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Dark and Light Martial Emperor Chapter 1034

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Episode 1034.

Succession (1)

“It’s a black and white martial arts title….”

Prince Moyong smiled bitterly.

“It’s so enviable and excessive, and at the same time, isn’t it a nickname that suits him?”

“That’s right.”

Mo Yong-woo’s voice was somehow tinged with tension.

Moyong leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes.


Lord of Nothing.

It was truly an arrogant nickname. Simply looking at the title, except for Emperor Wu of Four Directions, who is evaluated as being infinitely close to the greatest person of all time and modern times 300 years ago, Yeon Ho-jeong was the only person to take the title of Emperor Wu.

The title of emperor is below Ilsin and Yiseon in Seongcheon.

It is said that at the level of a fresh emperor, there is almost no difference in military strength, but although this may be true in battle, there will definitely be a difference in the level achieved.

Nevertheless, people around the world say that Yeon Ho-jeong is a person who represents Seongcheon.

‘Shin Seon-wang, Samgun, etc. are completely meaningless nicknames.’

Gray-scale. A person who encompasses both black and white islands.

So what is untitled? Is it simply because he is skilled in 10,000 martial arts that he is given the title of Emperor Wu?

Not like that.

Looking at Yeonhojeong’s fighting skills, it would be safe to use it in that sense, but in reality, the reason people gave him the name Wuje is for a different reason.

The word ‘Mu(武)’ in Emperor Wu means martial arts.

In other words, people gave Yeon Ho-jeong the title of King of the Murim.

What a crazy and amazing star name this is.

It would have been surprising if he were an expert in all-round martial arts, but he might have thought that might be the case. He would have understood if he had mastered all martial arts and was the best in the world, but he was still young and had not been given the title of immortal.

‘The king of martial arts.’

This special issue of Untitled in Black and White contained the aspirations, hopes, and emotions of everyone living in Gangho. In a way, Yeon Ho-jeong achieved something much more difficult than becoming a Murim lord at that age.

Mo Yong smiled bitterly again.

‘Even though I tacitly joined hands with that guy, seeing how I feel needless bitterness at every moment like this, I can’t say I have a big heart just by saying empty words.’

Moyong opened his eyes and sighed.

“No matter how much you think about it, he is a talented person who deserves that kind of star rating.”

“I think so too.”

“Is that so?”


Mo Yong-gun looked at Mo Yong-woo.

Prince Moyong’s appearance was quite haggard. His beard, which was always neatly shaved, was now bushy, and his clothes were wrinkled and shabby in some places.

Mo Yong-woo knew that Mo Yong-gun had been cooped up in his home for the past month and was preoccupied with something.

‘What on earth?’

Until now, Prince Moyong has never shown himself like this.

Rather, the more there was a problem, the more serious something happened, the more he appeared to be fine. That was Moyonggun’s personality. He was a person who had become accustomed to never showing others how difficult he was.

But today’s Moyonggun was different.

Not only did it look good, but its airway was also a little unstable. Even the eyes, which had clear pupils and whites, were bloodshot. When I thought about my usual appearance, it felt strange.

Mo Yong-woo asked cautiously.

“older brother.”


“What’s going on?”

“That guy, Yeon Ho-jeong, has earned the reputation of representing not only Seongcheon but also the whole world. “I can’t live because my stomach hurts.”

It was a joke, but his face was so bad that it didn’t sound like a joke.

“older brother.”

“It’s hard to keep up with anything. It’s ridiculous to even think about catching up. I am me. “It’s so overwhelming to just follow the path I want and the path I’ve set for myself, so why am I so busy taking care of other people’s business?”


“Just don’t do that.”

“…All right.”

“It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be swayed by others.”


“It means becoming a Murim lord respected by everyone and building a reputation greater than that of Yeonhojeong in the future.”

Mo Yongwu’s face stiffened slightly.

He also heard it from the public ambassador. Sooner or later, I will be living as a small leader of the Murim League.

In the past, there was no position of minor leader in the Murim League. Unlike other organizations, the Murim League was a union, and absolute power was never concentrated in one person, so there was no successor.

But it was different now.

Mo Yong-woo, who was born in a different era, will engrave his name in history as the first minor leader of the Murim Alliance.


Moyong-gun’s eyes became sharp, wondering if he might say something like ‘I don’t know.’

Mo Yong-woo spoke in a slightly calmer voice.

“I will be a person more suited to be the Murim Lord than anyone else.”


“Until someone appears to take my place.”

A faint smile appeared on Mo Yong-gun’s face.

“Are you sure?”

“Originally, I had no intention of becoming a Murim lord.”


“But people can’t live just the way they want. Someone will tell me. “Who will lead you to a life you cannot choose for yourself?”

“This can be happen.”

“I will speak to those people. “If you have never been caught up in the turbulent flow of times, I will scoff at your words.”


Moyong-gun burst into laughter.

I was happy about my younger brother’s aspirations, and I was amazed at his changes.

At the same time, I was saddened by the fact that no matter how big my dream was, the position of being chosen by the times could not be achieved simply through effort.

“I’d like to go out for a while.”

“yes? “Oh yes.”

The two went out with generous support.

Tension appeared on Mo Yong-woo’s face.

Mr. Moyong is standing with his back to me. He had his back to me, and in his hand was a sword.

Prince Moyong looked up at the sky and said without even looking back.

“I didn’t know at first. “I just thought it was ancient martial arts.”


“My father completed the interpretation of this martial art discovered by my grandfather, the head of the previous generation. And then I started learning it in earnest.”


“One mind method and one sword method. That’s it. However, with that alone, it can be argued that it is the best in the world. “I saw it that way, and my father and grandfather believed that too without any doubt.”


“When I entered the closed hall, I was able to look back on this martial arts performance once again. And I realized it while I was at the Commerce Federation. “I have not yet reached the essence of this martial arts.”

Mo Yong-woo’s eyes shook greatly.

Prince Moyong continued.

“It was originally said that this martial art was created by a genius in the original family a long time ago. There were no documents left, but I heard that from my father. “My father must have heard it from my grandfather.”


“It was a very, very long time ago, but it seems like there was a fight over the head of the family even then. “I don’t know his name, but at the time, the eldest son had mastered the martial art that was the prototype of Geongonbaekpalgeomhae (乾坤百八劍解) to the limit, and the last competitor, the youngest brother, developed the martial art further and created this martial art.”


“That is the lightning strike and the no-emotion heavenly thunder type.”

Mo Yong-woo’s eyes shook greatly.

“Brother, really?”

“The eldest son, who brought in an outsider and killed his youngest brother, was confident that he would also create a martial arts comparable to Byeokryeokmu (霹靂武). However, as time passed, the limits of his talent were revealed, and it was not until several generations later that the Eight Extreme Heart Method and the Hundred Eight Sword Seas were born.”


“In other words, the dried radish you cooked and the radish radish I cooked come from the same root. This is also the reason why I was able to quickly increase my achievements in Byeokryeokmu.”

Prince Moyong slowly turned around.

His eyes were still bloodshot, but his gaze was very clear.

“I don’t know why this martial arts skill was eliminated. I don’t know why they buried something that could have been burned to get rid of it. “There must have been unknown events in an era we don’t know about.”


“But I can assure you that the power of Byeokryeokmu is greater than that of Geongonmu. “Geongonmu may be ahead in terms of stability and breadth, but it cannot match Byeokryeokmu in terms of output and growth.”


“After a long period of practice, I realized. To me, Byeokryeok radish suits me better than dried radish. “I don’t know what kind of martial arts would suit you.”

Mo Yong-woo shook his head.

“older brother. I will learn it….”

“Geongonmu and Byeokryeokmu are martial arts that developed during the bloody history of the original family.”


“If that martial arts skill becomes famous all over the world as the best martial arts lord in the world, there will never be another glory like that in history.”

“…older brother.”

“Furthermore, the position of Murim Lord is a position where the best of the time sits, both in the past and present. There is no need to show force hastily, but once you show it, you need to overwhelm everyone.”

Prince Mo Yong’s face became stern.

“If you truly want to walk the path of becoming a leader, you should not become a fool who cannot gain strength due to unnecessary pride or feeling sorry.”

Mo Yong-woo, who was looking at Mo Yong-gun with trembling eyes, soon lowered his head.

“I will leave a mark on the world with my martial arts skills.”

“OK. Furthermore, you must become a warrior who cannot be defeated by anyone. “I would too.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Only then did Moyong smile comfortably.

He took out two booklets from his arms and handed them to Mo Yong-woo.

“Take it.”


The booklets were thinner than I expected.

However, to Mo Yong-woo, it felt like a thousand pounds of weight.

“I also looked at the original and interpreted it. Originally, I was going to give an interpretive copy, but I stopped. This is because I believed that it would be meaningful to see the precepts and teachings in person and reveal and practice the inner meaning contained within them.”

“thank you.”

“One booklet contains the essentials of the mind and sword techniques. “In the other one, there are endless notes about the realizations I gained while learning Byeokryeokmu.”

It is written about the enlightenment that the world’s most powerful family head personally gained. Except for Seongcheon, the enlightenment of a warrior who competes for the highest level would be worth a thousand gold.


Prince Moyong drew his sword.

“If you just look at the gist, the form will come out on its own. However, it will take at most three years to finely refine the form.”


Mo Yongwu also pulled out the Tang Demon God Sword.

“Follow sword with sword and look into the path of this brother-in-law. “If I could reduce three years to three months and ten days, I wouldn’t have anything more to do for you.”


“Come now.”

Mo Yong-wu swung his sword vigorously, and Mo Yong-gun also accepted his brother’s sword seriously.

“No, you shouldn’t accept it there. “To cut off follow-up strikes, you must put your left foot forward half an inch to establish a defense of strength and then apply pressure with the Cheonmangjigeom (天網之劍) of the Hundred Eight Swordsman Sea.”

“Feel so good! That was just fine. As I have been in real combat for a long time, the flesh sword comes out at every moment, but the sword can only be effective when used at the right time. Remember that blow from a moment ago. “If you try to fight with just your instincts, you can be defeated by even a smart third-rate person.”

There was no excitement because it was not a fighting dance where people used their internal energy to draw out each other’s strength. However, the sword sparring between the two half-brothers to understand each other and advance to a higher place was more elegant and beautiful than any other fight in the world.

Mo Yong-gun willingly became a teacher, and Mo Yong-woo learned new martial arts with all his heart.

Winter is coming again.

Looking at the ominous dark clouds hanging over the river, fireworks were blooming in various places.

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