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Dark and Light Martial Emperor Chapter 1035

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Episode 1035

Succession (2)


The face of the old man coughing looked very gaunt.

Dangyun, who returned to his family before his older brother, had a sad look on his face.


“Are you Yoon?”

“That’s right.”

“The light was so bright that I had to close my eyes. As I get older, even the sunlight becomes such a burden. “Getting old is a really difficult thing.”

The old man was sitting on a bed with his eyes closed.

Dangyun was surprised and embarrassed that his father’s body had become so thin after not seeing him for a while. He went to the Murim Alliance with a party official and saw how it was run. Afterwards, he managed the information network that stretched from Sacheon to Hanam before reaching the family.

The reason was simple. It was because I heard the news that my brother had collapsed.

This news must have also reached his brother in the Murim Alliance. If there was nothing else to do, he would come in a hurry.

“This is why it is said that one must die when one grows old. “Young people in their prime were making great progress, but because of my body, I couldn’t do anything and ended up here.”

Not to mention Tang Yun, he was too old to be called a young man.

Still, as a father, I had no choice but to always be young.

“Don’t say that, father.”

“But it’s okay this time. “I’m sorry, but now that you’re here, I have to give you what I prepared.”


Brother Tang stretched out his hand toward the living quarters.

There was no sound of the inner energy resonating. Still, something wrapped in a bundle flew through the window.

Although his body was sick and weakened, he still had strong internal energy. No, on the contrary, as my body became weaker, the sensitivity of Qigong seemed to increase.

It was a number that Dangyun could not help but feel a sense of wonder.

“Take it.”

The bundle that came as Tang Hyung’s empty gift was caught in Tang Yun’s hands.

“this is…?”

“I wrote a few words about this and that for you. Once you have created the framework, you will be able to complete it with your talent. “Once you complete that, you too will be able to fly like your brother in no time.”


“I originally had a lot of concerns. The area surrounding my family’s home is filled with bloody history. Just like the emperor’s statue. “It is not easy for those in power who are at the top to keep alive the brothers and sisters who lost the fight.”


“Yes, your brother won’t do that. I wondered what would happen if the brotherly love between brothers broke down, but Guanyi no longer lives in the world of ghosts. No, the person who actually lived in that world was this father.”


“When you get stuck and don’t know, ask your brother for advice. I heard that your brother opened the realm of infinity. “With such enlightenment, you will be able to solve your difficulties.”

“…Thank you, father.”

“by the way.”

Brother Dang burst out laughing.

“What a great guy. After struggling so hard, he soared to a point that seemed like it would take several years. “It is amazing.”

The body is thin, the eyes are closed, and the complexion is pale.

The sensitivity of his Qigong skills was greater than before, but his temperament was not as sharp.

But Brother Tang seemed genuinely happy. The smile filled with rich emotions was filled with pride for his child and joy as a warrior who shares the same level.

“You too should imitate your brother. “Even though your brother held the most power in Sichuan, he grew up going to the front with his comrades and fighting for his life.”

“I’m proud too.”

“As a father, it is difficult to tell your child to go into a world of fighting and death. However, as an unmanned person, I cannot help but give such advice. “Samurai is the way to awaken the true martial spirit in the midst of chaos.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“okay. “Sit here and watch.”

Danghyung looked very simple as he pointed to the seat next to him on the table.

When I think about it, speaking is also different from before. My brother-in-law lived alone for a long time, cut off from his children. Although he lived as a new member of the family as an adult, he was very careful not to affect the power of his son and head of the family.

However, after meeting people and realizing that the times had changed, Brother Tang suddenly went from being a lonely absolute person to becoming a father.

He was also going through such a big change that he was able to hold the hand of his son sitting next to him and talk to him about everything.

“So when do you plan on getting married?”

This is an awkward yet enjoyable place.

While they were having a long conversation, Dangyun’s face hardened at a word that Danghyeong threw as if it were a surprise attack.

Brother Tang said with a smile.

“Do you still have that wife and daughter left in your heart?”


“I won’t tell you to get over the sad memories related to that wife and child. “If the old affection for his wife and children remains in his heart, I would not dare to tell him to abandon that as well.”


“But if not, wouldn’t it be better to meet a good woman and start a family as soon as possible?”

Dangyun laughed bitterly.

“The resentment and regret were resolved to some extent by the incident ‘back then’.”

“Is that so?”

“yes. And even at that time, my affection for her had been greatly diluted. “I think the regrets that had accumulated over a long period of time were eroding my affection for her.”

“Yes, that can happen.”

“When I meet a good person, I am willing to hold hands. But I don’t think I have enough space in my heart yet.”

Tang Hyung nodded.

“I don’t meet people because I have peace of mind. “When I can see myself properly, I can see people.”


“Each person has different principles that they have learned and accumulated, so how can I force them on you as a father? I just want you to be happy. “That’s it.”

Tang Yun smiled.

In fact, it was not something that could be talked about easily as it was related to the second brother who tried to take over the family through a rebellion. What’s more, wasn’t the woman he felt love for the first time brutally murdered by an organization linked to his older brother?

But it is already in the past.

On the contrary, I was grateful to my father for being so careful and at the same time speaking in a light manner. With this one conversation, Dangyun was able to send away the remnants of her that she had not yet shaken off into the air.

How long has it been like that?


Tang Hyung turned his head to the east. His eyes were still closed.

“Oh, this guy. “It’s coming quickly.”


“Your brother. “It will come after a long time in the Murim League, but it seems to be flying very quickly like a colt with its tail on fire.”

“Can you feel your energy?”

“Of course.”

A smile appeared on Danghyung’s lips.

“That ‘power’ was the source that could go into infinity.”

After a while.


It seemed like he had ignored all the greetings. No, it seemed like he ran as hard as he could from the Murim Alliance to the center of Sacheon.

As expected, the building’s appearance was very gaunt. It was clear that he had been running like crazy without sleeping or eating.

Tang Yun stood up and lowered his head. It was a courtesy towards the head of the family, not towards his brother.

Tang Guan raised his hand and made Tang Yun sit down, looking at Tang Heng.


There was a moment of silence.

The official opened his mouth.

“Are you okay, father?”


Pure admiration appeared on Tang Hyeong’s face. There was bound to be a difference between simply feeling the prayer and seeing it in person.

“You have entered the realm of infinity and created a new martial art. Or, he may have entered that state by creating a new martial art, but it would be meaningless to consider the succession.”


“What is the name of that martial artist?”

The official, who was looking at the bedraggled brother, spoke calmly.

“This is the Manryu Returning Won Shin Gong (萬流歸元神功).”


There was a look of satisfaction on Brother Tang’s face.

“For Abby, the idea of dissuading the king was the fantasy of clumsy warriors and the nonsense of magnates who did not understand the world. Actually, there was no return to my enlightenment. “I’m sure I told you this too.”

“I remember.”

“But you have attained the enlightenment that makes everything one. You have seen and heard what Abby could not see and have moved forward.”


“It is a divine martial art that deals with the enemy with maximized upper-level combat. I am proud of you.”

The official’s eyes wavered.

Your father will know. All of the poisonous spirit that was honed through the emperor poison attack has disappeared.

If he wanted, he could summon his miasma again to deal with the enemy, but in the end, his martial arts changed into martial arts that used powerful fighting spirit and deadly airborne objects through extreme use of true energy.

In other words, while practicing the new skills that his father had created through a lifetime of study, he forged a different path.

If he was sad about that, he could have been, but he didn’t show that at all. Rather, he was truly admiring the martial arts skills of his son, who had grown to see other possibilities thanks to the martial arts he taught.

To the harsh and narrow-minded people of the Party, this kind of sight was very unfamiliar.

“However, as we reached that level, we were shaken until the middle game because of the top game that was so different from before. “You can do it well, but if you make a mistake, you could lose yourself.”


“You will have to set yourself straight through constant discipline. Your martial arts aim is to be much larger and broader than the upper range extended by other martial arts practitioners. “There will be many times when your mind becomes unstable.”


“I heard that there is a mental training method optimized for self-cultivation at Mount Wudang. If you find it difficult to control yourself, go there and seek enlightenment. “With this father’s ability, it would be difficult to give you any advice on how much you have grown in the martial arts.”

“That’s not important now.”

Concern appeared on the official’s face.

“I heard you collapsed. “Are you feeling okay?”

“Hey guy, how old am I? An old and tired body can collapse at any time. “You didn’t have to come in person.”

“You can’t do that.”


The official was able to see the state of his body more clearly than anyone else.

Danghyeong’s body was gradually deteriorating. Although it was preventing collapse with its absolute strength and enlightenment, it seemed difficult to hold on for even five years, let alone ten.

On the contrary, thanks to the Qigong method that prevents collapse even in a situation where the body is collapsing, the vitality of Jinki has become greater than before. Although the vitality has decreased, the energy contained in the dantian has become stronger, so human affairs are truly unpredictable.

“I’ve come all the way to Governor Lee, let’s have a meal together for the first time in a while. “There are many stories I want to hear.”

“First of all, rest…”

“Your body won’t get better just by resting.” Rather, it would be better for my health to be with you.”

“All right.”

“The fame of the child with whom you have a deep connection has been heard even in this land of Sacheon. “I knew he was a great guy, but when I listened closely, he achieved truly amazing feats.”

The officer said grumblingly.

“Nothing cheap.”

“If you are a child who cares for the world that much, there is no need for you to be a vulgar person.”

Brother Dang raised his head.

His eyes were still closed, but he seemed to be looking at the sky with a transparent mind.

“There are dark clouds. Unsettling air is rushing in from the north. “Those who have felt this air will each be making their own preparations, so we will also need to move accordingly.”


“Now, let’s eat first. “If you have a strong stomach, you can do well in anything you do.”

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