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Dark and Light Martial Emperor Chapter 1011

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Episode 1011

Revised History (1)

Prince Moyong could not bear to continue speaking.

Yeon Ho-jeong closed his eyes.

“According to the words of Namgung Gaju, the person behind this knew that Moyong Gaju operated the Sejak unit.”


“The only people who know that fact for sure are the Murim Lord Gong Daesa, the Commander-in-Chief Zhuge Munho, you, Moyonggaju, and my teacher, Mukryongbuju, and lastly, the leader of the Gangseo Sangmu Alliance.”


“Actually, there is no point in doubting the Lord and Commander-in-Chief. It was an option that was ruled out from the beginning. However, if you exclude all the facts that do not fit your needs, the truth will eventually be revealed.”

That’s why even public ambassadors were placed on the dragon’s list.

A person who can never do that makes no sense even from a logical perspective, but that is why he is the person who could inflict the most serious damage if he were to plan something.

However, Ambassador Gong Gong proved his innocence by sending Fan Wu and Sima Xuan. At least that was the case for Yeon Ho-jeong.

In the same context, Zhuge Wenhu also has no choice but to be excluded from the lineage of dragons. This is because numerous warriors of the Murim Alliance began to chase him.

There is no need to check the Mukryong Buju. This was not a plan so mediocre that it had to be carried out by a trustworthy person. If Yang Cheon was in the Murim Alliance, it would be impossible for anyone to control people from far away.

In that case, all that remains are the two young leaders of the Gangseo Sangmu Association and Mo Yong-gun.

And Yeon Ho-jeong, who saw Prince Moyong in person, was convinced. Prince Moyong was also not behind it.

To be honest, based on simple suspicion, I was several times more suspicious of Prince Moyong than the leader of the Gangseo Sangmu Alliance. He had a criminal record, had a brain, and went all the way to the Mukryongbu to recruit talented people to run the Sejak unit.

Moreover, Yeon Ho-jeong was a believer who believed that a person’s nature could not be changed that easily. It can be changed, but very few people want to change, and among those very few, very few actually change.

It was difficult for Yeon Ho-jeong to imagine Mo Yong-gun experiencing change despite such extremely small odds.

However, Moyong-gun truly experienced a change.

Just because he has changed does not mean he has become good. Because his personality hasn’t changed. I just gave up my desires and started seeing the world from a different perspective.


‘Moyong Gaju is not a fool.’

Mo Yong-gun still holds the one value that will never change even if the world is destroyed.

The Murim Alliance must always be superior and brilliant.

Now, this situation was trampling on and tearing apart Moyonggun’s faith and heart.

“In the end, there is only one person left.”

“…is that Hongikcheon?”

“Hong Ik-cheon. “Is that the name of the young leader?”


He seemed quite shocked.

The fact that he was shocked meant that he, too, had listened to Yeon Ho-jeong’s words and accepted the fact that no one other than Hong Ik-cheon was the culprit.

Mr. Moyong, who was lost in thought for a moment, took a deep breath and said.

“I wonder.”

“What do you mean?”

“As you know, the person behind it showed immaturity in many ways when handling this matter.”

As expected, Moyong-gun also seemed to think that part was strange.

“I played a trick on the world’s supreme king and the head of the Nangung family. It was a plan that wouldn’t be surprising if it were truly an achievement. However, the rumors spreading too quickly and the gathering of anti-black warriors in the square are too clumsy, aren’t they?”

“We thought that was strange too.”

“I don’t think I made a mistake.”

“Me too.”

“Then the answer is two….”

“If I had to be honest, it’s three.”

Mo Yong-gun’s eyes sparkled.

“Yeah, if I really have to ask.”

“If the first force is not reached.”

“It’s the most unreliable interpretation, but we can consider that too.”

The head of the Namgung family died while being framed by Yeon Ho-jeong.

This fact alone caused a huge blow to the Murim Alliance. If that’s all the enemy wanted, then yes.

But in this case there is a problem.

If there is no power left to push Yeon Ho-jeong out after that, there is no reason to use force to spread the rumor in the first place.

It was only natural for those behind the scenes to let rumors spread regardless of whether they had the resources or not. Mo Yong-gun is saying exactly that.

“If we interpret the first case and the second case, we can see that the reason for spreading rumors and gathering people was to immediately throw the Murim League into chaos. In that case….”

“I can guess that he is planning to take advantage of the confusion to commit something.”

“That’s my opinion too. “It can be interpreted to mean that you must do something within a short period of time, regardless of whether your innocence is revealed or not.”

“Third and final.”

Mo Yong-gun’s eyes deepened.


The mastermind is trying to escape safely while the Murim Alliance is in confusion.

“So you already have reliable troops stationed there.”


Moyong closed his eyes.

Then Yeon Ho-jeong opened his eyes.

“There are many people behind the scenes. Perhaps Moonju of Cheongsajamun is one of them. However, the number of people controlling it will not be extremely large.”

“If you think Hong Ik-cheon is the one behind this, then yes. “It’s only been a month since he joined the Murim Alliance.”

“One month…”

Yeon Ho-jeong frowned.

“It’s an overflowing time that’s enough to mesmerize people.”

“If you really have that ability.”

Yeon Ho-jeong stood up.

“Have you organized your thoughts?”

“What else can be done other than being organized?”

Moyong-gun also stood up.

“Let’s go and check.”

“Before that, let’s ask one question.”


“Why did you make him the leader of the Sangmu Alliance?”

Prince Moyong gritted his teeth.

There were many reasons, but in the end, the reason was that, through a conversation with Hong Ik-cheon, I thought he was a capable person who could take on the future.

Just like Mo Yong-woo.

And like Yeonhojeong.

“…I guess I’m possessed too.”

* * *

I had a dream.

Even though the surroundings were so noisy, I had a dream. And I looked ahead, aware that I was dreaming.

There was an absolute being in front of him.

Although he was absolute, he was not a person.

A naked woman was lying limply on the lap of the ‘monster’ who was sitting in the royal temple with his chin resting on his head.

That wasn’t all.

None of the people standing on the left or right of the reddish carpet beneath the Taesa had any clothes on.

Among them, there were beautiful women who would make your eyes light up, and there were men who were so scary that you would get goosebumps just by looking at them.

There were old people who looked so shrunken that they couldn’t move, and there were children who looked like they were about ten years old.

All kinds of people.

They were ants that served monsters, admired monsters, and were ruled by monsters.

“…That’s interesting.”

The monster’s voice was very pleasant to hear.

Even though it was a man’s voice, it was clear and deep like a jade bead. If I listened quietly, I felt at ease and my head seemed to clear.

“amazing. “With that body, he became an infinite survivor.”

It was a dream I had several times.

However, every time I dreamed, the faces of the people on my left and right and the posture of the monster all changed.

But the voice and words were the same.

Furthermore, there is also a naked woman stretched out on the monster’s lap.

“You have the talent to go into battle without being discarded. There is nothing special about it. “It’s just the right amount of muscle to fit into an armpit.”


“No matter how good his sense of survival was, it would have been difficult for him to survive with that level of skill. In the end, he killed everyone and crawled out alone.”

It was a voice I wanted to hear over and over again, even though he was saying harsh things.

“How did you survive?”

The answer came from the mouth of the woman standing in the first position on the right.

“They say it created confusion.”

“Explain in detail.”

“It is said that he caused trouble not through martial arts, but through words. In fact, when investigators looked into it, they found that those who had been talking to the test subjects showed strange behavior, such as suddenly committing suicide or harming someone out of nowhere.”


A voice full of interest.

“You manipulated people with words?”

“That’s right.”

“Bring the investigator’s analysis sheet.”

After a while, someone brought the monster a bundle of parchment.

There were over twenty sheets of parchment. Each and every page was densely written.

The monster’s eyes lit up after reading all those parchments.

“It was a testing ground.”


“We conducted another experiment on those inhuman test subjects.”


I wasn’t moved by that word.

I wasn’t moved by the word ‘experiment’, but I was agitated by the words of the monster who had clearly seen my inner thoughts for the first time.

It was my first time. A person who has seen through his inner thoughts.

It was my first time. Anyone who just read a report or something and ‘understood’ what happened there.

“She was from somewhere… Yes, she was a woman brought from the place they call Shanxi on the mainland.”


“That girl made the prostitute candidates who came to Yeongeumsan Mountain into her own in just a few days. Yes, I remember. “She was a girl who flapped her mouth noisily even when she was struggling under me.”


“A lot of seeds were sown to secure jinhyeol that can be used for decades. Among them, I can count on one hand the number of girls I remember. “Now I see that you look a lot like that girl.”

I was a created creature.

It was not a creature born of love and understanding without purpose. It was a product produced with a clear purpose.

A product that will be discarded if it does not demonstrate useful functionality.

Fortunately, the man who helped me produce with a few drops of bodily fluids found me useful.

“That’s interesting. “It may not be worthy of succeeding me, but it is usable.”


“Show me what your abilities are. “If it’s okay, we’ll send it to the continent right away.”


“Make that place your testing ground. With only one question: What is confusion?”

“…It is an honour.”

“I will not pass on our school’s vision to you.”


The naked woman, who had been hanging on the monster’s lap, just flowed down.

The face of the woman who came down the stairs caught my eye as she lowered her head.

The woman’s face looked very similar to mine.

* * *


Hong Ik-cheon opened his eyes at the cautious voice.

“What’s going on?”

“Lord Moryonga has arrived.”


I thought you came here often. Or maybe it’s because I’m in a turbulent mood.

‘…No, that can’t be possible.’

Because of a dream I hadn’t had in a long time, I suddenly had trouble turning my head.

Hong Ik-cheon analyzed the current situation comfortably as usual, but as quickly as lightning.

Prince Moyong came to see him just half a day ago. He also said that he could check the atmosphere within the palace and stop by Maengjujeon if necessary.

Saying that I could stop by was no different from meaning that I would stop by soon. Prince Moyong is an extraordinary person. He must have stopped by Maengjubu to convey what he saw and felt to the Maengju or soldiers.

However, it was too early for him to visit Maengjubu.


Hongikcheon’s divine energy spread throughout the entire area in an instant.

‘This game…’

I could read interesting vibes.

In particular, I felt something very dark and bloody, filled with evil spirits.

It wasn’t a person. It was a magic soldier.

I felt the presence of a huge demonic soldier covered in hatred and murder, blood and flesh.

‘Is it about to end already?’

Hong Ik-cheon opened his mouth.

“Take it.”

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