Emperor Chapter 1042

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Episode 1042.

Inherit (9)

Jinyang, who ran out of joy, soon stopped with a surprised face.

“Hey Gomtaengi. “It’s been a while.”

Although he served as Munju for a time, they were still closer friends than anyone else. The appearance of So Jeong-gwang, who was called Gomtaeng in a relaxed voice, was very affectionate.

However, Jinyang couldn’t even respond to that welcoming greeting.


“I guess it’s because I haven’t seen Hwiyu for a while, so he seems to have grown bigger. “I’m glad you look healthy though.”

“What happened to you?”

“what? Oh, I’m sorry about that. “I originally tried to contact you right away, but Jinki was a bit unstable, so I needed some time to stabilize him.”

“Not that one!”

Jinyang’s eyes turned to Su Jeonggwang’s upper body.

I couldn’t even see where my top went. His bare body was exposed, showing off all of the flab and showing off his slenderness, but at the same time, he looked very strong as it was full of tight muscles.

The problem was all the ugly scars all over his upper body.

It was no exaggeration to say that it literally covered the entire body. Among the net-like wounds, some appeared to have been cut with a knife, while others appeared to have been inflicted by the claws of an animal.

Jinyang couldn’t understand.

Even before he decided to start training, Su Jeong-gwang’s martial arts skills were at a considerable level. Getting stabbed while training was a common occurrence, but no matter how many times I looked at it, I couldn’t understand the wounds inflicted by that beast.

“What are all those scars on you?”


So Jeong-gwang said casually.

“It’s the result of training.”

“Is there any beast that can inflict such wounds on the body of a peak expert? “Have you encountered any amazing spirit creatures?”

“It was half a spirit creature. I got into a fight with a tiger that was over 400 pounds long, and I also had a huge fight with a pack of particularly large wolves. “It was really terrible.”

“No, it only happened because of wild beasts?”

Sometimes, even a peak expert gets attacked by a wild beast. But that was only possible in special cases or when I was very tired.

So Jeong-gwang laughed bitterly.

“If I wanted to become really strong, I would have to be able to kill a tiger with just my body.”


“Without any inner strength.”


Jinyang’s face hardened.

“You blocked the inner air and fought those beasts?”

So Jeong-gwang shrugged his shoulders.

“The martial arts taught by our captain were so violent and sophisticated that it would have been difficult to achieve greatness if we had not developed a body first.”


“And… I’m really good at being petty. “I wouldn’t have to go this far if I were to just use my head and get a spot, but for the difficult times ahead, I also need to grow explosively.”

Jinyang’s eyes wavered.

‘It’s changed.’

So Jeong-gwang was So Jeong-gwang. However, there was a man in front of him who showed a different side to the So Jeong-gwang he knew.

So Jeong-gwang was a man who knew how to think about the future, but he was a person who thought reality was more important than that.

It is thanks to him that Hwaungmun Gate was able to endure for a long time. If Su Jeong-gwang had not been able to maintain his balance and come up with creative strategies in times of danger, Hwa-ung-mun would have disappeared long ago.

In other words, So Jeong-gwang was a person who was based on stability rather than moving forward, and could be quite bold if necessary, but could never be said to have good driving force.

So Jeong-gwang risked his life for martial arts.

“Thanks to you, I gained a lot of insight. He was very good at the Mukryongbu and showed me a lot of different inner strength techniques. Of course, they were not the highest-class martial artists.”

Hwang Seok-tae, who had come to my side, smiled and said.

“I chose only the best martial arts skills that I could show and showed them to you. Anything beyond that must be approved by superiors.”

“Haha, I think that alone is an honor. But why did your tone change? “Do whatever you want.”

“You can’t do that. “They are friends of the next Vice Lord.”

So Jeong-gwang narrowed his eyes.

“A friend?”

“At least, that’s what the next Vice Lord thinks of the two of you.”

“Then it would be an honor.”


Hwang Seok-tae’s sharp eyes scanned the two curved swords on So Jeong-gwang’s waist.

“Are you successful?”

“It wasn’t a major success, but it was a minor success.”

“I don’t think it’s a force worth using the word plastic.”

“There is a long way ahead. Still, I think it’s enough to add a helping hand in a dangerous moment.”

Admiration appeared on Hwang Seok-tae’s face.

“When you first said ‘that’, I honestly didn’t believe you would actually achieve it. But it really was a success.”

“I was lucky.”

“This is not possible through luck alone. “They say there are as many geniuses in the world as there are grains of sand, and you are truly amazing.”

Hwang Seok-tae looked at Jinyang.

“Aren’t you surprised?”

“What do you mean?”

“If it’s long, it’s long, but if it’s short, it’s a really short period of time, but I’m talking about my friend’s martial arts skills that have developed so far.”


Jinyang, who was tilting his head, was soon surprised.


Ugh! Ugh!

As I expanded my energy sense and sharpened my senses, I began to see So Jeong-gwang’s true value.


Jinyang’s eyes widened.

“What are your skills?”

“Isn’t it thick?”

So Jeong-gwang’s strength increased tremendously. In terms of mere quantity, it seemed almost comparable to his own.

‘No, if you combine the true energy hidden in the three veins, it’s even more…’ It

was truly an enormous amount of internal power. I thought that at this level, the mountain expert had conveyed his inner strength with all his strength.

Moreover, it was worth noting that the jeans had a completely different color than before. The unique fire energy was so well-refined that it gave me goosebumps, as clear and deep as the sky.

Clear and deep, but not weak. If one were to consider only the nature of the true energy, it could be said to be the strongest among the strongest.

“Is that the martial arts that the captain taught you?”

“It’s similar.”

“What do you mean? No, apart from that, where did you get that much endurance…?”

So Jeong-gwang waved his hand.

“I guess I’ll end this conversation and go see the captain. “It’s already closed, so I have to come see you.”


“You go too.”

“Uh huh.”

Jinyang was embarrassed.

The more I saw So Jeong-gwang’s change, the more surprising it was. It was giving me a new feeling every moment. Everything seemed to have changed, from martial arts to personality insight.

So Jeong-gwang took power from Hwang Seok-tae.

“Thank you for being in charge of the training so far. Please take care of me in the future.”

Hwang Seok-tae bowed his head modestly.

“I can ask you to do better. “Perhaps our lives may be in your hands.”

“What horrible words.”


“Then I’ll see you later.”

With those words, the two entered the Mukryongbu.

A calm smile appeared on Hwang Seok-tae’s face as he stood still and looked at the two people’s backs.

“You’ve become more reliable. Much more than before.”

* * *

“Are you here?”

Unlike Jinyang, who made a fuss, Yeonhojeong’s greeting was simple. It was as if we had met yesterday.

So Jeong-gwang bowed his waist.

“I came out too late. “I have no shame.”

“I would have been even more disappointed if I had come out when I wasn’t confident enough. “Thank you for coming even now.”

So Jeong-gwang smiled.

“You are definitely different.”


“It’s different from that Gomtaengi. The leader should be like this. Even if you don’t feel like it, you have to say thank you at least once to make your subordinates feel excited.”

Jinyang grumbled.

“You have been born into the world’s most beautiful princess.”

“Look at that. “That’s why I had such a hard time.”

Yeon Ho-jeong chuckled.

“These are not empty words. And why are you subordinates? “I call you master or captain. It’s your heart, but I think of you as a friend.”

“Friends are called friends only when you share a believable friendship. “To be honest, we’re not there yet.”

“It’s not that bad, so why don’t you just make me your master?”

“We decided to be together anyway. In addition, I received good martial arts skills, and this is a turning point in my life. “I guess I should return the favor.”

“It’s nice to be relaxed.”

Yeon Ho-jeong looked up and down So Jeong-gwang’s body.

“Anyway, isn’t it great? “What is that law?”

“I haven’t decided on a name. “You can just call me Byeoknajingyeol.”

“It’s almost like a modification to call it that name?”

“It kind of feels that way.”

“Is it possible for Byeoknajingyeol to change so much if everyone leaves? “I’ve never seen anyone reinterpret and learn Byeoknajingyeol to this extent.”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Surprisingly, So Jeong-gwang was able to interpret and remodel Byeokna Jin-gyeol, a top-notch inner gongsim technique, in his own way, using a force that had not yet surpassed the level of martial arts.

There are many types of genius. Even when limited to martial arts, there are many talents. There were people who knew how to copy a Chosik that they had seen once, people who were talented at Chusik, people who had a good sense of practical skills, etc. If you were to count them one by one, it would be endless.

Among them, So Jeong-gwang had a talent that matched his keen eye and brain. It was his talent for interpreting and decomposing martial arts.

There were quite a few people like that around Yeon Ho-jeong, but none had talent as outstanding as So Jeong-gwang. I knew I would do well, but I really didn’t know it would be this good.

“My strength has also increased a lot. “It cannot be explained simply by melting Taeeuldan.”

“During the renovation, we expanded the function of the axis. “I don’t know what will happen later, but I thought this was the fastest way for now.”

“Good job. “It’s like looking at the Lord of the Tang Family.”

“yes? If you are the head of the party, do you mean the elder of the party?”

“no. By the way, is the blood clot test about eight stars?”

“The blood demon sword is a seven-star sword.”

“You didn’t change the name of Byeokna Jin-gyeol, but you changed the name of your maternal family martial artist?”

“Because it’s herbivorous.”

Yeon Ho-jeong’s smile grew even deeper.

Su Jeong-gwang also knew very well what was important in martial arts. As he has an excellent eye for analyzing martial arts, he also understands why top-class martial artists are bound to be strong.

“Blood Demon… Are you following what I told you before?”

“That’s right.”

“good. “I’ll take a look at it later.”

“Good. But before that, shouldn’t we introduce ourselves first?”

When I arrived, Sima Hyun was standing with his arms crossed, leaning against the wall.

Su Zhenggwang pointed at Sima Xuan with his chin.

“He seems like an assassin with incredible skills?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Yeon Ho-jeong looked around.

Kang Ryang is training alone, but he is in Donghyeol, not far from here. In other words, it could be said that all of the most important colleagues who would be with him in the future were gathered here.

Starting with Mo Fei, there was Jinyang Xiao Jeonggwang, of course Sima Hyeon, and even Jing An.

Of course, even if Jeong-an threw himself into a bloody fight without hesitation, he had no intention of making her a six-great-grandfather. This was because although he had a strong sense of purpose, he did not have the talent of a leader who would rule over his subordinates and fight alongside them.

Still, I feel reassured.

It felt like the assortment was finally in place. I felt like I could get through anything with them.

“Let’s introduce ourselves later over a drink. “For now, let’s start by talking about what we were doing.”

“What were you talking about?”

Yeon Ho-jeong tapped the organizational chart with his finger.

So Jeong-gwang’s eyes sparkled as he looked at the organization chart.

“Simple but fast.”

“As expected, it’s on a different level from other people.”

“But I don’t think that will work here. “The Mukryongbu itself is underground, so considering the life inside rather than outside, I think I will have to move my residence.”

“Eerily accurate.”

“The relocation plan is all set. It’s a bit chaotic.”

Although it had only been half a century since he appeared, So Jeong-gwang had already become a military master.

“When do you plan to move?”

“Ten days later.”

Yeon Ho-jeong’s eyes sparkled.

“Ten days later, the Black Island will be reborn in the name of the Black Emperor.”

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