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Boundless Necromancer Chapter 338

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338. Fake (4)

I smiled as I looked at the system message that appeared before my eyes.

“Growth conditions are met.”

「The mastery of the unique characteristic ‘Necromancy’ increases by 1%.」

It was worth it.

Could it be that the unique characteristics that I thought had reached their ultimate ability can grow again….

In fact, this was like announcing that the level of necromancy could go beyond S-class and advance to SS-class.

‘I understand why the tower tried so hard not to give me the contents of the black sphere.’

And as I was staring at the system message, I narrowed my eyes.

“…That really was a replica of the necromancy I had.”

This is because I suddenly realized where the structural system of the black sphere floating in the sky came from.

‘Honestly, I thought it was modeled after necromancy, but I never thought it would be this blatant….’

It looks like even the system of unique characteristics itself has been perfectly transferred to the black sphere.

‘At this point, there is no room to deny it.’

black sphere.

The collection of spiritual powers called the final reward of the Battlefield of the Gods is close to the inferior product of necromancy.

If we were to be honest, should we say that it is necromancy that greatly highlights the seriousness of risk?

Perhaps if you swallow it, you will be able to become greatly stronger by consuming the spirits of the gods accumulated there.

You will even be able to possess the divinity that numerous gods possessed, and eventually reach the state of ancient godhood.

‘But it’s not like perfect necromancy.’

But the risk was just as serious.

At the very least, the collapse of the ego was confirmed, and the vessel could possibly collapse and lead to death.

No matter how great your power is, it is of no use if your ego is destroyed or dies.

But still, I couldn’t help but feel a deep greed for the black sphere.

‘But even if I don’t know about other gods, I can handle it properly.’

I was sure.

The moment when I acquired a little bit of the power of the black sphere through the sacred <Harvest>.

In an instant, the essence of necromancy stirred and advanced to the realm beyond.

And what that means, the answer became clear when I realized that the origin of the black sphere was necromancy.

‘If you can swallow the black sphere, you can grow necromancy.’

This is because the essence of it is necromancy itself.

So, hasn’t the mastery of necromancy grown beyond the growth limit?

In a practical sense, getting that black sphere is like getting a deteriorated version of necromancy.

‘They are the same necromancy, so if they overlap, they will be absorbed into one side.’


“Are the unique characteristics growing again? ….”

As soon as I thought that, I was smiling widely.

“That’s fun.”

Should I be curious about the power beyond the limit that can only be obtained through necromancy?

Originally, Necromancy gave him the ‘Quality of the Reaper’, allowing him to become the God of Death when he reached Class A.

And then, after reaching S-class, the final stage of necromancy, I was able to acquire and handle the ‘Qualifications of a Shinigami’.

‘So far, as Necromancy has grown, it has shown more effects than expected.’

So what about the power of necromancy that can be completed with a black sphere beyond this?

‘It’s something I can’t help but look forward to.’

At this point, I can’t help but look forward to whatever comes out.


Even Dam Cheon-woo seemed to sympathize with him.

―Does this make sense?

A grumbling attitude as if it were absurd.

―The unique characteristics that were set at a limit in the tower can now be grown beyond that limit?

As if to express his dissatisfaction, Dam Cheon-woo rang the blade of the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword once and spoke.

―Do you really think this makes sense? …!

Still, does this mean that he is a challenger who has climbed to the top in his own way?

―No matter which dimension the challenger belonged to, the S-class unique characteristic was the limit for growth! But why are you the only one being treated like this?

In the blink of an eye, Dam Cheon-woo’s complaints poured down like a snowball, and I smiled at him.

“well. Isn’t it because I have unique characteristics that make me special? So this is what happened.”

Then, a shallow vibration occurred in the wave of the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword, and Dam Cheon-woo sighed.

―From the beginning, I thought your unique characteristics were the most unusual in the history of the tower….


―Now, the limits to growth are being blatantly breached….

For a moment, we talked to each other and smiled with anticipation.

―Han Seong-yoon.

Suddenly, Dam Cheon-woo spoke in a sharp voice as if he was telling me something.

And I knew what he meant.

That too is very accurate.

“Is it almost time?”

That’s right….

[ Ugh…. ]


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Before I knew it, one of the gods who had fallen in the desert had stood up.


He is also one of the talented people who will generously donate(?) his divine power to me.


[ …Ke, kellogg, kellogg! What is this? Ugh, why am I alive? ]

A woman with slanted eyes who appears to be quite skilled, even at the level of formal godhood.

She coughed blood and looked around in confusion.

Even loudly expressing feelings of anger and confusion.

[What the hell happened to this? Sue, the god of harvest! Where has this bastard gone? …! ]

I guess my memory was cut off after I was knocked out by the harvest god who used the power from the black sphere….

‘But it doesn’t matter.’

In any case, I am currently in a situation where I need to collect information and acquire sacred relics.

We are in the process of finding an efficient means to cross over to the battlefield of the gods and the area beyond.

That’s why, looking at the female deity lying in the desert, I smiled and politely greeted her.

“The god of transcendence and death smiles as he looks at the small deity before him.”



“Sacred <Speech> is activated, greatly increasing your persuasiveness.”

“Divine <Speech> is activated, and the opponent feels greatly feared by the threat in proportion to the level of divinity.”

I just inflated my persuasiveness(?) with one of the divinity I had previously obtained so that the godhead in front of me wouldn’t give false preconceptions.

[ …uh? ]

But is this deity in front of you not used to interacting with each other?

[ …Uh, um, uh. ]

Right after it stuttered for a few seconds as if there was a lag.

[ hi…? ]

She smiled awkwardly and answered.

[ …do? ]


“The God of Fury quickly notices the unknown monster in front of him.”

Curling up like some sort of frightened small animal.

Thanks to revealing a certain level of status, I felt like I had reached a level, albeit in a shallow way.

And, contrary to her name as the God of Fury, she spoke in the most conscientious manner possible.

[Well, but you…. greatness! Oh, no. Can I find out who it is…? ]

“A deity who was just passing by.”

[ …. ]

“Let’s leave it at that for now.”

An answer without the slightest hint of sincerity.

The God of Wrath must have been enraged by this, and a slight emotion of anger flickered in her eyes.

Could it be that she has anger management problems, as her name suggests?

I wasn’t that curious, but the look in her eyes made me think it might be.

However, the anger and irritation in her eyes did not last long.


“You better look at that and think.”

[ …? ]

“That could be you.”

[What is that…. ]

The moment I said that to her and pointed in a certain direction with my index finger.

[ uh…. ]

Before he knew it, the God of Fury was breaking into a cold sweat and spoke as if he had goosebumps.

[What the hell is that…? ]

It was worth it.

There, there was a harvest god whose body had just been pulverized by the divine <Death>.

Even the harvest god drove quite a few gods, including her, to the brink of extinction.

Perhaps that’s why the God of Fury, who saw the God of Harvest dying so cruelly, seemed to understand the situation and closed his mouth.

[ …. ]


“I think I finally understand the situation.”

Only then did I look at the God of Fury and say with a satisfied smile.

“I have no intention of killing you.”

[Is that so…? ]

“uh. “There’s just something I want.”

[It’s something you want to have…? ]

“It’s simple.”

It’s no different….

“Can you give me the relic you have?”

Now is the time to get the most out of the relic, like a copy.


As it was, I ripped relics from gods all over the desert, starting with the God of Fury.

“The achievement ‘Plunderer of the Gods’ has been achieved.”

「Skill ‘Divine Plunder (C+)’ is created.」

Still, should I say that he is like a senior(?) who has already adapted to the battlefield of the gods?

The harvest was quite good as the sacred relics were torn apart by the gods who had suddenly regained consciousness.

Originally, in this area of ​​the Battlefield of the Gods, you would have to search for and obtain relics found throughout the stage.

‘Is there a need to search all over the desert yourself to obtain relics?’

But I didn’t do that.

“It’s just that if we receive donations of holy relics like this, that’s it.”

Relics can be obtained only by lightly showing strength against gods.

[What a bug! dare! Give everything you have? Damn! Do you know who I am and do this? ]

Of course, there are some gods who have regained consciousness who refuse to donate holy relics….



“I have absorbed the spirit of ‘Rakadama’, the god of perseverance.”

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon won against the official Shingeki, becoming 0.75% closer to [transcendence].”

“Then just don’t do it and die.”

There is no rule that requires you to obtain only holy relics from gods.

So, every time that happened, I just crushed their heads and paid for it with spirits and other divinity.

Did he feel like he had to live since roughly four or five gods died so meaninglessly?

After that, everyone seemed to be able to control their anger quite well, and many gods gave away holy relics without saying anything.

“The achievement ‘Anger Disorder Treatment Master’ has been achieved.”

“All abilities increase by 1.”

「Achievement ‘Vicious Marauder’ has been achieved….」

“All abilities increase by 1….」

「Achievement of ‘Practice of the law of the jungle’….」

“All abilities are level 1….」

-haha. now…, This crazy guy has become a demon that even demons can learn from….

And in the process, low-grade relics were reduced to a handful of abilities.

“Skill ‘Steel Eating’ is activated.”

Indeed, for the first time in a long time, the skill ‘Steel Eating’ was used to convert relics into abilities.

“Completely absorbed.”

“Strength increases by 1.”

「Stamina increases by 1.」

“Durability increases by 1.”

“Magic power increases by 1.”

In fact, the increase in ability itself was insignificant, but it didn’t matter.

‘Anyway, relics below a certain level cannot be used as mere tower items.’


“The God of Fury offers a holy relic to challenger Han Seong-yoon with tears in his eyes.”

[ Heehee…! This is the end of the relics I have…! Please, please spare my life…! ]

Finally I was able to get some eye-catching sparkly gems in the process.

“Jewel to keep”

「Grade: SS+」

“A gem that an unknown god created to store the divinity of a close friend, but it failed to do so.”


It’s no different….

─The grade of the power ‘Divine Power (S-)’ increases to the grade of ‘Divine Power (S)’.

─The power ‘Holy Power (S)’ can accumulate the user’s holy power into an item that matches its level.

“…It’s amazing, right?”

That is, a vessel of holy relics that can contain the sacred <transcendence> or <fighting spirit> was obtained.

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