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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 289 English

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Leeha’s heart started to pound.

They were not too far off from the entrance, as they were following the perimeter of the fence and peeked inside the village.

If things got really dangerous, they could use their chain teleport, but most importantly, their first priority was to not get killed. It was a situation where they hadn’t even gotten the information that they needed.

So, after a bit more suffocating time had passed. the number of trolls increased. By 6:50, there were well over a thousand trolls that had gathered in the middle of the northern troll village.

‘My goodness… It wasn’t something that they could infiltrate. We almost got in trouble.’

No matter how strong Luger was, with the number of trolls present, he was bound to run out of ammo. Although Leeha shook his head, he did not let go of his focus on the trolls. After 10 more minutes an hour had passed.

[You have surveyed the northern troll tribe.]

[So far, you have not seen anything suspicious.]

[Information gathered 1.8%]

– Are those all of the trolls? They are gathering all the meat they caught. I don’t see any special troll on this side. What about you?

 -…I don’t know. It only seems like the equipment is different, and nothing else really…’

-Crolang’s not here. Lets look elsewhere. All the trolls will be gathering soon, so let’s settle down and observe in advance.

Could it be that Luger suggested searching for Crolang considering the meal distribution time? Those who have experience with the northern trolls really are different.

‘It would have been nice if Luger said, “All the trolls are gathering soon, so let’s settle down and observe in advance.”, why did he have to withhold information?’

After about 10 to 20 minutes, Leeha shook his head as he watched the trolls huddle and interact over the scope. In any case, there was nothing wrong with Luger or Leeha’s words.

Leeha: Luger! When will the meal distribution be over? Are they going to leave again? Or do they not go out at night?

Luger: They do not go out at night.

Leeha: It seems like we won’t be able to find Crolang today, so check the patrol pattern again. We need to settle in a safe place and observe again tomorrow.


It was at that time that a huge explosion was heard behind Leeha.

“Ugh, what was that!”

Leeha was startled and quickly looked behind.

A spark broke out 250m away from Leeha’s left and back, and smoke began to rise rapidly.

 One claymore was activated and created a large-scale explosion…

Kidd: What happened? I just heard a loud sound.

Luger: I see smoke there. What did you do? Do you want everyone to know where we are?

Leeha: A claymore explode-

But before Leeha could finish speaking.


Another explosion rang.

This time the explosion came his back right. It wasn’t a malfunction, there must have been a beast or a monster. He had just checked earlier and there was nothing around them.

Leeha was certain.

‘The distance between the claymores was 300m…… there’s something coming from both directions!’

Kidd: Ha Leeha? Ha Leeha?

Luger: Crazy bastard! All the trolls here are looking towards you like a beacon!

Leeha held his breath and pointed the Black Bass toward the explosion’s direction. He wanted to call Kidd and Luger right away, but couldn’t.

The smoke from the two explosions was very visible even in the northern troll colony.

[The northern trolls are curious.]

[Alert: 50%]

A rather cute notification window popped up.

But Leeha recognized the group that appeared through the black smoke. 

“Kuhahaha, how are you?”


Agromni Igor’s face was smeared with soot, and behind him were the soldiers who were in line together.

“Czar…. How?”

How did they know to come here? There was no way that users from the Shazrasian Federation would know everything. Most importantly, Leeha came here without passing through any village in the Shazrasian Federation. In other words, no one could have seen him, so how did they know? There was no way he was marked!

“Now I can finally get my achievement back. Capture him alive.”

“Yes sir!!!”

Igor and Czar were not the type of people to respond kindly when asked. Leeha was also not in a position to ask. Leeha immediately pulled the trigger. 




Even though they were far apart, Luger and Kidd heard it clearly, it was different from the previous explosions. It was unmistakeably a gunshot.

“Lurit – loud, ka – sound.”

“Human? Giant?”

“Atuk! Da! Meat! Meat!”

The northern trolls communicated with their tusks protruding. Still, only half of them went over. The other half of the trolls were more concerned about the food distribution.

Kidd: Ha Leeha, res[pnd, Ha Leeha! 

Luger: You damned bastard! You pretended to be proud, whats that idiot doing!?

Neither Kidd’s call nor Luger’s scolding got any reply from Leeha. Once again, a quiet gunshot came from above the mountain, where two smoke stacks rose together.

[The northern trolls are now paying attention.]

[Alert: 60%]

As it was 1.5km away, the sound was very faint. If they were in a city or battlefield, that level of sound would have been completely buried.

However, except for the strange noises the trolls made, whether it be sniffling or the gurgling of phlegm, it was a place without a single decibel of artificial sound.

Moreover, since it was an open area, the wind spread the smell of the gunpowder.


Gunshots were heard in quick succession.

[The northern trolls are on high alert.] 

[Alert: 70%]

The trolls who were exchanging meat and dismantling the polar bears, started to focused more and more on one place. There were also some who grabbed their weapons.

“Aruk, aruk, human, there’s human.”

“Human meat, kuhut, human meat.” 

As the northern trolls, who had been chewing a whole deer with bllood trickling down their mouth, laughed, Kidd and Luger’s expressions grew darker and darker.

Kidd: Luger, what is the status of his chain teleport?

Luger: It’s active. It’s already a situation where he could use it. Why isn’t that idiot using it?

Even so, the two couldn’t move quickly. The chain teleport was now. In other words, if Leeha made up his mind to run away, it meant that he could move next to Luger or Kidd.

However, why was he not moving?

Didn’t that mean that he had the confidence to handle the situation by himself?

The both of them thought so, and didn’t teleport to Leeha’s side. It would have been nice if Leeha responded, but since he did not, the frustrating situation continued.

Even so, in order to prepare for any emergency, both Kidd and Luger prepared their weapons. The sun had already set. At the time when the purple darkness was about to retreat from their sight, a sudden red-colored light exploded.

It wasn’t something superstitious.

It was obviously a skill effect. Both Kidd and Luger knew that Leeha had summoned his soulmate.

[The northern trolls have entered a state of emergency.]

[Alert: 90%]

Kidd: Ha Leeha, come here if it’s dangerous! Do not-

Luger: Hey you idiot!!!

Shwiiii- another gunshot was carried by the sound of the wind blowing.

[Alert: 100%]

“Chief, Chief!”

“Our King!”

“Aru-! Aruhi aruru-!” Aruhi一! Aruru一!

Ruhi一! Ruru一!

Over one thousand northern trolls waited, screaming grotesquely. It was around that time that the gunshots stopped. Kidd and Luger’s eyes, which were looking in Leeha’s direction, followed the trolls’ eyes.

On the low hill beyond the village, something ran at breakneck speed.

It was the reason Kidd and Luger couldn’t find Crolang inside the village. Because the king of the northern trolls didn’t live in the village.

‘That is not a speed of a troll.’

[The king of the northern trolls, Krolang, has appeared.]

[All trolls in the northern troll village have now become 15% stronger.]

The northern trolls were bigger than normal trolls.

Moreover, Crolang had a level that was worthy of a named monster. The field boss of the Sentinel Mountains, Cyclops Quiquero, was about 10m tall, and Crolang was at that height as well.

His head was taller by a millimeter. It was because he was riding an mysterious beast as a mount.

“Churururup一……. Why did you wake me up when the count wasn’t here yet?”

Kidd and Luger heard Crolang’s creepy voice.

And at that moment, a light flashed next to Kidd.


“Oh? Ha Leeha?”

“Kidd! Call Luger, quick! We have to catch Crolang, quickly! Come on!!”


“There’s no time- no time! He appeared!” 

Casting chain teleport emitted an intense light. So Crolang and the northern trolls were able to see where they were now. Kidd and Luger had no idea what the hell was going on.


[Northern trolls are alert.]

[Alert: 90%]

A bullet pierced the chest of a Czar guild member. Even though he was wearing chain mail, there was a huge hole connecting his chest and back. It was an instakill.

“Shut up.”

Igor gave instructions and distance himself from Leeha.

As soon as Leeha fired a bullet, he stepped back and pointed his rifle toward another Czar guild member that was approaching. And that Czar guild member quickly tore a piece of paper.

[User ‘Zatknis’ attacked you. A hostile relationship has formed.]

[The chaotic index will not increase when attacking a hostile user.]

[Your communication has been temporarily blocked.]

[All group chats including whispers are prohibited for 15 minutes while in range.]


Cursing was a waste of time. After confirming that there was nothing above Zatknis’ neck, Leeha reloaded again.

Czar’s guild members tried to encircle Leeha within 200m. There were about 30 of them. Leeha had to choose quickly.

He could just jump off.

Overlooking the northern colony meant that he was near a cliff. What was his chance of survival? His legs would at least be broken. Most importantly, if he assumed that Czar was going after him, things would only get worse.

Another issue was the chain teleport.

He could go to Kidd or Luger’s location. However, what would happen after?

‘Light will spread. With an alert level of 90% has already been raised and then a light goes off…’

Leeha tried to refrain from provoking the northern trolls as much as possible.

They could go mad just by him using his skills. The failure of the quest will become ‘The Beginning of the Fall’. 

He couldn’t move carelessly.

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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter]

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