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Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 356

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< Side Story Episode 3: Those Who Seek Him (Complete) (Illustration) >

-You’ve grown so much. Our unhwi.

I chuckled at Sodamgeom’s words.

Yes, even when I first talked to you, every day was always at risk.

A lot of things have happened to get to this point.

When I think back, it was full of moments that wouldn’t be strange no matter when I died.

However, it is no exaggeration to say that I have now reached the same level of martial arts as Master Geomseon.

“No, that’s ridiculous.”

“The great brother who brought great success to Duke Muwon…..”

“How can it be so vain!”

You can tell just by looking at the astonished Taoists of the Mosan sect.

Is this old Taoist man, who stumbles and falls like a doll whose strings have been cut, their grand brother?

It was definitely strong, but compared to the enemies I had faced so far or the people I knew, it was not that strong.

-It will be sorted out at the Seolbaek line.


Have you also improved your sharpness?

– Seodanggae I’ve seen so many monster-like things next to you that you recite the good fortune every three years, but you don’t even know the extent of it.

It’s just as Sodamgeom said.

This dead master of the Mosan faction is one step below Seolbaek, who came to be called the Empress of Binghan.

Anyway, would you like to deal with the remaining ones?

When I took a step, they were shocked and tried to run away.

-Just right!

I lightly snapped my fingers.

Then, as they were about to launch a light attack, they stopped as if they were caught by something.


“Even this kind of technique?”

They couldn’t hide their embarrassment.

What I was unleashing on them now was the magic trick of Cheolsu training.

Of course, experts of their level would be able to solve the hex using internal energy, but I can kill them in just this short moment.



In an instant, I appeared behind them and cut off the head of one of the Taoists of the Mosan Sect.

The reason one of their eyes is golden is because they underwent an incomplete treatment to grant immortality.

So, if you cut off your head, you will die at once.


One of the Taoists of the Mosan sect let out a scream and stabbed a dagger at my neck.

In response, he snapped his index finger and broke the dagger.

“Oh my?”

“I should have asked you to save my life.”

I threw the broken fragments with a bullet and pierced the guy’s forehead.

-phut! Sigh!

“100 million!”

The Taoist monk with his eyebrows pierced stumbled.

Even if it is an imperfect immortality, its regenerative power is amazing.

If you see that it doesn’t die at this level.

It doesn’t matter.

Just cut it and that’s it.

It was a moment to raise excitement with the inspection paper.


A Daoist with only the black forehead targeted my side with a soft sword.

When he pretended to gently push his hand, the monk’s body bounced off with a rebound force and was soon embedded in the stone wall.



A trickle of blood flowed from the Taoist’s mouth, which was pinned to the wall.

Even though he was in pain, he looked at me like I was a monster.

“…They are so stubborn to stop us.”

“Stop it?”

I seem to be misunderstanding something.

I told him the point straight away.

“I’m not interested in that. Where is the Seomok Hancheol that grows naturally here?”


He gave me a puzzled look at my question.

“Could it be… that you came all the way here just to save it?”

“Did you think there would be something else to do?”

It was purely by chance that I met the only survivors of the Mosan faction.

Of course, it was very unfortunate for them.

If things had been done along the lines of rebuilding the clan, I wouldn’t have done anything to stop them, but I was dreaming too big.

I’m going to fill the entire midfield with blood-sucking monsters.

“say. “If you want to save him, where is Seomok Hancheol?”

“……You ruined everything and I thought Bondo would tell you that…”


At that time, before his eyes, he saw a regenerated Daoist floating in the air.

I, whose inner strength has already reached the level of transcendence, can do this without even touching his hand.



The monk’s neck, which was floating in the air, broke and was soon pulled out.

“You don’t want to end up like this, do you?”

He was devastated by the cruel sight.

Then, he finally came to his senses and shouted at me as if he hated me.

“Inooom! “You will never go to the place where Seomok Hancheol is…”

“iced coffee. Was it there?”


“I wonder if you have gathered all of them in an underground common warehouse about five miles northeast of here.”

His eyes widened at my words.

He must have been surprised that he found out without even saying it.

“Wow, how on earth do you do that?”

Looking at that guy, I laughed.

“Ah, did it sound like what I said to you? But no.”

My gaze was focused on the soft sword he had dropped on the floor.

With the threat of brutally killing the master like the Taoist who killed him first, Yeongeom immediately blew up the place where Seomok Hancheol was.

Yeongeom, a handsome guy, asks to protect his master as promised.

As promised, I plan to save him right now.

There may be restrictions, though.



Having destroyed his dantian in one go, I generated a chill that froze the Daoist’s body.

And he put whatever was in his arms into his pocket.

– Buzz buzz!

Yeongeom was startled and protested.

If you release it gently, you will be in trouble, so can you just let it go?

I plan to take him to Seobok and place a ban on his body to release him.


I packed enough bags to fill my pockets with everything.

-You are quite foolish too.

At this, Sodamgeom stuck out his tongue.

Shouldn’t we be prepared for just-in-case situations?

According to the blacksmith, it is not easy to completely revive a broken sword.

Right now, I feel like I’m grasping at straws.

-Namcheon That guy would be really happy if he knew that you were putting in all this effort.

He doesn’t like it, but I wish he would come back.

Because it breaks my heart to let him go like this.

Anyway, I’ve taken care of Seomok Hancheol, so I have to go back now.

You can go to Mussangseong at once using Chukjibeop without bothering to go back.

It was the moment when I was about to unleash the Chukji method.


I could feel the energy outside the cavity.

-Are there any survivors?

No way.

All the Taoist monks of the Mosan sect were killed.

Didn’t you check and deal with all the beings caught in the feeling?

I just hate leaving behind regrets.

However, the energy felt outside was beyond the ordinary level.

‘He’s an expert in terms of taxes.’

-Are you strong?

At this level, it could be said that he was almost the same as or a little higher than that of the Daesanhyeong, who was the strongest among the Taoists of the Mosan sect.

But soon, I raised my eyebrows at the sound of swords ringing in my head.


I folded the space and went out of the cavity.

As I went out of the cave, I saw two people doing a light attack.

One person was none other than Nangwang Hyeok-man, and the other was a boy who looked to be around fifteen or sixteen years old.

They could not hide their surprise at the sight of me appearing right in front of them, shaking the space.


I smiled and grabbed him.

“execution. long time no see.”

King Hyukcheon is the only disciple recognized by Namcheon Swordsman.

So he was really like a death sentence to me.

However, during the Inyo War, I wanted to see a nose pout, and now I know why.


Even at that time, he was on the verge of overcoming the wall of superhumanity.

But now we have definitely surpassed it.

To reach this level by learning martial arts on your own is truly amazing.

He is the one most worthy of the title of genius.

“S-Master, is this your master?”

The boy looked at me and said excitedly.

His eyes sparkle as if he is looking at the object of his admiration.

The brother sighed and nodded his head.

“okay. “It’s your private quarters.”

Then the boy grabbed me and greeted me politely.

“Disciple Mu Jin-gyeong meets Sa-suk, the greatest sword in the world.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of his lips twitching and liking it.

Where did you get such a friendly child?

I narrowed my eyes and looked at my brother-in-law, who just shrugged his shoulders as if he knew.

His pride in his student was evident.

It was worth it because the student’s talent seemed to be unusual.

We were already on the verge of reaching the peak.

‘Is this another genius?’

However, what was unusual was that the executioner was a master of dual swordsmanship, and his student, Mu Jin-gyeong, was wearing a sword and a sword on his belt.

When I was puzzled, my brother-in-law sighed and said.

“They said they would create a martial art that combines swordsmanship with the left hand and swordsmanship with the right hand.”

“Left and right swords too?”

“It’s the stroke of a bright blue baby.”

When you reach a natural level, it is possible to use conflicting martial arts skills to a certain degree.

It would be difficult even for me to unfold it completely at the same time.

The fact that he comes up with an idea like this at this age seems like he has a very outstanding talent.

“Chigira…I see you found a good student.”

My brother’s disciple was overjoyed at my words.

“To receive praise from the greatest sword in the world!”

My brother-in-law, who was shaking his head at the guy like that, pointed behind him with his thumb and said to me:

“But did the priest do that to those monsters over there?”

“ah? “Have you seen it?”

The brother-in-law frowned slightly at the question, which was meant to be positive.

Looking at his shaking eyes, he seemed quite surprised.

After all, who wouldn’t be surprised to see so many monsters’ heads blown off and dead?

“But how did you come all the way here?”

He had disappeared for nearly a year.

But looking at his appearance like this, it seems like his martial arts training is over.

At that time, Mu Jin-gyeong, a disciple of my brother-in-law, spoke to me.

“Master tested whether the Four Hundred Swords were worthy of being called the best sword in the world… Ugh!”

Before he could finish speaking, his brother covered his mouth.

It is clear that he looks quite embarrassed.

“What are you testing me for?”

My brother-in-law was taken aback by my question and spoke as if to explain.

“Hmm. It looks like my student took my jokes seriously. “I said it as a joke, so don’t worry.”

“Ah, is that so?”

Even though I said this, I understand why you came to see me.

How could a swordsman with a fighting spirit worthy of the death penalty ignore the fact that I, a priest, was given the title of the best swordsman in the world?

I think he came to ask for a favor, but he seems to have changed his mind.

Actually, anyone who has reached that level would have guessed what level I was by seeing the corpses and traces.

Since it is in front of my disciple, there is no need to discuss it further here.


At that moment, I felt familiar energies coming here from somewhere.

My brother-in-law must have felt this as well and spoke urgently to me.

“Priests. Even so, I have something to tell you. “The Jesu clan is coming.”


I know.

Because energy is more sensitive than the death penalty.

Seeing these two women appear at the same time, it’s obvious what’s going on without even looking.

My head is starting to pound.

They should just be equal, but they are insisting on ranking until the end.

“Are you in pain?”

“Do you look jealous?”

“…….I thought it was a blessing, but seeing the Jesu clan fighting like they were fighting to the death, it seems that wasn’t necessarily the case.”

“You understand how I feel.”

“So this executioner only wants to meet one person if possible.”

“You have realized the truth. “That’s the most comfortable.”

I realized that truth very late.

As their energy was getting closer and closer, I hurriedly took control of my brother-in-law.

“execution. “I’m sorry, but I’m busy so I guess I’ll have to go.”

“what? “What about the Jesu clan?”

“Please tell me you didn’t see me.”


After seeing the absurd death penalty, I quickly ran away using the law of the land.

I have earned the title of the best sword in the world and am confident that I am stronger than anyone else, but I cannot handle this fight.

* * *

A year passed like that.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the baby lying in the small cradle.

Every time I look at my baby’s bright eyes, nose, and mouth, I feel good.

How can it be so lovely?

-It’s a girl. How does it come to look more like you?

-Jeonjuin said that her first daughter takes after her father.

-…….Your previous owner wasn’t married and didn’t have any children. How can that not be true?

– Hmm.

I chuckled as I heard Sodamgeom and Namcheoncheolgeom fighting for the first time in a long time.

At the time, I didn’t realize how precious these guys’ conversations were.

But I think I know now.

Even these little things can be a joy.


At that time, Sima Ying’s voice came from behind.

When she turned her head, Sima Ying said to me, her cheeks puffed out.

“It would be nice if you looked at me with those sweet eyes. “Ugh.”

I scratched my head at Sima Ying’s words.

It seems like she still sees it that way, but strangely, she seems to be more jealous of her daughter.

She hugged Sima Ying tightly and said,

“okay. “I’ll try to look at it with honey-filled eyes.”

Hearing my words like this, Sima Ying spoke in a distressed voice.

“joy. “I don’t know if I can’t even say it.”

-Woonhwi. While saying this, his face is smiling brightly.

Thanks for the good information.

Being faithful to a true family is not easy.

Still, even for this, I am always grateful and happy.

Then someone knocked on the door.

“Master, madam. “Other housewives came.”

The person who announced this was none other than Cheolchuryun.

A member of the Five Great Villains, she had been serving as a faithful bodyguard and nanny by Sima Ying’s side ever since she swore her allegiance.

She must have been eager for a baby and took better care of our daughter than I thought.

At that time, Baek Hye-hyang and Seolbaek came into her room.

Sima Ying said to them with a grin.

“Now have you decided who will be second or third?”

I stuck my tongue out inwardly.

Who would have thought that their battle for rank would last for over a year?

The two women might have fought more fiercely if they had not each been the head of a blood religion and the queen of the North Sea Ice Palace.

However, the expressions on the two women’s faces are strange.

Sima Ying asked curiously.

“You haven’t decided yet?”

‘Is it true?’

Both of them boasted that they would definitely settle the matter this time.

Still, it would be quite embarrassing if they couldn’t win.

At that time, Baekhyehyang opened her mouth.

“joy. So I changed my method.”

“You changed your method?”

At Sima Ying’s question, Baek Hye-hyang and Seol-baek looked at me at the same time.

And then he said something completely unexpected.

“Whoever has your second child first will be her older sister.”


For a moment, Sima Ying and I were dumbfounded.

Anyway, Seolbaek nodded her head and said.

“I agreed. “We can’t fight about this forever and stay in this independent workshop.”

“Sama Ying, no, our eldest Eunni also agrees, right?”

In response to Bai Hexiang’s question, Sima Ying held her stomach and burst into laughter.

I think I’m laughing at this conclusion I came to after fighting so hard.

In a way, they couldn’t even merge because they were trying to keep each other in check due to the battle for rank, but it seems like they both thought that wasn’t the case anymore.

Sima Ying, who had been laughing for a while, wiped her tears and said.

“If you two want to do it, then so be it. great. “Of the two of you, the one who takes office first will be fine.”

“You agreed?”

“yes. Her husband agrees, right?”

What right do I have to say among my wives?

She nodded her head wordlessly.

Then, Baekhye Hyang came towards me with her tongue licking, and she said.

“The nights will be hot from today.”

“Who said I would give up today to you?”

Seolbaek denied that statement.

Then she crossed her arms towards me and spoke with a blush on her face.

“My wife is going to spend a hot night with me today.”

“under! “Who wants it?”

“Who is who?”

The atmosphere is becoming increasingly violent.

I can’t even split my body in half, it’s driving me crazy.

They are arguing over who will come out first and join the union, but I am afraid that if this continues, our Ryeong-ah will wake up.

At that time, someone intervened in their conversation.

“Jumo. “If I have my master’s child, can I become the second child?”


The person who suddenly intervened was none other than Cheolsu-ryun.

Everyone was dumbfounded by her words.

Cheolsu-ryeon’s gaze was directed towards Seolbaek.

Every time I saw her for nearly a year, she gritted her teeth and called her her mother-in-law.

But now it has been a declaration similar to entering the war.

“What’s wrong with that?”

In the end, Baek Hye-hyang exploded in her anger.

The same was true for Seolbaek and Sima Yong.

In an instant, the room became noisy due to their battle of momentum.

-What should you do?

In response to Sodam Geom’s worried question, I touched her throbbing forehead with the back of her hand.

It seems like this war will last for a while.

I quickly hugged my daughter who was lying in the cradle.

“Ryeong-ah. It’s noisy because scary mothers fight, right? “Let’s run away with dad.”

And she performed the Chukji method.


As I was about to disappear into the shimmering space, the voices of four women rang simultaneously in my ears.

< Side Story Episode 3: Those Who Seek Him (Complete) (Illustration) > End

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