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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 514

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Whoever occupies this place is no different from gaining a foothold in conquering the New Continent.

It is structured so that not only NPCs but also users who have received secret orders from each kingdom have no choice but to come and go here frequently.

“Ugh, that’s why it’s a bit creepy even for a party.”

Can’t trust easily.

Moreover, this is the place where Fernand told us the exact location. If you reach there, you will definitely get the discovery achievement.

Knowing full well the value of a single piece of information on the New Continent, it was natural for users to be reluctant to move together unless they truly trusted them.

Lee Ha was surprised when he suddenly realized his thoughts.

Still, even I, who trust people quite well, think this way.

‘Other users will also have a lot of boundaries and exploration between each other. Moreover, if you come to the New Continent, you have escaped the heavy water.’

The following could clearly predict the conflict that would arise in this land in the near future. So, do you call someone you trust, or find someone who will? That wasn’t easy either.

‘Ugh, time is running out! 150 days is not the problem… Tomorrow is the departure date for Hong Kong!’

In reality, there are less than 24 hours left!

Perhaps after two or three days in Middle Earth time, we will really be ready to leave the country.

There is not enough time to wait for other users to sort out the source of the demon.

In the end, you have to travel alone.

“I don’t really know what you’re mumbling about, but if it’s something that uses your brain, I think you don’t have to do it alone, Leeha.”

“huh? Fuha! That’s right. “You are not alone.”


No, I wasn’t exactly alone.

Lee Ha smiled as he saw Blaugrun looking up at him with a sullen expression. Party play? Didn’t he already have a trustworthy ally?

Lee Ha took out a magazine and held it up.

“There’s nothing we can do when it’s like this. Is it the source of a demon or is it mine?…”


“Let’s clash with each other once.”

The strong insertion sound made people around look at Lee Ha for a moment, but that was all.

This is because Blaugrun used mass teleportation as soon as Leeha gave the coordinates.

Before I knew it, any trace of anyone having been there had disappeared.

* * *

〈Key to the Spirit World (extinguishes after one use)〉

Effect: Allows entry to 1 Spirit World

Description: One of the traces of the presence of a god. The Spirit Kings born in his abode had a very great influence on all life in Middle Earth. However, God always rejects one-way influence. A key that is said to have been created by creatures in Middle Earth to enable them to influence spirits.

[The door is visible. Fire, water, wind, earth, brain – there are more than ten other gates. Could each and every one of these be a path to the spirit world? Can I only choose one of these? I choose. I am leaving this book in case I cannot return.] This

is an item whose existence was revealed thanks to the records of Allen Srna, the strongest spiritist of the Wood Elves, who studied everything about spirits and signed a contract with all spirit kings for the first time in history.

“Hmm… Mr. Blaugrun, do you know anything about the key to the spirit world?”

“I am not a spirit.”

An unexpected answer came out of Blaugrun’s mouth, who was expected to pretend to know and talk.

Usually, they give good answers even if you don’t ask, but when you actually need information, they say they don’t know.

“No, then let’s change the question. Do you know how many spirits there are? Or maybe it’s about spiritist Allen Srna.”

“Same question.”


“Allen Srna, a wood elf who was once an object of interest even to dragons. He made a contract with the nineteen spirit kings and declared that there would be no more spirits in the natural world. Because it happened when I was a hatchling – no, not the hatchling just before, of course.”

If this is a story from when it was originally a hatchling, and Blaugrun, the existing adult level, was a hatchling level, then this means that the Wood Elf named Allen Srna is also a person from at least 1,000 years ago.

‘Of course it’s an NPC. Well, a spiritist who has made a contract with all the spirit kings cannot possibly be a ranker.’

Could it be a user? I was able to nod my head immediately.

“But there are nineteen spirits?”

“According to Allen Srna. Even our dragons can’t figure out that much accurately. “The magic and spirit systems are completely different… and Bahamut doesn’t get along very well with the spirits.”

“Hmm. “That makes sense.”

Since the relationship between Bahamut and the spirits could be roughly guessed from the reaction of the sea god Elaim, Leeha nodded.

‘It’s a spirit.’

Even though he carried items related to spirits, Lee Ha did not know much about spirits.

But it was also natural.

‘There must be information revealed on the Internet.’

The most famous seven spirits.

Fire, water, wind, and earth can be seen as the four major elements. And another thing that is known is electricity.

And even though the name is unknown, there are many rumors that there is a spirit master using it, ‘Light and Darkness’.

‘At least light and darkness are just fragmented information. While the four major elements and the names of the spirits by class are known in relative detail…’

Two out of seven are still unknown.

But are there 12 more spirits whose existence is not even clear? Leeha fiddled with the translucent key and put it back into the bag.

I wanted to try it right away.

Just knowing the remaining types of spirits would be tremendous information. Wouldn’t it be possible to make a lot of money just by selling the information that there is a spirit of this nature?

‘But time…’

However, the short time was also a problem.

Also, as the item’s description states, if you select one door, you will not be able to open the rest. What choices can you make when that time comes?



Blaugrun tugged on Leeha’s clothes as he was lost in thought.

Although he is in the form of a human child, he can use the power of a dragon as long as he is not a hatchling. His physical strength was enough to throw Leeha away.

“It’s dangerous to go any further. “It starts from here.”

Blaugrun pointed with his little finger. Now it was clearly visible to the following eyes.

It was clear that the distance was quite far away, but the thing rising high in the sky was definitely similar in shape to the ‘polluted world tree’.

“Indeed… But there are more monsters than I thought-”

“There are more. “Leeha, you may not be able to see it yet.”


The following asked:

He didn’t see any monsters, but there were so many of them?

“You said it was Fernand who discovered that this place was the source of demons, right? “For a human, he’s definitely amazing.”


“Are you going to come in right away?”

“Well, first of all, I want to check the status. Mr. Fernand said that usually about 3 raid units should be deployed per demon source. That’s only if we work well together, otherwise 5 raid parties are enough—”

The maximum number of people in a party is 5. One raid consists of five parties.

Typically, one raid group consists of 25 users. This is because the two sources of demons cleared in [Common Quests] so far were like that.

In other words, the minimum number of people required is 75, and the recommended number of people is 125!

At first glance, it may seem like an easy condition. However, where is this? It was only possible with the composition of the elites who would come to the new continent, not the 100 fluttering mid-to-low level users.

If you thought of it as a raid or dungeon from the Old Continent, it meant you would get seriously hurt.

“〈Detect Evil〉”

Blaugrun casted a spell while ignoring the explanation below.


Just a moment ago, this place was closer to a wasteland where weeds grew haphazardly.

Except for one tree in the distance, not a single living animal can be seen.

but now?


“Kreot- kreut-”

“Swoosh- a human- came-”

I can’t even count the number. No, it was natural that I couldn’t count, but I couldn’t even determine the species of the monster!

As if all the monsters in the dungeon had been crammed into a small space, the number of different types of monsters was spread out in countless ways.

“…Mr. Blaugrun? “You heard what I said, right?”

“One animal, one animal is roughly- um… if I were to compare it to the level of humans, the concept of level is between 260 and 280. “Let’s go.”

“what? Where? what? Now, wait a minute!”

“Please come back on your own. I will focus on fighting rather than protecting you. Leeha, you would want that too.”



Before Leeha could catch him, cyan light began to emanate from Blaugrun’s body.

Since I had dealt with a lot of dragons, I knew immediately what it was.

‘Dragon form! Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen you once since I became Jubuna First Class!’

It meant that Blaugrun, who had always been in human form, was finally revealing his true form.

* * *

“Big—no, small?!”

In terms of size, it’s probably three times the size of the ‘little one’.

It was natural that it was bigger than the size below, but it was definitely smaller than the ‘adult level Blaugrun’ I remembered.

Although it can inflict considerable fear on the enemy, it will not have the overwhelming fear emitted by Ancient-level or higher dragons such as Baylipus, Kuzgunak’shi, or Bahamut.

That’s why I felt happy but also somewhat disappointed.

‘Now that I think about it, even if I ride Mr. Blaugrun-’


‘If you say that, it looks like you’re going to be bitten to death.’

Blaugrun roared.

The complaints that arose for a short time disappeared in an instant.

A bronze dragon that died once at the adult level and was reborn through a mythical item.

Even though it was a Juvenile first class, compared to a hatchling, it had definitely risen to the level where it could show off as a ‘dragon’.

Blaugrun’s roar was, so to speak, the cry of someone who had succeeded in proving his existence.

Leeha looked at Blaugrun with an expression of emotion.

It was a different kind of emotion than when I was given growth promoters.


“Kaaa─── Kaaaaa───ㄱ!”

“B-Mr. Blaugrun! Flying monsters—!”

But was Lee Ha the only one who felt moved?

The monsters of the New World were definitely different from those of the Old World.

Even though it was a Juvenile first-class dragon’s roar, it had a definite abnormal status effect, but none of them stopped moving.

Even if you estimate the number of avian monsters such as the four-winged crow, the giant bird with only a skeleton left, and the golden eagle-class avian monster that was the boss-level monster of Candle Castle, the number is over fifty.

When Leeha shouted, Blaugrun bent his long neck and looked at Leeha.

[Don’t worry, take good care of yourself.]

The dragon was smiling.

It was literally for a moment that turquoise particles gathered in front of his face. While Leeha was saying, scales flashed under Blaugrun’s chin.

An electric current passed. Ride the mana gushing from the dragon heart.


Below, I covered my ears.

I had to close my eyes because of the light that seemed to burn my pupils, but even before I reflexively closed my eyes, I could see the breath.

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