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Absolutely Do Not Touch Eldmia Egga Chapter 628

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The carriage that seemed to move endlessly stopped was a familiar place to me.

“You want me to use this place alone?”

I was given the same villa-like building that had been provided as accommodation for me when I came with Ragnis in the past.

“Is that possible?”

A man who identified himself as a ‘janitor’ opened the carriage door, greeted politely, and made a light gesture, and the occupants of the building naturally walked out and bowed in kind. However, there was a huge difference from then: all the workers were covered in a dark veil that made their faces unrecognizable.

“Of course, we have completed preparations to accommodate you without any inconvenience.”

“Ah… yes, thank you.”

It wasn’t what I meant, but it was like getting an answer in the end, so I decided to just move on. Like the merchant, he did not reveal who he was, so he was able to come up with an answer without even asking why the employees served him in that way.

At the same time, I also wondered if it was really necessary to do something like this. Whenever nobles or distinguished guests come, they don’t always reveal their names or hide their faces. Rather than creating a situation that makes me feel uncomfortable… I can’t help but think that it’s more about filtering out those who aim to get involved with me.

“We have contacted the Dwarf Kingdom separately, but they say it will take time because it is a means of transportation that has not yet become widespread. They say it will take about three days, so we will assess the value of the by-product in time and let you know.”

As I followed the manager inside, I thought about asking him why he was doing that, but it didn’t really matter to me, so I decided to ask something else.

“Now that I think about it, I haven’t heard any details about the means of transportation yet. The merchant said it could be a unique experience. What is it specifically?”

At my question, a look of pride that cannot be hidden appears on the manager’s face for just a moment. Just by looking at his expression, his reaction was that his mouth was tickling, but for some reason, he held back and only recommended seeing it in person.

“As the merchant said, it will be a truly unique experience. Until now, it is an item that only those who are envoys to the Dwarf Kingdom have the opportunity to ride. I guarantee that even if you are a warrior, you will be quite surprised when you see it.”

“That’s… something I’m looking forward to.”

It’s a big deal.

No matter how hard you think about it, there is no suitable means of transportation other than trains. Modern people have pride, so they can’t be surprised by that, right? Even if you want to just ignore it and move on, you can’t because those people’s reaction is crazy, and they are showing their goodwill with the feeling that they will definitely like it, like friends preparing a surprise party.

“Are there any restrictions on going out? I don’t have any plans, but I thought it would be a good idea to check.”

“Is that so? You can see the capital as much as you want. You don’t have to tell us your destination, but we will come pick you up at any time according to our schedule, so you can rest comfortably.”

They said they would provide free surveillance in exchange for free action, but since I wasn’t trying to do anything scandalous, I could fully understand that. Even if I wander around outside and get lost somewhere in an alley, it’s not a bad thing because they say they’ll come back on their own.

Of course, I was just asking to prepare for an unexpected situation and there was no reason for me to go out. In fact, after saying goodbye to the man who was the manager, I continued to spend the day resting at the hotel.

The only thing that happened was that even though I was eating alone, a huge amount of delicacies were poured out, which was embarrassing. Even though I said I had joined the ranks of gluttons, I couldn’t handle it and ended up laughing.

At first glance, I thought that having to rest for three days like this might be a bit boring, but I decided to think of it as a vacation for myself after all the hardships I had endured, and even laid down in bed on the first day.

Contrary to my prediction that the next day would go the same way, after breakfast, I sat down in the study full of cultural books and read a book for the first time in a while when a completely unexpected visitor came.

-You must not visit so unexpectedly, Prince!

-If the princess knew about this, I don’t know what kind of tribute she would give…

The noise coming from far away was so small that it could have been heard as a murmur if it were a normal sense, but the dragon’s blood’s sense, which becomes sharper as you get used to it, picks up even that to the point where you can understand the content.

Thanks to this, I was already able to collect myself and greet the other person after being completely embarrassed and surprised before he or she even entered the study.

“You are Eldmia, the warrior of the Demon Church who saved my sister and has a close relationship with the hero.”

The man who suddenly opened the door of the study and barged in was a handsome man with thick lines and a very sturdy physique, although not as tall as mine.

The clothing that supports that appearance is not as luxurious as the extravagant outfits Esmué wore when visiting the Imperial Academy in the past, but it is a high-end product with a lot of purple dye. That was an element that caught everyone’s attention, but what caught my attention even more was the short sword he wore at his waist.

It’s the only practical weapon that focuses on functionality, so you can’t help but notice it. Because it looked so simple, it could have been played separately from the fancy costume, but someone in charge of coordinating the man’s costume desperately tried to prevent this by decorating the belt and sword sheath with embroidery and fabric to barely match it.

“Nice to meet you. I am Etrasijel Vistim Tel Noir.”

Although he must have sensed my eyes searching him, he didn’t seem to care at all, and came toward me with strides, standing in front of me before I could even get up from my seat.

He doesn’t seem to want to reprimand me for not getting up and bowing. I couldn’t tell if he was originally not interested in that or if he recognized that he too was being rude to foreigners and lashed out, but in any case, he didn’t show any displeasure and held out his hand with a toothy smile.

“Well, because of his status, he is often called the second prince.”

His generous attitude, as if he was not concerned about his status, could certainly be said to be likable, but it did not matter that he was the second prince.

If the story I picked up is correct, it was the second prince who was dissatisfied with Esmuët’s monotony and was rumored to have formed his own faction and aimed for the emperor’s position.

“I have wanted to be alone with you for a long time, and today I am finally able to make that dream come true.”

Thanks to this, it took a while for me to grab his hand, which was thrust in front of his nose. Still, he seemed to be satisfied with the fact that I had accepted the handshake, and he nodded slightly and, as if it was completely natural, plopped down on the other side of the sofa where I was sitting.

“You may feel that this is a sudden visit without any manners or anything, but please understand. My sister is not very pleased with me meeting you, so I had to hurry.”

The act of roughly taking off the cloak he was wearing and putting it down next to him after sitting down was more like that of a nobleman with little manners rather than a prince. But ironically, the attitude that follows such undignified behavior is extremely upright.

Even if his legs are crossed, should I say they are braided like a model? It’s almost as if the dignity, which is like an ingrained habit, is clinging to something that cannot be degraded to this level.

“Actually, even though we moved in such a hurry, we don’t have much time. So I’d like to ask you a straightforward question, is that okay?”

“I don’t know if I can give you the answer you want, but… I’ll tell you.”

There were a lot of thoughts that came to mind, but what I could see in his attitude was not that he was looking down on me or looking down on me, but was more of a simple curiosity, so I decided to accept the story in moderation without being overly polite.

If anyone had criticized my attitude and called me rude, the story would have been different, but the two knights guarding the front of the wide open study stared outside as if they had no interest in what was happening inside, and the prince, who was the person involved, nodded as if he had no interest in what I did or not. Just nod.

“Close your doors and close your ears.”

For a moment, I wondered what he was saying, but it was something he was saying to the drivers. The prince saw with his own eyes that they were faithfully carrying out his orders and turned his head towards me again.

“Of course that’s the answer. Are you aiming for the position of emperor?”

Then, he stormed in with a truly unstoppable attitude.

To the extent that the words “turn on your blinkers and come in” almost came out in a voice.

“I don’t have anything to tell you because it’s such a nonsense story.”

“Hahaha, she may not be as good as my sister, but she still has the eyes and ears to match the rumor that she is aiming for the position of emperor.”

The prince uncrossed his legs, rested his arms and lowered his upper body, still looking at me with a smiling face. For a moment, I thought this person was trying to scare me or threaten me, so I tried to focus more, but I couldn’t feel anything like that.

“My relationship with my sister is very close. Still, since we are brother and sister, I know her a little, but we are close to an unprecedented degree.”

That’s not wrong since I received a confession…

However, I can’t tell this to the prince, who can be said to be Esmuët’s political enemy, so I’m going crazy. However, the prince, who seemed to have no interest in what was on my mind, just continued his words.

“If you are not interested in the position of emperor, would you consider taking my sister away to prevent her from becoming emperor?”

It’s going to spin, really.

Give me my vacation back, fuck.

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Absolutely Do Not Touch Eldmia Egga

Absolutely Do Not Touch Eldmia Egga

Never touch Eldmia Egga, 절대 엘드미아 에가를 건드리지 마라
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