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Dark and Light Martial Emperor Chapter 1036

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Episode 1036

Inherit (3)

A quietly burning incense.

A wisp of smoke gently rises to the ceiling. The smoke that rose to the ceiling soon became hazy and disappeared.

However, it was different in Namgoongpyo’s eyes.

The scattered smoke came together again, showing numerous scenes from the past.

Namgoongpyo’s eyes trembled.

Among those many scenes was my father.

A father who tried to have what he couldn’t have. My father, who didn’t acknowledge reality and rushed forward blindly, but didn’t make the right effort.

He didn’t know at first, but after receiving training from his grandfather again, he realized. My father’s ways were wrong.

I knew, but I tried to erase that thought from my head. For a long time, he wanted to be the best along with his father. The moment you deny your father’s ways, you also deny your own past.

‘It’s my fault.’

A shadow appeared on Namgoongpyo’s face.

‘If I had stopped my father, at least something like this wouldn’t have happened.’

It was then.

“That’s not it.”

Surprised, Namgoongpyo looked back.

Before I knew it, my grandfather was looking into the room with his back to me.


“Your face is full of self-reproach. “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but don’t regret things that have already happened.”

A look of confusion appeared on Namgoongpyo’s face.

“If I had kept my head as the eldest son of the family, this wouldn’t have happened.”

“It is a truly remarkable statement, but it is unknown.”

“I know my abilities are not good enough. However, if I had come forward and persuaded my father, he would have…”



“Your father would never have stopped.”

Seung Namgung entered the room and sat down next to Namgung Pyo.

One memorial tablet and one incense.

Although he had come out of the despair of losing his child, Namgungseung still looked exhausted.

The body of the only child was entrusted to the family’s warriors and sent to Anhui.

I wanted to go with him, but I couldn’t. The Murim Alliance was now undergoing a new transformation. At such a moment, it was impossible for Meng’s Wushang and Nangong’s successor to be away together.

“Your father has become so hardened. I have become a person who wants the best but cannot make the right efforts to become the best. However, I lived for many years without being able to give up or take a step forward.”


“People change. But neither my advice nor your advice would have led to change.”

Tears flowed from Namgoongpyo’s eyes.

“I miss my father.”

Although the world viewed Namgoongin negatively, he was still Namgoongpyo’s only father. When I showed exceptional talent with the sword, I could still see my father’s face laughing, saying that I should conquer the world as the next head of the Namgung family.

“I miss your father too.”

Although he was a poor child and a misguided child, he was also a child who would not hurt if you looked at him.

The face of the son who had been criticizing his father for not having enough natural talent and saying that he should take action himself was a good thing to see.

“But even if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t have listened to your father’s request. It’s not because of my training. “Because I know very well that it is not the right path.”


“But… even if I knew it wouldn’t change, I would have persuaded your father again and again.”

Namgoongpyo lowered his head. Dropping teardrops soaked the floor.

“I lost a child and a grandchild. “There are many of Namgung’s blood relatives who have branched out, but I don’t have much time left to live, so now only you and Sanghwa are left.”


“Swear.” “I will never cry again until I become the head of the family.”


“good night.”

Namgungseung stood up from his seat.

“Come outside.”


“I will pass on everything about me to you until the Lord’s Battle calls me.”


“Old Zongli and his disciple also said they would join us. Now is not the time to mourn, it is the time to move on. “War is not far away.”

Namgoongpyo’s eyes sparkled.

Namgungseung said as he turned his back and walked away.

“I will make you at least stronger than your father before the war breaks out.”

* * *


Zhuge Zhen’s eyes wavered.

Zhuge Wenhu shook his head.

“I will not listen to any objections. “This is an order not as a father, but as the head of the family.”


Zhuge Zhen looked at Zhuge Jun without realizing it.

Zhuge Jun with a calm expression. There seemed to be no wavering in his mind.

“Jun, you too…?”

“Yes, of course.”

Zhuge Jun smiled.

“I have nothing to do with it.”

“you idiot! Why does it matter!”

Zhuge Yan said to Zhuge Munho.

“Please reconsider, father. “If we do it wrong, we could set a bad precedent.”

“After becoming a soldier of the Murim Alliance, I have been neglecting my family’s affairs, but I am still the head of the family. “As the head of the family, Abby is not stupid enough to do something that would be harmful to the family.”


“I finished talking with Jun. Jun nodded willingly.”


“I believe in my children. Neither A-yeon nor Jun-i have raised children so bad that they end up bleeding just for power. “I made this decision because I trust you two.”

Zhuge Wenhu pushed the booklet on the table in front of Zhuge Yan.

“You will be able to build the basic framework yourself.”

Zhuge Yan looked at the thick book.

Seongra Shingong (Starlight God’s Skill).

Zhuge Se was a martial artist of a secret that only humans could understand.

Even in the Zhuge Dynasty, there are many first-class martial artists. However, the reason why this Seongra Shingong is considered a vision is because with this martial art, you can change the existing Shingong to your taste and induce higher achievement.

Seongra Shinkong itself is a top-notch new art and can be combined with other martial arts to create extreme power. In particular, there is no martial art that is as good as this for increasing the density of true energy and activating the senses, so past generations of family heads always learned Seongra Shingong.

What does it mean?

Seongrasingong means the study of family affairs. It was a secret martial art that only the head of the family and the next head of the family could learn, and a treasure trove of enlightenment that contained the martial arts of the Zhuge family.

“Junii is already breaking down his martial arts skills with Seongra Shingong and modifying them into martial arts that suit him. Because this father had no talent, he could only do this after he was in his 30s. “Jun is ten years older than Abby.”


“Don’t worry. Jun is growing smoothly. If this continues, he will become one of the top ten heads in the history of his family based on force alone.”

Zhuge Wenhu smiled faintly.

“Your talent is great, so practice it and help Jun a lot in the future. Of course, if you are looking for your life, there is no need to help.”


“To be honest, the martial arts you have learned now are also very excellent. However, after examining your True Qi and Blood Blade Dantian over the past few days, I decided that it would be a great match for Seongra Shingong.”


“I think it would be better to practice Seongra Shingung itself rather than thinking about mixing it with other martial arts.”

Confusion appeared on Zhuge Zhen’s face.

She knew very well how much her father and younger brother thought of her. However, now that she had been given a martial arts certificate to learn Gaju knowledge, she felt somehow disappointed.

Even though that wasn’t his intention, it felt like he was trying to send me away.

Zhuge Wenhu, who must have noticed the sign, continued.

“You are my only daughter. But even if you were my son, I would not have given you the position of head of the small family.”


“It’s not a matter of talent or character. “You are not the type of person who would fit in around the main family.”


“Your eyes were always looking at the world. I longed for freedom and constantly tried to find reason in life. Even if a child like that has talent that was given to him by heaven, how could he be trusted to run the household? “It is clear that this is a great misfortune for both the family and you.”


“Even though you have natural talent and goals, you dared to sit here and help Abby. Even though Abby knew it, she couldn’t bear to refuse. Because honestly, it was hard work.”


“But not anymore. You too must find the path you want. “Realize that it is actually an insult to us that Abby and her younger brother are being trampled upon and are unable to find their own lives.”

“I think so…”

“I know. I didn’t have that thought. So, don’t misunderstand and accept this martial arts award.”

Zhuge Yan, who was looking at Zhuge Literary with trembling eyes, slowly picked up the booklet.


It was thicker than any other secret. However, the weight of the heart carried by this monument was conveyed much more heavily than the actual weight.

Zhuge Munho, who was quietly looking at his daughter, suddenly said.

“With your brain and talent, you can get used to it in ten days.”


“When you finish cooking, go to Yeon Sobuju.”

Zhuge Zhen was surprised.


“Yeonsobuju does not need an army. But Yeon Sobuju’s body is one. There will definitely come a time when he will have to entrust his work to someone else.”

“father! “I am from the Murim Alliance…!”

“Do you really want to be here? Or do you want to be with him?”


“Life is a repetition of success and failure. However, those who have tasted success and those who have tasted failure have something in common: they have tried passionately.”

Zhuge Wenhu had a solemn expression on his face.

“Whether you like it or not, no matter what the outcome is, if your heart is like that, you must run forward without hesitation. you are all grown up You must no longer deceive your heart or turn your eyes away from your dreams.”


“I will separately contact Yeon Sobuju.”


“Rather, from a strategic point of view, if you go to the Mukryongbu, it will also benefit the Murim Alliance. Yeon Sobuju came to the Murim Alliance as a black and white pier. “There was a big incident, but thanks to his presence, the relationship between the two groups was not ruined.”


“Now it’s your turn. As an envoy dispatched by the Murim Alliance, be a strong bond so that the relationship between black and white is not ruined. “With your abilities, you will be fully recognized by the dark swordsmen of the Mukryongbu.”

Zhuge Zhen’s eyes filled with water.

If you only look at the result, it may seem like a heartless father sending his daughter to a place where she could become an enemy, but if you look at his intentions, Zhuge Munho was trying to make his daughter independent.

I wouldn’t have done this if my daughter didn’t want to. The heart of a father who sends his child down a potentially dangerous path is much more miserable and heartbreaking than the heart of the person involved.

Zhuge Yan lowered his head.

“thank you.”

What else needs to be said other than that?

Zhuge Wenhu smiled because he understood his feelings. Although I would lose sleep at night worrying, now was the time to rejoice in my daughter’s bravery as she took a step forward into the world.

“Don’t forget. You are my daughter and the sister of the next matriarch. It may not happen, but if someone tries to harm you, they will raise not only the main family and branch family, but also the Confucian people who have ties to us.”


“Don’t worry about this and pursue your dreams.”

In this way, it was decided that Zhuge Yan would go to Mukryongbu.

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